A change of direction

Okay well I have to say I am quite excited. I decided I should try to complete the Shinkiba 5000 iron challenge. I was already a good way through it having managed to kill 4,119 quite some time ago, the last 900 should not be too much of a problem.

This however is not the cause of my excitement, no,  for me the excitement comes from having decided to do this with a blade. Now ideally this would be a shortblade but after looking on the auction I decided to buy a Philosopher’s Sword instead. I had good reasons for this decision first my swordsman skills are not as good as my shortblade or my pistol skills so this seems like a good opportunity to do something about that and even things up a bit. Secondly, the Philosopher’s Sword is unlimited but has SIB I have already mastered the damage skill but was at just the right level to gain the hit skill bonus, at least for just one level. Thirdly, I would not be looking for another blade after a few hunts, that can be a real pain.

I spawn the Bad Moon Rising in Twin Peaks and bounce West, landing as soon as I spot some Shinkiba. The sword proves its self time and again, loot is poor but my skills are racing up. A big smile slowly emerges across my face. I have a blade in my hand for the first time in a long while and I am going through the Shinkiba like, well like a hot knife through Shinkiba!

My hunt comes to an end earlier than expected, the sword fails when it has decayed just half of its value. I should have expected it, I was just excited, I ‘T’ to the nearest revive and calculate my returns. Not so impressive only a 28% return however they are a small mob and the blade had only used 33 PED. I had to go out again and I did better, I found some old alpha and one of these gave a decent loot. The blade does not last very long against the bigger mobs but on my return I find I have a 172% return, and over both hunts I am + 2PED :).

I have  to take a break at this point, my sword/knife arm is not what it used to be, I am going to need some exercise.

Upon my return I continue with the Shinkiba, this time I’m down about 2PED giving an overall – 0.03PED, I did get full TT power glove and some pixie armour parts the MU of which should easily cover the deficit, a good evening for me.

Each hunt takes about 25 minutes, I am 201 Shinkiba nearer to my goal and my Swordsman hit skill has gone from lvl 18 43% to lvl 18 90%. Plus the big bonus, this is melee :).


The Horror!

A republished entry from my records, read with caution, you have been warned!

Log Entry for 31-05-09.

I think the heat may have got to me, I know it’s been a busy and interesting week but at the moment I cannot remember yesterday clearly! Hold on, I will need to consult my notes.

It seems my notes are scant at best and have bits missing, in the best tradition of Dr, whatshisface’s logs, perhaps I am a scientist, perhaps not!

I remember getting a new Bett, yes that’s right I’m almost sure of it a new Bett, I hunted Itumatrox, I hunted Atrox and with Tiger I hunted Letomie and all of those hunts were marginally successful. I mined, I mined badly, there are “some days when you can’t hit for shit” a quote from a song I think, ahh song how that helps to soothe my frail nerves, although probably not that song!

There was an experiment, yes that’s it an experiment, I was trying to hook my ore finder into a teleporter, the range would be fantastic, all of calypso searched for resources with just one bomb, what a genius, at least I thought so at the time! I didn’t get it quite right, not quite sure how it went wrong but it involved a longu. We both died and four of us were revived! Me, I was myself, I am writing this now though my nerves are shredded. The Longu, it was it’s self though somewhat confused! Then there was the two abominations, upon a copy of my body was a Longu’s head, it was far to heavy and the body collapsed underneath it and under a copy of my head there was a longu’s body. It picked up my fallen frame with the longu head as if it were a match and ran off toward the hills shouting “Free, free at last”, there was something glinting in the hands of my duplicate body!

The Longu had decided it didn’t like me very much and began to attack, I defended myself and killed it easily, no loot of course. I checked the ore finder to find thousands of claims registered, a smile appeared across my face but it was soon wiped out when the ore finder overloaded and exploded, by the time I had revived the abominations had vanished over the horizon. Looking back I think the glinting object in the hands of the longu headed abomination was a duplicate of the ore finder, I hoped it had exploded too and wiped out the pair of them but I know now this was not the case. Una has spotted the duplicate of my bald head on the longu body and posted a picture of the sighting, I scrutinised the image carefully for any sign of it’s longu headed partner and more importantly the copy of the ore finder but could not see it. I suspect it is out there mining now, whoever kills that mob is going to get the ATH of all time, the ores will be valued in the hundreds of thousands.

Horror story though that is, it is not what disturbs me now, it is not what cause me to lay awake at night afraid to sleep, it is not what makes me want to vomit when it’s image is recalled, no that is far, far worse. I am not even sure I should write of it I am not even sure if I can!

