A week in Space, well kind of

Log Entry for the 28th of September 2014.

Monday, my week begins aboard good old reliable Pathfinder XXXI (I do wish they would let me name it) docked at Crystal Palace. While there I decided to use the last of my PED card balance to hunt some Aurli, it’s so gratifying when I make a good decision, it happens so rarely. I used the Viceroy Armour with 5B plates attached, the Karma killer with 5 levels of damage enhancers and the A105 fitted. The hunt lasted until the A105 had expired. I got a couple of almost globals and a global of over 100 PED which included a full value Emik Enigma L1 (L), it seems the Aurli are better crafters than I am but then again who’s isn’t? The hunt returned a decent positive which is a good start to the week.

In order to have enough cash to repair my equipment after the hunt I had to TT a few stacks from storage, I ended up doing considerably more than that and managed to replenish my card to over 2K.

I returned to the ship prior to log off, I’m not sure why, maybe I’m beginning to feel at home there.

Tuesday, I had intended to visit Calypso to tier my Archon’s Sword and my Herb Box but after yesterday I decided to stick with the Aurli, I had 2 hunts, for the first I used the A105 and when it expired switched to the A104 though I only used part of the 104, for the second I finished after the A105 expired. Both returns were about 75% which is a definite improvement on last week.

Wednesday, a rest day, the one behind the screen slept and so did I.

Thursday, another run in with the Aurli, they won this round but they know I’ll be back. Later I headed out to the training ground in Pathfinder XXXI for some solo pilot/repair/gunner skilling, I did not get much of a chance here, when I tried to leave the pilot seat I found I could not and before I had a chance to re-log the ship blew, I could not face another journey to the training grounds so called it a night.

Friday, a couple of hunts against the Cosmic Horrors, the first in  Pathfinder XXXI the second in my quad, having learnt my lesson yesterday I tested leaving the pilot seat before engaging with the Horrors and on finding I could not I re-logged. The Horrors won both rounds fairly conclusively.

Saturday, still in space, I headed to the training grounds in the Pathfinder, once there I took on the Cosmic Horrors solo, as pilot I gather 5 or 6 into a tight group, hopefully draining them of skills in the process, I position the ship in such a way as just one gun will be able to get them all then switch to the gun and kill them, if I’m near enough I loot them if not it’s back to the helm to get close enough and then loot them. At any point during the process if the SI drops too low I run down to engineering to repair. The whole process is quite a slow one which is a good way to save some PED. I had purchased 100 PED of ammo for this hunt but had to top up a little at the end as I had an extra mob to take.

Once back at Crystal Palace I again visited the Aurli, this did not go very well (again).

Latter it was more Horror hunting during Space Skilling Saturday, a better result but still a win for the Horrors, on the upside I did gain an extra Hit Point bringing my total to 171.

Sunday, a Soc. team hunt with Wolta, this time against the Kreltin, Wolta is working on one of the missions so there was lots of adjusting of the Karma Killer’s damage by removing enhancers to allow a majority of the kills to be awarded to her whilst still keeping the loot fairly even. The Kreltin won this one as well!

Another week in the red, hopefully I will get one in the black sometime soon. I managed to get to over half way with the Aurli 1000 mission, I’m planning on going to Calypso tomorrow so I’m not intending on doing the next 500 any time soon but I will be back.


– more than 1K PED, opps!

Log Entry for the 21st of September 2014.

Monday, the week begins in Ancient Greece where I hunted Brontes Cyclops, a hunt in Ancient Greece consists of using my Archon’s sword until it requires full repair, if I’m part way through a mob I switch to my Philosopher’s to finish it off, sometimes I may take a few more. Today I completed 5 hunts, scored 2 globals and did quite well.

Tuesday, 4 hunts today this time on both Arges and Brontes Cyclops, I realised I had nearly finished the Brontes 333 mission and that to get to the Arges I would sometimes have to slay a few Brontes so I began concentrating on the Arges. The Archon’s sword reached tier 1.9, I checked but do not have what is necessary to upgrade it on Next Island so it will have to wait until we get back to civilisation. I managed 3 globals plus a few good loots and later I crafted some Simple I Conductors, only about 250 clicks but I managed a global there as well, I’ve always liked Ancient Greece and it seems that it likes me. In the evening Nocturaline and I experimented with Stereops Cyclops but found this difficult even with 2 of us against a level 24 we struggled and died a few times, as these are not close to a TP the 333 mission will be very slow work with our current skills and the level of technology available in Ancient Greece. It seems a band of Herb Box Healers will be required, we are intending on doing a few experiments to work out how many we need and then recruiting prior to returning to complete the mission.

