To Rocktropia and beyond

Log Entry for 27th April 2013

I quite like that title, it has familiar and childish ring to it. Anyway, it seems I have been lax in my log keeping and am about a week behind this is not in its self an unusual occurrence but does tend to mean the entry will be vague and rambling, how will you spot the difference? I do have some minimal notes however and will patch it together from these.

The hunting seemed to get progressively worse after the introduction of the feffox. I vastly reduced my hunting activities and spent more time being social and checking the auction for some replacement Ursa parts as my set is near to its end, especially the feet, they are on their last legs!

On the 20th Wolta and I decided on some impromptu space hunting, this turned into a fairly large donation to the Skyflail retirement fund. With the Feffox taking all the attention on Calypso we decided to try elsewhere and headed for Rocktropia.

I concentrated my efforts on the werewolves, I am only too happy to be able to serve the vampire nation, they are all so cute, even when they are attacking me, sometimes I let them kill just to make them happy, I am hoping they can be become pets! Wolta had PC issues so much of my time there was solo. On one hunt I toured various TPs shooting a few of whatever, the loot seemed a bit poor in most places however a Pop Dragon was very obliging toward the end.

After this I continued to serve the nation and had an experience with a werewolf global that was disturbing on more than one level. The loot contained 5 items of make-up, I could not help but wonder why a werewolf would be carrying so much make-up unless it was partying after work, maybe it was just trying to develop its own style, doggy style! Either would be a scary sight. More disturbing though was why did it give it all to me? Am I supposed to pretty myself up for next time?

Once Wolta was back online we headed for Arkadia, here I spent my time finding items to trade back on the home world, I did try a Nusul hunt stretched over three days due to being ridiculously busy elsewhere, it was not particularly successful however I am intending to do better.

For details of the journeys and space activities please check the ship’s log.


Oh feffox sake!

Log Entry 17th of April 2013

I have been into two of the nests and let me tell you, this is not pretty! My first encounter was at the Boreas nest site, I soon realised these were a little on the tough side for me with my combination of of ursa/5a and P5a/A105, I could take the providers fairly safely although a lot of healing was required, guardians were also possible but very tough with more than one death occurring. My biggest problem though was the two crashes to desktop, by the time I was logged back in a half damaged mob would be almost fully healed and a lot of ammo was wasted. The PED loss on this expedition was rather high.

The crashes have been a regular issue for a while now, I do have a support case open for these as I tend to get them whenever there are many avatars about and more recently during teleports. By way of consolation I am not the only person with the issue, MA are aware of it and are trying to resolve the problem. For my part I am planning on a complete rebuild of my PC when I can find the time, I even have an SSD waiting for the OS and AV.

My second foray was into the western nest, this was considerably easier and much more suited to my set-up, I still crashed (again twice) but I did make it beyond the entrance tunnel and losses due to crashes were considerably reduced. There was still a PED loss but nothing out of the ordinary. As I was able to progress further this was a lot more fun although I am not sure I will be trying many more of these. In fact it may be a good time to do the rebuild.

The feffox themselves are remarkably ugly, I was surprised at just how ugly, somehow I had imagined them to look like an ugly cuddly toy but you would not want to make a cuddly of these, so I am fully expecting to see one on auction after the next VU!

What the Feffox?

Log Entry for 15th of April 2013.

The week started well with both solo and team hunts on rextelum providing some good loots, globals and HoFs, sadly this all went rather sour toward the end of the week with a string of consistent losses! Re-think time. I did complete the 3K mission and am about a quarter of the way through the 6K now, my poor little P5a is almost burnt out and I am looking for a replacement.

I had some new trousers made (thank you Summer for your patience crafting the textures), they look rather good from the front but quite weird from the back. It may take a little getting used to but the coat hides the oddity nicely.

The Soc. name has changed (again), I now belong to “The Curse of Chug”, I have plans but not sure I have the drive to implement them.

Quite a lot of stuff sold on auction, some did not, in addition I have started looking for replacement armour parts for the Ursa set.

My latest disciple as mentioned last week seems to have vanished without a trace which is more than can be said of the egg!

There was more stuff with robots and the egg, which was recovered and hatched to produce a Feffoid/Atrox cross-breed. I have not seen one yet as I have not been able to enter an instance, however I find myself somewhat disappointed. I believe this story line to be about 7 years old possibly more, it seems that some time ago one great big mother feffoid of a feffoid had his way with one great big atrox queen, whether this liaison was of mutual consent or not I cannot say and to be brutally honest I am not sure I want to know, possibly some kind of dating agency was used, if so I really don’t want to get involved with that. The egg was laid, looted and left on a shelf for a considerable time, over the years I think robots have attempted to poach it twice if memory serves. Why?

I find myself wondering what other species can interbreed and am looking forward to the day when I hear a high pitched buzzing sound and see approaching through the air at great speed an igni/leviathan cross it will probably be called an ignithan by the scientists, of course it won’t have time to stop and attack me due to the hoard of robots chasing the poor doomed creature! Still better that than an igni/pop dragon cross. I mean who needs Iggy Pop turning up! That would frighten the robots, I’m feffoxing terrified just thinking about it.

The search for HoF

Log entry for the 8th of April 2013

When I thought of the title for this blog entry (immediately after last weeks blog entry), I was sure I would need to add a “1” to the end of it and was wondering how many digits I was going to need before my hunt was over. As it turns out I need not have been concerned.

I have focused my attention on the rextelum and took the 600 point challenge, I started on the island where the wave event is but had little luck, I had however noticed a lot of globals for rextelum at BIG Industries OLA#49 so I headed there on Monday the 1st of April and promptly globaled on the first mob, a promising start, I had two more globals that night. On the Tuesday day two gloabls and on Wednesday one. no more followed although I was unable to play much until the Saturday morning when my search came to an end with a 687PED HoF and a little later the same hunt another global followed. At some port the 600 point challenge was achieved and I accepted the 3k challenge.

On Sunday Wolta and myself teamed and managed four globals between us and later I entered one of the events and scored another solo. This morning I pulled in a second HoF but at 160PED it does not really count. Although it was an improvement on the HoF I watched go through a few minutes earlier which was for either 13 or 19PED WTF?

Here are a couple of screen shots, swirlies were missed on the first one as the gun popped in after the auto screen shot went off:-

Was rather happy about this one.

Was rather happy about this one.

Not a real HoF :)

Not a real HoF 🙂

Having achieved my objective I am in the fortunate position of being able to put my feet up for a couple of years before I try for the next one! Somehow I doubt that will happen :).

In other news this week:-

I have taken on a new disciple “The Grimm Mk II”. She seems keen, I have not had much opportunity to assist her as yet but did spend about 90 minutes taking her from Icarus to Nea’s, it seems noobs no longer get New Oxford! I am intending to spend more time with her this week.

Also, a new cruise is planned for this Thursday night so I have been contacting crew and potential crew to inform them of that.

Oh yeah, robots have been attacking, something about an egg! Blah, blah, blah!