Don Crazyshadow Hunterz, outstanding behaviour

Log entry for 26th of July 2015

Monday, the week begins on Rocktropia and I’m serving the nation, the werewolves give me a slight positive as I reach 1215/10000, still got a way to go. Later I’m in the group who take down a Zombie Kong and a couple of King Kongs, the loot was dire and there was some discussion as to its distribution. On the last King Kong most of us got next to nothing but one Don Crazyshadow Hunterz managed to get a rather large ESI. He also thought the distribution off and gave 100 PED to each person in the group by way of correcting this error. Outstanding behaviour, I’m not sure there are many here who would do that.

I’ve noticed the SkullCandy gloves are ready to tier.

I did a little travelling and alighted on Next Island before heading to Ancient Greece to take on the Steropes Cyclops. I managed to kill a few by way of a test before logging.

Tuesday, I hit the Steropes in 3 separate hunts throughout the day, with each I improve as my methods are refined, I’m wearing the SkullCandy armour with 5B plates, this provides very little protection against one of their attack types so the improvements have noticeable effect. All 3 hunts gave percentage returns in the high 70s and low 80s.

Wednesday, More warping followed by more Steropes. 3 Steropes hunts the second of which provides a 564 PED Global and a smaller one, I also manage a small global during the 3rd. I finish the day at 284/333 Steropes Cyclops and calculate that 2 more hunts will see me completing the challenge.

Thursday, I was wrong, I completed the challenge + 1 more before the pills ran out (I should probably have mentioned I was using some pills to enhance my speed, heal and hit points). I changed into my chiton before visiting Penthesilea to claim the reward for completing the Bronze Age Challenge, I chose Athletics and Stamina which gave me a max health increase to 177 a stamina increase to 12 plus a couple of skill gains. After I noticed some red dots at the edge of the scope and on investigation took on and defeated the Avatar of Pan. In the other direction there was some Cyclops (Guardian of War) and a larger one in a building, I think it will need to be a team effort to take on those.

Friday, I returned to Rocktropia in readiness of tomorrow. It seems I have completely failed to make a log entry of this journey. Nothing happened so I guess I just forgot.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday followed by some L1119 The Things, a few Zombie Kongs and a King Kong, a lot of fun and with quite a large group but the loot was very poor.

Sunday, I return to Serving the Nation but this time the Nation does not serve me. Wolta and I team and take on a few Dragons (I cannot remember which ones, Morrison maybe) and some Motorhead Security, we manage to global on both before Wolta suffers a disconnect that is not recoverable, I receive an e-mail explaining she is experiencing a router problem.

Quite a large loss this week of 1086 PED which provided an 80% return. The Steropes was a loss of just 288 with a 91% return. I shall be returning there myself, partly because the loot is not terrible and partly because I would like to kill 333 with my Bronze Age equipment (not an easy task), after a recent VU it became possible to use anything in Ancient Greece and with the SkullCandy and the Karma Killer I feel that I have cheated somehow.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Average Combat level increase

Log entry for 19th of July 2015

Monday, I’m on Rocktropia so I “Serve the Nation”. Must… Serve… the Nation….. The Nation serves me right back with a positive return against our adversary, the Werewolves. I allow some Vampire Chicks to slowly tear me to pieces, I stand against 6 or 7 of them and keep my worthless self alive by using my Herb Box (and rarely one of the EKs) until it runs dry.

Saturday, It’s a busy day for me and I cannot log on until Space Skilling Saturday. After I return to Rocktropia looking for Zombie Kong but find only 2 big Things and no Rocktropians, I try Secret Island for a King Kong there but nothing.

Sunday, Returning to Rocktropia I continue to Serve the Nation and the Nation continues to serve me right back, my Vampire Mistresses are most beneficent and grant me 2 globals. Whilst doing this I use the last of my 50% skill gain for an hour pills but do gain the Average Combat Level increase, I’m now at level 35, I humbly thank the Nation.

The Eomon taking the loot?

Log entry for 12th of July 2015

Monday, I’m still at Crystal Palace so I hunt the Kreltin. I’m a little over 1/10th of the way through the 5k mission, it will take some time and with loot like this more than some PED. A very poor 48% return, time to leave I think.

Friday, I’m too lazy to follow my own advice and once again I hunt Kreltin, a better result at 74% return but that’s still poor. Feeling somewhat annoyed at myself I set off for Rocktropia in an attempt to escape the Eomon loot vacuum.

Saturday, I did not have time to visit the surface during the day and was on-line just for Space Skilling Saturday, yet another poor return, damn those Eomon. After SSS I headed for and reached the Rocktropian surface.

Sunday, I decided to visit Secret Island, in truth it’s not much of a secret but a transplanted part of Next Island (the loader still has the Next Island banner on it) with the addition or substitution of a couple of Teleporters for Kong related activities. Unfortunately I was not able to join in any of these as there was no one else there. I did take on the Mountain Gorillas as well as several other creatures at different locations just to test the water, almost a 67% return, those Eomon manage to influence things even here and they don’t even have any rotten bananas!

An average return for the week of almost 66% with a loss of 420 PED.

Chitin, Tentacles & Chitin

Log entry for 5th of July 2015

Monday, chitin, I pay a visit to one of my many old adversaries the Rextelum, they were not happy to see me and displayed their displeasure with some very poor loot. I did do particularly badly here. After, I purchased some sweat and proceeded to manufacture some welding wire, this went quite well, after using 3k of sweat I had produced over 32 PED of welding wire with a TT loss of only 2.5 PED from the components used.

Saturday, tentacles, Space Skilling Saturday with some pirate shenanigans at the start.

Sunday,  chitin, I’m back on Crystal Palace simply because I can’t be bothered to return to the surface, I visit the Kreltin in Dome 2 for another loss although this one is reasonable. I manage a single global which was the difference maker.

This week’s results – 332 PED with a return of just 66%, not good, not good, not good.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.