Wednesday, over night I had won an auction for a pair of Hoplite Sandals so I went back to the future to collect these from Next Island Auction, it brings me to having 6/7 Hoplite parts, I still need the arms. Having collected and repaired the sandals I went straight back to Ancient Greece were I set about the Arges Cyclops and in the process I completed the Brontes 333 mission and then some as they just kept getting in the way. I turned in the mission but it seems all 3 Cyclops missions need to be completed to receive the reward. Arges I hope to complete this week and then it’s just the Stereops to finish, I will try to take a few while I’m here but I think the healing squad will be required. Loot was not so good today, I got more no loots and did not even get close to a global. After 3 hunts I finished the day at 214/333 Arges.

Thursday, another day killing Arges Cyclops, 3 hunts and I completed the 333 mission, a slightly better day than yesterday as the final hunt was profitable, maybe things were swinging back in my favour but I didn’t stay to find out. Before leaving I picked up some Ancient Greece TT items for Feyn. I moved to Next Island where I finished some missions, one of which required I visit Creon in Ancient Greece to take what was supposed to be beer but turned out to be poison. When Nocturaline came on-line she immediately returned to Next Island, it seemed we had both done as much as we could at this time so decided to move on to Rocktropia. On Rocktropia I began to hunt some Motorhead Royalty in an attempt to gain some Tier VI Components, I had to leave part way through as it was getting late.

Friday, Motorhead Royalty are a stretch for me, I added the 5B plates to my Ghost armour as this seemed to give the best protection, even so I had frequent trips to the revive and a TP back. The loot was poor as is becoming more normal however I did manage to gain 32 Tier VI Components in 3 hunts (including the one I started late last night). The Barbarella did not really have a safe range for picking these so I paid a quick visit to Hunt the Thing and picked up a few assault rifles, these were much safer as long as I did not strafe, in which case it was a bit of a disaster. I did pick up 4 skill gains and my combat average is now 32, not sure if it went up or not though.

Saturday, on Rocktropia I hunted more Mororhead Royalty and then some werewolves, I have to Serve the Nation while I’m here, haven’t you read the unwritten rules? Later during Space Skilling Saturday I hunted some Cosmic Horrors, surprisingly the loot from them was only slightly worse than the Royalty. Looking at my total loss from hunting on Rocktropia it was a bit scary! On the upside our new Soc. name finally kicked in “Chug’s Nomads”.

Sunday, I was at Monria and hunting Arbitrator the Vermin with both Wolta and Nocturaline, go team Sleepyheads. By Rocktropian standards it was a slight improvement but still quite poor. Later we had a warp client, while completing that job I got the opportunity to visit Crystal Palace and store some items I had been carrying for far to long.

Due largely to the Rocktropian experience I managed to lose significantly more than 1000 PED this week. Not a good week for me financially but Ancient Greece did yield a positive and it’s always nice just being there.

Very Sleepyhead

Log Entry for the 14th of September 2014.

Monday, the one behind the screen was not there, I waited but he did not come. I don’t understand the reasons, they do not apply within the Entropia Universe but from the impression I get the Entropia Universe is a more forgiving universe than the one on the other side of the screen. Still I am back on Calypso and I have not had the annual gift from him, hint, although I do get plenty of others.

Tuesday, he is back but only briefly, I talk with Wolta and Anna and loan a BP to Una who was in need of some basic screws, it was something to do with daily missions, something I think I need to look into. I am at Boreas fighting drones again but not for long and not using a skill pill, the one behind the screen was unsure if he could stay a full hour, he could not.

Wednesday, another short session at Boreas against the drones, still using yesterday’s ammo, some bids have gone in on some skills which is exciting. I talk with Wolta who has been having little luck recently too, we have decided to travel to Next Island this weekend and to have Space Skilling Saturday there.

Thursday, I’m still at Boreas and still using the ammo purchased on Tuesday, the one behind the screen is more with it but still cannot stay long. There were 2 or 3 short sessions today during which I finished the ammo from Tuesday and found it necessary to despatch a couple of drones with my sword.

