A slow week with some significant gains

Log Entry for April the 6th 2014

Arkadian Underground Deeds have not performed as well as I had expected. I am still undecided as to weather I should purchase more, I think some more data is required. I shall be watching the situation carefully.

Nocturaline has purchased a Naglfar and she took Wolta and myself out for a ride in the waters of Celeste Harbour, this was good fun, we each had a turn at the wheel and I have to say there was something very satisfying about the way it handled.

8 Skill gains this week, the most interesting being Level 33 Evader and Level 52 Handgun Pistoleer (Hit). In addition I gained an extra precious Hit Point taking me to 165. Also the Karma Killer has reached tier 4.2, I’m sure the first 0.8 points of each level are significantly easier than the point from 0.8 to 0.9.

Space Skilling Saturday went well, though I still hope to get some more people involved.

Nocturaline had acquired some Sal’diresh’s Vault keys, 1 each for vaults 1 and 2 and she kindly asked Wolta and I along. First discovery is that it seems the maximum team size in these is just 2 people. We tried vault 1 first and I being slow was left outside. On trying vault 2 Wolta stayed outside. These vaults are very small and took 5 minutes or maybe less to complete. Thank you Nocturaline.

I completed my 40K Oratan challenge, it was the skill gain from this that caused me to creep into Laser Pistoleer (Hit) lvl 52.

Vinge has reach 22% in her discipleship which is good going, it’s always nice to see good progress and answering the questions is challenging.

I have been making a few changes to the site, the addition of RSS feeds and my HPLHS member stamps have been included.


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