A good week hunting

Log Entry 24 February 2013

An interesting week, the hunting of Allo and Esto has been going rather well, a total of 5 globals for the week and 4 of them contained some interesting weapons all with nice MU. Whilst I have not actually added up the results I do suspect they will be positive. by Saturday morning this was all over, maybe there is a blip for the weekend but somehow I doubt it, I have reached the 4550 mark of the 5k allo/esto mission and am quite pleased with my progress.

The Soc. has acquired a new member, one Little Lizzy Drow, I have not been on line at the same time as her yet so have not had the opportunity to chat.

I had a quick trip to the vicinity of Hephaestus Space Station, where I meet with Slarty for some experimental Quad manoeuvres, I can’t really say much about that, all very hush, hush, what, what, dontchaknow!

Wolta and I took a trip to Crystal Palace to have a crack at the Aurli, it seemed to be where the loot had gone this weekend what with lots of people trying to complete the 5k iron challenge so they qualify for the “special” event that has been partially announced. Wolta and I did not do so good, Although I was pleased with my own improvement since the last time I was there.  I had forgotten about how chaotic it can become, the damn things spawn everywhere and run around with no apparent logic making it very difficult to find a reasonable location from which to pick them off. We did not stay too long, returning to Calypso where on re-entry an odd thing occurred, the Quad began to tumble out of the sky as if it’s thruster was blown. I had no control and ejected, quickly picking it up as I fell, this in turn caused Wolta to fall. I am not sure what happened to Wolta but I died in mid air, my lifeless corpse landing in the sea, that’s not happened before.


The Oldest Noob?

The Oldest Noob?

Six or so years ago when I first set foot on Calypso I was not alone, bald but not alone. I was joined within a day or so by a friend of mine from the home world, know by the name of Clyde Budski Barretta. Clyde did not take to the new home as I did and at one point, not very long after arrival gave away all his worldly items and logged out into that other ethereal state where we all go from time to time. He has been back on occasion to sit upon his favourite hill just south of Port Atlantis, from where he would dispense nuggets of wisdom he had gathered from the logged off state of being and be abused by any one with any degree of sanity.

It seems he is back but his hill is not, it was destroyed when the robot ship hit Calypso, destroying Hadeshienm. So now is he the oldest noob? His only article of clothing his first wave colonist beret! Well he has been doing some noob missions, has joined my Soc. and become my disciple, if he learnt anything (improbable) while he was in the other state he is keeping quiet about it.

I assisted as he completed the missions at Camp Icarus and he has managed a stunning 0.2% of the discipleship doing this. As he was running around in his underpants I created some Musca armour, it works very well with the beret. I had to do something, I had given him a lift in the sleipnir a few days before and having a chap’s underpants that close to your head is a distinctly uncomfortable feeling. I suspect I will have to create some rules as to attire on the Pathfinder.

A busy week for Cee

Log entry 17-02-13

The week started poorly, on Monday hunting had still not recovered from Sunday. I was trying a few Allo and Esto when I got a call from an old friend from EUC one Una Griph Alconbury asking me if I would like to do the Daikiba wave event near to Odysseus Landing. It had been a while since I had done it and had not seen Una for a while either so I headed for the TP and then to the Wave Event area by air.

The event started slowly, I was massively overprotected at the start as I had put on the ghost armour but we worked our way through the first couple of waves. Una had also invited slartybartfass slarty bummel and James Dont GiveUp so this turned into quite an EUC reunion. We soon ploughed through the Daikiba and despatched the boss. Good fun if brief.

Tuesday night and the loot was no better, at least for me, James did rather well though, I am glad to say. I also had issues with weapons not firing and FAPs not FAPing while out hunting and decided to quit earlier than usual, I even had problems trying to sell to the TT! I did manage to put a bid on an A105, the price is quite low and I am bound to be outbid but worth a punt.

Wednesday, loot was still poor, so poor I had stopped hunting and was going through some calculations as to the economy of amps when I received an e-mail from MA. The content of which was to do with the tenth anniversary of EU/PE, I could not help but smile when I read the last paragraph, which I quote here :-

“Finally, as some of you may have noticed, MindArk has already started celebrating by juicing up the loots, globals and HoFs! No one can be sure when this insanity will end so be sure to grab your share of these Modified Loots!

I tried a few atrox, the return was poor and I left the hunt half done.

Thursday, I picked up were I left off with Wednesday’s atrox hunt, unfortunately the loot picked up where it left off too! Later I finished off the BSF Kaamos on a few allo and esto, I’m kind of sad to see it go, I liked the weapon but the MU is now too high for it to be a practical choice. It was during this hunt that I reached the 4k mark of the 5k Allo/Esto Iron Challenge. Later still I hunted with a P5a, it felt slow and weak by comparison but I think I finally got one of those globals MA were touting in their e-mail.

Friday, I spoke with Wolta and we planned Saturday’s trip.

Saturday, off to Arkadia aboard the Pathfinder, see here for more details. On Arkadia I tried hunting some Nusul solo, the results were quite poor but I did complete stage 2 of the challenge (I think it was stage 2!), I also tried some mining wich came out pretty even. Later I tried some Nusul in team with Wolta and the results were even worse than solo so we went to 8 Coins and had a crack at some Scoria, they proved a bit tough for two armed with P5a but we managed it and even got us a small global of about 80 PED, we were both delighted to find that 75.87PED of that was an ESI.

Sunday, Wolta, Henry and I tried some more Scoria, it was much easier with 3 but the results were not as spectacular. I also tried soem mining but that yielded a very poor return. Soon it was time to return to Calypso, the log for that is here. I tried some more hunting but results were as poor as the rest of the week. I finished the week off having a long chat with Calico about almost everything, it was really nice to catch up.

Back in the swing

Log Entry 10th February 2013

I have had a busy week, mostly it has been hunting and there has been some success but as usual not as much as I would like. I did manage a few globals, some of them quite decent.

I have been trying out a new pistol a BSF Kaamos (L), I picked it up in a shop on Arkadia during my last visit, the MU was only about 108% if I recall, which was about the same a P5a at the time. The weapon is not as efficient as the P5a but it does have more power and is giving me some SIB. I must say I really like it, I have looked at getting another but the current MU is about 140% which is a little high.

I did reach 153HP this week, it seems like it has been quite a while since the last increment and when I checked the logs found it to be about 2 months. I guess I have not been hunting as much as I used to and the internet outage may have made a difference.

I have not been hunting as much as I used to, I have been messing about with the Pathfiner and have been doing even more of that this week (including building the blog site for it) but check the ships logs for information relating to that.