Friday, more ammo, more drones, not much loot. I did check Twin Peaks to see if anyone was looking for a transport but they were not so I headed to Chugs to try my luck at fight club. I took a critical in round 3 or 4 and died, I was quite surprised. I returned to finish them off but the event timed out on me. That has never happened before, maybe it’s been changed. I received the annual gift, some skills off of auction,  it has managed an improvement in evade which is always good, combat rule 1 is don’t get hit. I tried Fight Club again a little later in the day and finished all waves without getting myself killed but that does not test the time-out on the event. After that it was back to Boreas for some more drones. Later both Wolta and Nocturaline were on-line and we planned tomorrow’s Space Skilling Saturday, it will be in Next Island Space and we will warp there.

Saturday, I returned to the drones where I managed my first global of the week, it was on a gen 1, I have been mostly killing gen 5-10 so go figure. I completed the Drone Stage IV (30k) mission and took the reward in handgun, this gave me level gains to 55 and 47 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) and BLP Pistoleer (Hit) respectively. The gain in Laser was about 16% of the level. I went on to make some welding wire and looked on auction for some Repair Kit BP but found none.

I had a play with the Society Terminal, giving Wolta a much deserved promotion as well as changing our template to Explorers and altering the name a little. Somehow it seems more appropriate.

Later I put lots of stackables on auction before heading into the black for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I descended to the surface of Next Island where I hunted various mobs, including Sharks, Drakes, Guardians and Grey Pappo though these last put me to sleep. Later I went to Ancient Greece where I fell asleep a second time. Later still I found myself in the revive cave so put on the 5 parts of Hoplite armour that I posses and took on the Brontes Cyclops, using all of the Archon’s Sword and most of the Herb Box, I got nothing of real interest.

The final straw

Log Entry for the 7th of September 2014.

Monday, a visit to the Huon to continue where I left off last week, unfortunately the ones I looted were impoverished, even the wealthiest was a pauper, not a good start to the week, though I have probably had worse.

Checking the PED Flow Centre I found that Pamela had managed to sell 3 items last week, I worked out which ones (it does not tell me the description just the amount each sold for) and after transferring the PED to my card updated the web page to reflect Pamela’s current stock. Looks like another trip to Calypso to stuff Pamela is in the offing. Either putting her on a pedestal last week was a good idea or it was just chance. I suspect both.

Tuesday, Wolta gave me some good news, yesterday she reached level 49 Laser Pistoleer (Hit), just one more level for a skill unlock, though I forget which one.

I headed to the Huon again, I don’t know why, I would rather be finishing the Oratan mission, maybe I should check to see if the mines work yet. I did okay on the Huon with a decent global and a profit of a few PED. Whilst there I got a Max Health increase to 170.

Wednesday,  I remembered to check if the Oratan spawns at the mines were active yet, it turned out they were not so it’s looking like a boring week! Once again I visited the Huon, this time hunting at a slightly different location, the results were not too good. I did expire the Assault Rifle (FA), I do not think I have another with me so have switched to using the Barbarella, the range is not as high and it does more damage but it will do for now. I’m a little baffled as to why one of the planets has not produced the perfect tagging weapon, lots of range and almost no damage. Then again, maybe they have and I just don’t know about it.

Friday, again I visited the Huon, this was by far the worst return I have ever had, at just over 23%, I was disgusted and it was “The final straw”. If you follow this blog you will be aware that I have been very disappointed by the returns I have been getting on Arkadia for quite some time now with a few notable exceptions it has been appalling, however some people seem to be doing okay so I expect I have just temporarily worn out my welcome. So I emptied storage and took everything to the ship and then onto another destination. I do not intend to return to the surface of Arkadia for quite sometime, certainly not this year and I shall not be hunting in the Arkadia training ground either though Space Skilling Saturday will be held there at times.

Saturday, I visited Rocktropia to Server the Nation, I also took on some Motorhead Security, both results were below average but were still a significant improvement on yesterday. I was looking for Tier VI Components but found none although while I was there no one initiated a Zombie Kong and I suspect they come from that so I shall have to visit again. I did stay as long as I could but had to leave for Space Skilling Saturday which was scheduled for Arkadain Space.

Sunday, I headed to Calypso. Still feeling rubbish though so once there all I did was stuff Pamela before spending the rest of the day resting.