Going Underground

Log Entry for March the 30th 2014.

The week started with a Soc hunt, Wolta and myself took on some Oratan Miners and won! Only a little win but that’s as good as it normally gets.

Nocturaline told me how to create channels so I did a couple just so I have the names for the future. There was some tweaking of the chat system done by MA which resulted in a considerable improvement and the destruction of the previously created channels. I recreated them and they work better.

I deposited for the sole purpose of purchasing some Arkadia Underground deeds on day one of their availability, so far the returns seem OK but I’ll wait a week before deciding if I should invest in more.

A second Soc hunt, this one with Vinge against the Ostelok, this one resulted in a small loss but was fun, I shall hunt them again just to complete the IFN challenge.

Saturday saw a very poor hunt of various Oratan types with a 41.07% return. Talking of which the spreadsheet updates are completed making it easy for me to generate my weekly figures. I’m planning on publishing them here each week but want to plough through the ToU first, just to be on the safe side.

Space Skilling Saturday went very well and included some shenanigans with a pirate.

Nocturaline took Wolta and myself on a TP tour of Arkadia Underground, I was surprised how long this took, it’s quite a big place and has some interesting looking mobs in it.

The week ended with me going underground and taking on the Oratan miners in their own environment, surprisingly I beat them but only just and managed 3 small globals while I was at it.

Skill gains for this week are 11, still at 29 average for hunting but think I’ll improve that soon.

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