Good to be back

Log Entry 27-01-13

It has been a good weekend with two hunts on each day and three of them were with blades!

I wanted to play with blades so I took out the despair and set to work, I enjoyed it so much that before I was aware I had exhausted the blade and got very little by way of return but I was having so much fun I decided I should try some of the new shortblades, there certainly are plenty to choose from. The first one gave me SIB (a genesis corroder) although I did not notice many skill messages whilst the second one I had mastered (a Stargazing blade), both of them had a low MU, it seems that shortblades has become more economical to pursue, this can only be a good thing and I will have to keep checking the auction. from all three of these hunts I managed only one global.

However, on Sunday evening I went out with a P5a and had a nice run of three globals and a decent return on the hunt, I got a full TT Bicak Vix (L) (this is the third blade I have looted and it is on display in the lair). All four hunts were Allo and Esto as I had decided to crack on with the iron challenge, I am currently about 2.9k of 5k, the reward for completion is quite good.

I spoke a lot with Wolta during the weekend, trying to get the momentum back with getting a crew for the pathfinder. Wolta kindly started shouting in Twin Peaks and I placed an in-world advert. So far Wolta has managed to attract one person and Calico has found another. As usual the in-world ad has had no response, at least so far. I spent some time chatting with both of them and have them on my FL as crew. I am also preparing a training mission for next Sunday 03-02-13. I shall do a little planning during the week. The roster is looking quite good now, I think I need a few more crew so that should I need to put a group together there will be enough people on line to do so at most times.



BT Success

I would have to describe it as a minor miracle. BT have actually kept an appointment and got me on-line. The engineer did some tests before arriving and discovered that the previous engineer had connected the wrong line to BT infinity! There is also a fault on my line which will require some excavation of one of their junction boxes and that should happen in the next week or so but as he has now connected the correct set of wires, I’m back. My connection speed is now about 25mb, this may improve after the line fault issue is resolved however I am already happy.

By this time tomorrow

By this time tomorrow (13:45 24-01-13), a BT engineer should have visited, he should have fixed whatever the problem is with my line, I should have a connection to the internet and I should have my feet planted upon the surface of Calypso, thus making the surface of Calypso a slightly smellier place.

However BT are currently less than 0 for 5 so for all you short people on Calypso there is very little chance that you will need to purchase those gas masks.

As you can probably tell I am not optimistic that this will be resolved tomorrow but I live in hope and have avoided washing my feet for slightly over a week now!

Virtual Tycoon!

I have tried using this app. using the mobile 3g network and also using a BT fon hotspot, I have had no luck with it unfortunately. I wanted to check the auctions but found that when trying to filter the item list it would just hang. I suspect this is a connection speed issue but cannot be sure. I will try again again once/if I have a stable internet connection. Talking of which I am expecting a visit from a BT engineer on Thursday morning however, from past experience I cannot be optimistic of this actually happening.