A little more Crafting

Log entry Sunday July 8th 2018

Yes, I missed a week, there seemed little point creating a log entry saying I slept a lot!

Saturday 7th. After Space Skilling Saturday I selected some materials from Next Island Storage and headed to Ancient Greece where I made a few Cleric Dagger 1A, Mann MPH and Jester D-1. There was a small TT loss but I expect to get that back when selling the items, however I think that may take a long time. I was looking for Ancient Greece Weapon BPs but got none, I’m not surprised there were not many clicks on each item. I think I will need to restock raw materials for a longer run in order to get any BPs.


Making a start

Log entry Sunday June 24th 2018

On Monday the 18th I headed to Ancient Greece where I began manufacturing Settler Shin Guards, I had enough raw materials for 1k attempts, several BPs were gained some of which were for Hoplite armour parts, which was the objective, I managed a couple of globals, my first while crafting for a very long time. There is a bug, an error message will appear on screen after TPing, exiting a vehicle or sometimes at what appears to be a random time, it is related to Next Island missions, this message was generated after every click while crafting, my graphics slowed down a lot as the number of onscreen messages appeared. I have created a support case for this.

I had intended to visit more during this week but found I was too tired.

Saturday the 23rd, Space Skilling Saturday occurred, after which I was intending to do more crafting, I began to look at what I could make and where, I noticed I will need to create a shopping list to sustain this, I began to doze and realized I would not be doing this tonight.

I have not had an opportunity to explore but I have found the post by “Risen Ra Oh” that lists TP locations including some new ones. Hopefully I will be able to find some time soon to have a wander.

No progress from the Disciples, Cals is on vacation and Budski has not had the opportunity. It is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere so there are plenty of other things to do during the long warm evenings.

Return to Next Island

Log entry Sunday June 17th 2018

Again, very little going on however after Space Skilling Saturday the Sleepyheads (well Phil and Nocturaline) helped me out by transporting myself and most of my stackable items to Next Island. As Space Skilling Saturday will be at Next Island next week it was the appropriate time.

I arrived to find no Crystal Centre, clearly I had missed something, I tried #nextisland and was informed by “Risen Ra Oh” that I had missed an update, it seems there are several new TPs and some old ones have been removed. He told me he had put some updates on the forum but checking nextisland.com I could not find anything, not even from an official. I am not sure which forum Ra was referring to.

It seems I will be busier next week, not only will I be in a position to begin crafting but I will have some exploring to do. Quite looking forward to it, I hope I can find some time.

It seems I am not the only one struggling with time, Neither Cals or Budski have been on line and Wolta’s only appearance was for Space Skilling Saturday.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Log entry Sunday June 10th 2018

This week the only thing I have done is Space Skilling Saturday. It looks like this is true for Wolta also unless she does log in today. Neither Cals or Budski have been on-line either.

Maybe its a summer thing?