2013 the final quarter

Log Entry for December 31 2013

I have been very lax in posting here the last few months, to be honest my interest has waned  somewhat due entirely to the extremely poor returns since the VU of late September. I am aware that we pay to play but I object to being fleeced to play! I am expecting further posts to be intermittent as I do not want to just post here and bang on about poor loot returns. Then again maybe I will post every day and have a good moan.

No doubt much has happened that I do not remember, however I do remember a couple of recent events.

Firstly, on the 29th Wolta joined the society (currently called “The Curse of Chug”) her old society had recently been disbanded and after spending a week or two as a freelancer she kindly agreed to join, she went straight into The Pit (Fight Club) at Chug’s Hideout and was killed in wave 4 which makes her a Senior Hunter in the ranking system we are currently using. I know she intends to improve on this as soon as possible so expect an update in early January. All on-line society members joined in a welcome to the society hunt, there were just three of us, Wolta, Neo and myself, we did manage a small global between us.

Secondly and less importantly although it probably happened a few days earlier, I reached level 49 laser pistoleer (hit), I was aiming for 50 by the end of the year but as previously mentioned the loot returns  did not make this feasible. Hopefully things will improve enough soon to allow me pursue this.