Laser Pistoleer (Hit)

Log Entry for May the 25th 2014

Yet another slow week with a poor hunting return (66.2%), fortunately I did not hunt too much.

I began the week on Arkadia where I took on the Riptor and lost. I then moved to Calypso to try my luck with the faithful Drones, I think someone must have reprogrammed them, maybe they have started keeping their wealth in storage? I had 3 small hunts over 3 successive days during which they kicked the shit out of me (financially speaking). I did gain a level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) reaching level 53, this was and is my highest skill, I am hoping to improve it significantly but until I start getting some decent returns this is not really viable.

I returned to Arkadia where a combination of Oratan and Riptor continued the shitkicking the drones had started!

Not my finest week,


Oratan Invasion 3

Log Entry for May the 18th 2014

Mother Earth was rather demanding this week and I failed to do anything until Thursday when I took on the Riptor for an hour or so, the Riptor won but I did get a couple of level increases and a small global.

Friday – Sunday, I was on Arkadia and was once again in the thin green line. This invasion seemed weaker than previous attacks with far fewer really large Lancers with area effect damage, disappointing. I did get an HP increase to 167 and a level increase in Knife Fighter (Hit). I did not invest as much in ammo for this invasion and spent most of my time using my Arkadia TT laser pistol (I forget the name) and switched to the Karma Killer for the heavier mobs, I think my biggest loot came from the TT pistol, I invested only 600 PED in ammo, my return was a little over 61%, so not a good weekend for me financially. On the upside I did increase my evade more than I would have and have a feeling I was getting good skills in laser hit.

Average Combat level Increase

Log Entry for May the 11th 2014

The week started while I was still asleep and many hours before I even logged on. Calico, one of my past disciples got a nice Proteron HoF in team with her friend Billy, number 16 on the table at 1070PED, big gratz to them both.

Later Wolta kindly asked me to join her in an Arkadia Key 7, she refused to split the fee. As always this was good fun and quite intense. One of the rooms was so mob crowded that many of the mobs became unavailable to hit and we had to tempt them into hitting us before we could off them, quite frustrating especially when you can’t get pass them to hit something else. We completed the key with less than 9 minutes to spare, I’m sure we used to have over an hour, something may have been tweaked.
Later I visited the Huon, I had spotted many globals on them the last couple of days and wanted my share, I managed just one small one and a loss.

Level 45 knifefighter (Hit).

A Riptor hunt with a small global giving 2 guns, both put on auction at the hunts end. Very little global spam on Arkadia, I do not know about anywhere else. Very few people on my FL on line, are the dreadful returns finally pushing people away?

Both guns from yesterday have sold. I experienced an exceptional Riptor hunt with 2 very decent globals (both were MAKO Blizzard 1 (L)) and at least 4, maybe more decent sub-global loots the final result was a 202% return, a definite rarity these days.
Today is the last time I will see Nocturaline for a few days as she is away for a short while.

Thursday & Friday.
More Riptor hunting, the good fortune of Wednesday did not return.

An exceptionally poor Huon hunt during the day with Space Skilling Saturday in the evening.

I put quite a few stackables on auction, most of them sold that day, clearly I under priced them. Followed this with a rather poor Riptor hunt during which I got an increase to Level 45 Plasma Pistoleer (Hit), this finally dragged my average combat level up to 30 so I was quite happy in spite of the low return.

A slow week

Log Entry for May the 4th 2014

I did not get much on-line time this week so this should be fairly brief assuming I can prevent myself from waffling.

I have hunted Various Oratans, Kadra, Halix, Nusul and Otorugi this week, that I resorted to Halix and Nusul shows how poor my returns were (almost 64% for the week). I did complete the Kadra IFN Stage II challenge, on the last hunt of which I resorted to blades, using all of my Archon’s Sword and some of the Dagger of Despair to complete the mission, it was good fun if expensive.

Wolta completed her 4800 Riptor challenge, it has taken quite some time and lots of dedication, she reports the reward was good and got a trophy too.

7 skill gains this week, nothing particularly interesting. My Vivo T1 (yes I still use one of those when I have time) reached tier 1.9 as is ready for upgrade, the items I need to do this are in storage on Calypso I think. The Karma Killer reached tier 4.7, I am looking forward to tier 5.

That’s it. Hopefully I will have more time in the coming week.