A lack of avtivity

Log Entry for November 1st 2013

I have been rather busy elsewhere of late, the football regular season is at about half way and I am watching a lot of games leaving me with less time in the Entropia Universe. I have no doubt that will change when the season gets close to the end.

However from what time I have had on Arkadia of late it is just as well, I was aiming at level 50 Laser Pistoleer (hit) by the end of the year and to this end am about half way through my Scoria 400 IFN mission (the reward for it a considerable amount of handgun skill apparently), the returns have been extremely poor and I am not sure I can continue this with the amount of loss I have sustained.

Wolta and I did some team hunting at the weekend and this went quite well, I think one of the hunts even had a positive result.

I shall continue my sporadic hunting sessions, I may try returning to Calypso for a while to see if the home world will be kinder to me.

The Karma Killer has begun to increase in tier again and 2 more Viceroy armour parts have been tiered to level 1.

At the moment I am fairly ambivalent about it all, I have been here before and got over it so am expecting to do so again.