Activity! Surely not!

Log entry for 31st of May 2015

Monday, I began the day completing a hunt I had stated the previous day, mostly I was slaying Werewolves, this went rather well with only a small loss. I made the mistake of joining in the pre-Kong Zombie waves (these are not like Mexican waves in any way, shape or form, there are no sombreros for starters), on waving goodbye to the last Zombie wave I set to with several others against the post-Zombie wave Kong. This did not go well at all with a return of a little over 50%.

Tuesday, I went to the Kong site to see what was going on, I was feeling quite tired and was unsure as to my evening’s activities, nothing was going on however I materialised next to Cissi TigeRPaw-C Red-cat, we have been saying hello to each other for a while now and as neither of us had much to do ended up having a rather interesting conversation and ended up on each other’s FL. TigeRPaw showed me where there was a Big Cat mission to be had, I took the mission and then we set about looking for big cats. TigeRPaw stayed near Daki Ridge whilst I headed South finding some smaller ones near Studio Street (I think, best check that when I next log in). After a while we both ended up at a Kong, the combined results were significantly better than last night’s Kong.

Wednesday, I completed the first Big Cat mission Catscepades #1 and then took on a few Zombies (you gotta kill a Zombie or two boys, you gotta kill a Zombie or two). Later it was more Zombies and a Kong, neither of these had good results. After the Kong TigeRPaw and I talked for a while.

Thursday, 4 days in a row, something is wrong. I returned to the Werewolves, I had accidentally left the A105 on the Karma Killer and failed to notice until I got a warning that the amp was close to expiring, no matter the result was rather good with only a small loss of PED.

Saturday, I had to take a day off after 4 days, that’s almost a working week. I did not do much today however just Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, after Space Skilling Saturday we had gone to Monria, I think this was just because it was closest but am not sure. Wolta and I went looking for some Arbitrator the Vermin but failed to find any. Instead we went through the Cultists cave and then on to kill of some Shubs. Not a bad return on this team hunt, 3 globals and 5 items, which are to be split evenly after selling. For me the most interesting loot was a Modec VXT 900 which I wanted to keep, with Wolta’s agreement I paid her half its value plus the weekly/monthly MU. A good fun hunt.

Weekly return was 77% with a loss of about 465 PED, maybe I need to play a little less.


The Thing, K’Ching.

Log entry for 24th of May 2015

Saturday, yes Saturday, my week started and finished on Saturday. I was in plenty of time to get my lazy arse aboard Pathfinder XXXI and prepare for Space Skilling Saturday. Which yielded me a personal loss of about 100 PED, not a good start to the week.

After, I returned to Rocktropia I headed to the Kong event area just in time to join in the killing a high level The Thing which gave a decent HoF and then a disappointing Kong. A second high level The Thing was encountered and it took the group quite sometime to despatch it, the HoF fanfare went off and I realised I had scored over 1000 PED from a 21,574 PED shared loot, this particular one was Top of the HoFs. This was followed by about 180 PED of a 5104 PED shared loot from a Kong, which was number 3 on the Hit Parade.

We continued tidying up the various spawned creatures in the vicinity. Someone was making a nuisance of themselves by dragging some of the smaller The Things into the group whilst they were busy despatching a Kong, due to this I was killed several times for no good reason as were many others.

With all those creatures slain some began the Zombie waves again but it was too late for me by then so I logged my lazy arse.

I have discovered a coding error in my accounts system which means that all weekly results published where Weapon Cells were used have been wrong for quite sometime now. I have corrected this and this weeks weekly figures are +914.27 PED with a return of 358.90%.

I’m thinking I might stick with these short weeks.

A close shave

Log entry for 17th of May 2015

Rather lax of me but my week did not begin until Friday and even then it was for less than half a hunt. I began the 10k Werewolf mission and had to stop.

Saturday, I continued the hunt of yesterday and am currently at 113 of 10k Werewolves, a slow start, I think this will be a slow mission.
Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, which has gave a poor return this week. On my way back to Rocktropia things got interesting, a hostile quad was lurking between the planet and the safe zone around the Space Station. I sat patiently waiting for quite some time, eventually he got bored and vanished from my screen, suspecting a trap I continued to wait until I spotted him beating up on some poor chap in Sliepnir. I took the opportunity and went for it, he gave chase and fired a few times to check his range. I was heading in a straight line but he was gaining on me, possibly furiously pressing the ‘m’ key. He clipped my starboard wing just as I paid the entry tax.
On the planet I went and joined a very small group of about 10 people who took on Zombie Kong, the waves had already been completed but new ones had started. Kong was stationary but suddenly reared into action and we began to fire. It took a long time and quite a lot of my ammo before Kong went down, the loot was poor. A 1000 + Thing turned up, we did not even try.

Very little activity this week but still managed to lose nearly 200 PED, with a return of 87%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Back to the black stuff

Log entry for the 10th of May 2015.

A bit late posting this week.

Monday, After Spondulics dragged his sorry arse to level 7 I headed spacewards in my quad and straight to Crystal Palace where Wolta and myself took on both the Kreltin and the Aurli, with quite poor results. There were a couple of times when I was alone against several Aurli and struggled to survive, during the second bout I did die but went back to pick them off with Wolta.

Saturday, Sub-warp to Rocktropia and then to the surface where I revisited the Werewolves and completed “The History of Vampire Helena #4”, I did not see any reward at the time although when I accepted the next stage, “The History of Vampire Helena #5” (10,000 kills) it did tell me what my reward would be but I’m not sure what it was, Agility maybe? I was not told the amount.

Back into Space to run a transport and later Space Skilling Saturday. I returned to Rocktropia where I spent some time slaying Zombies in the pre-Kong waves and then many of us took on multiple Kongs and various Things, lots of fun and not too big a loss.

Sunday, I spent some time slaying wolves to complete “Vampire Wars #2” and take on #3, I also killed a few Zombies around Evil Cathedral to move that mission forward a little.

This week the return was a decent 87% with a loss of just over 300PED.