1 Year of drivel!

1 Year of drivel!

This is not a log entry just an observation that it was 1 year ago today I started to post here. Quite a lot has occurred in the past year, I should probably go through and pick out some highlights but I do not think I will have the time, I have made an effort to update the banner though, my look has changed dramatically!

Thanks to the few of you who do read my nonsense, I hope you continue to as I embark upon year 2.


Running on Empty

Log Entry for August 25th 2013

During the week I ran out of Weapon Skill Enhancer 1s and have seen no piles of opals appear on auction on Arkadia to upgrade the Karma Killer to tier 3, the Weapon Skill Enhancer 2s are rapidly being used and I think a run to Calypso will soon be necessary to rectify the situation. While the economy on Arkadia is an improvement from the early days it is still not competing with that of Calypso. I strongly suspect that all the non-Calypso economies will not really take off as long as the quoted mark up figures are universal instead of local for the planet, make local data available and all sorts of trade opportunities arise. I have been trying to do my bit to help the Arkadian economy by listing my loot on the auction there, much of it has sold but some has not, I have been selling it a little cheaper than on I would on calypso too.

I have this week been mostly hunting Oratan Slashers and have completed the 10K mission, loot has varied from good at the beginning of the week dire at the end. In fact it got so bad I swapped to Teladon for a while, this proved to be a good choice as I got myself a nice HoF (I think it is my first on Arkadia), the kill immediately after it was a global and a second global followed soon after. I have been using the Viceroy armour exclusively for protection, for weapons it has been the Karma Killer and the Dagger of Despair, nice to be using it again.

Wolta managed a good find while treasure hunting this week and got some Liakon Arms. Nocturaline has returned from holiday but is currently on Calypso.

I have not had a huge amount of enthusiasm this week, on the morning of the Thursday, Edgar, a good friend of mine died after a fairly short illness and it has taken the wind from my sails.

Several milestones reached

Log Entry for August 18th 2013

I have just been reviewing my notes, it has been quite a busy week and it contained several accomplishments.

Monday and I started the week team hunting Longtooth with Una Griph Alconbury, an old friend from back in the days of EUC, we managed a couple of globals in quite a short time.

On Wednesday Wolta and myself headed back to Arkadia, we had had such a lot of fun previously that we wanted to return, journey details are in the ships log. I tried my luck in Event Area 3 against the Riptor and the Tiarak, they both had better luck than me but during this hunt I gained a further hit point bringing me to 258 in total, I treasure each and every one of them.

The following evening I tried Huon and Teladon in spite of 3 globals I still managed to lose a few PED.

Friday evening I took a wander after I had reclaimed a good part of yesterday’s losses from the Beladoth and came across a large area with many Oratan Slashers, a mob with short-blades, now your talking! This soon developed into a hunt during which I reached Level 47 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit), it’s my highest profession. I also made a very nice profit from a couple of globals containing 5 items, something I am really not used to. Later Wolta and I returned to the Oratan Slashers, it was dark by then and they were ridiculously hard to spot, we decided to move south and investigated an Oratan Mining Camp near to the Drillrig, Taking on the miners we managed a gloabl between us but the loot was not so good.

Saturday and I returned to the Slashers and managed another profitable hunt, things really picked up after my amp decayed to the unusable state and I started meeting them on their own terms, with the Blade of Despair in my hand. It always feels right when I’m using a knife, I know they are not really practical when compared to a ranged weapon but they are so much more fun. Later Wolta and I went underground to complete a Key 5, we found this relatively easy and decided to try a bigger one the following day. Later still I visited a different Oratan Mining Camp and took on the miners their, during which the Karma Killer finally managed to get to tier 2.9. Unfortunately there do not seem to be the correct items currently available on Arkadia for me to upgrade it.

Sunday and Wolta and myself tried a key 7, we had 3 hours on the clock but only needed 1.5, still it was quite exhausting and toward the end our efficiency had improved as we began to hang back and let the mobs come to us after we had picked them off, not always possible when a spawn takes place in a chamber but definitely a way to save some armour decay. At the end of which we both got to open a chest and we each got a chip of various types, Wolta is kindly going to put these in her shop.

During the week I also managed  level 42 Ranged Laser (Dmg), Level 36 Laser Sniper (hit), level 29 Brawler (hit}, the completion of the first Oratan mission and a couple of IFN missions from the underground. I have noticed that things are not selling well on auction and it may be worth holding off trying to sell for a short while. I also picked up a new Disciple who vanished after one night of many questions and answers.

Calypso welcomes me back

Log Entry for August 11th 2013

My first hunt back on the home world was on the Monday evening and resulted in a nice HoF, either Calypso or the Rextelum had missed me and had been saving their PED.  Either way I was quite happy about it. Needless to say the loot soon trailed off after that but it was nice while it lasted. I tried the Viceroy against some small Leviathan, it seems to offer more protection than the ghost but is still not as effective as I would like, I think the Leviathan got a bit of an increase in how much damage they can do at some point as I remember a time when I did not have to heal as much. I have reached the 9k of 30k mark on the Rextelum challenge and the Karma Killer has still not reached tier 2.9 although it does seem to be eating enhancers, I’m beginning to think something is going on.

Tuesday saw Nocturaline and I retrieving Exiv from Arkadia as detailed in the Pathfinder XXXI log.

Speaking of Nocturaline, she has created several pictures in a Gothic style and has a couple for sale hanging in Wolta’s shop, at the end of the week I purchased one for my apartment and have hung it above my desk, it should provide a worthwhile distraction for anyone sitting opposite me.

I spent sometime in the new instance, something deep I think it’s called, I really should make more effort to remember things. The Marcimex gave me a small offering as I pursued that iron challenge, I had to log out while still in the Marcimex’s chamber and when I reconnected the next day found myself back at the starting position which was somewhat annoying, it became rapidly more annoying when the Thorifoid Pyromancer kept summoning me as I tried to cross the bridge and eventually killed me returning me once again to the starting position, this happened 5 or 6 times before I got fed up with it and decided to just hunt some Thorifoid instead. I do not understand what was happening there I have passed him several times in the past and not been pulled back to his location.

I decided I would test the Viceroy armour in the Pit at Chugs, it did quite well, I was killed during the 4th wave but that was due to me being distracted, I’m sure in normal circumstances it would be adequate at that level, when it came to the Kirakiba it was another matter, I spent far too much time healing and was eventually killed before I returned to finish the mob off. For Soc. challenges I will need to stick with the Ursa.

The 7th anniversary of my arrival came and went. I asked most of those in my F.L. to join me in a celebratory hunt, most did not answer, some declined and Wolta, Nocturaline and M0niqa accepted. We began at Nea’s shooting Ambulimax but soon found they had very shallow pockets so moved on to Atrox around and North of Nate Valley, these also were somewhat lacking when it came to coughing up the goods. So we decided to call it a night, clearly the mobs were not happy about me being there for 7 years, maybe they will be more generous in another 7.