I have obviously spent considerable time searching for the abominations, at first I went to where there were other longu but then realised, they will not be there, not unless there is a claim near by so I have been searching by mining, following the trail of no resources found in the hope that this may lead me to that which I created in my arrogance the Ceesaur and the C-rex, so far I have not even come close but I have a plan and it’s a cunning one! I sought advice from Anna as to were best to mine with my skills and finder combination, here is where I will camp, here is where I shall be waiting for the string of no resources found to alert me to the presence of my nemesis’s and here is where I shall destroy my unholy creations. So far the mining there has been good, with a small profit from ore and a very small loss from en-matters but I will return and hope to do worse, much worse.

On Saturday night I needed a break, I had spent so long “searching for my selves” that I was exhausted, I needed some fun. I have been listening to Atlas Haven radio and for the most part enjoying it. There seemed to be an event taking place at TI castle, Brat was on-line and we went looking for it together and found it at a bar by the waterfront. There were not many people there but those that were seemed to be having fun, sadly there was no potted plant for me to spend the evening examining so I had to join in a little and even danced for a while. There seemed to be several competitions going on, I did not understand any of them, possibly they were complicated possibly I was still out there looking for my un-godly creations. Brat wanted to go and hunt some Boorum, these are a somewhat frightening and intensely ugly creature that have been unleashed upon Calypso this week, they have the knack of making one feel quite inadequate and are a horrific creature to hunt, especially the larger ones and more so when in first person! Brat and myself took out some of the smaller ones and a few of the feffoid elites that were hanging about looking embarrassed, I was quite pleased to find that I could take one of these myself all be it with frequent fap breaks. We died often not from the feffs or the Boorum but from the mutated chirpy that was racing around like a headless chicken on speed. I was quite pleased when it took one of these two hits to kill me.

In spite of the horror of the Boorum and their disproportional appendages it is not these that make me break into a cold sweat when I bring them to mind, it is not these that make me want to find a tall building to jump off of, it is not these that are tearing my mind apart in a desperate attempt to find just one part of it that is still sane, no that is far worse, far, far worse.

I is probably about now that you are thinking “it has not been a good week for Cee” and you would be right. the horror overwhelms me, I am unable to function properly and sit, balled up in the pentagram in the Lair hoping this can protect me from that of which I have not yet spoken, that which should remain un-said and un-written, that which I am trying to put off writing of.

Sunday was event day, this was Brat’s first go at running an event and I have to say she did an exceedingly good job, there was one eventuality that she had to cope with on the fly and made a good and quick decision. I am very proud of her and I think the rest of the Tigers are too. This was a three heat event called “Strip Boxing” a bit like strip poker, when you lose you remove an item of clothing. We meet at the stables at Genesis and made sure we were each wearing only three items of clothing so as to be fair. The first heat was one on one and the first bout was between Tiger and myself. The first round of this went to me but only by the skin of my teeth, I had tried moving but I am still rubbish at PVP and found that standing sill and relying on my melee skills served me much better than all that running around. For round two Tiger had removed one item of clothing, I did not try to move but just stood there and hit him, this proved successful and I had more health left than during the previous bout. Round three, Tiger had now removed two articles of clothing whilst I wore the full set, I lost round three, it was close and I had to return to fight round four without my shirt on. Round four saw me victorious, when Tiger returned to the ring he was, he was naked and it is this, this horror that haunts me this repellent violation of the laws of nature, this amorphous, gelatinous and nauseating sight that shall hound me to the very end of my hopefully, mercifully short life, I’m not even going to try and describe the smell! I was fortunate, he put his clothes on quickly, any longer and I would have been asylum fodder. I fought two more bouts against first Ulleh and then PBG, both bouts were won in the minimum three rounds, though Ulleh was allowed fifteen free hits on me to allow for skill differences each bout. Their nakedness soothed me a little and I was able to continue in spite of the earlier horror.

Heat two was a series of team bouts, the teams being Tiger and PBG vs Ulleh and myself. I have to say I let Ulleh down rather badly, I found it difficult to continue the fight being in close proximity to Tiger was horribly disturbing. I do not even remember the score but Tiger and PBG just laid into Ulleh each bout and I could not defend her against both of them. At least we did not lose in a straight 3 bouts. Sorry Ulleh. After the final bout I returned to the arena naked, other than the rather sporty pair of underpants I had purchased so I would not look like a grandad with urine stained pants, they caused quite a stir with PBG and Ulleh.

The third and final heat was possibly even more horrific than the first heat. This was an all naked event from the start. We could position ourselves anywhere within the stable area and points were awarded for the longer you stayed alive, Brat told us what our current points were and what points we would get and I worked out the best I could do was a draw. I went to a corner to hide and I should have stayed there. From what little I can remember Brat and PBG laid into each other, Tiger stayed in the arena, though I did not know that at the time and I was in the far corner, when I began to see the life bars of Ulleh and PBG get low I started to move, my own mistake, I turned a corner and there it was, the AMETHERA HORROR, I turned and ran, my wits had gone, I was a dithering shell of a man with no sanity left to me, a husk of what I had once been, it even seemed that I was running in slow motion like an automaton with no intellect or reason, I was longing for the sweet release of death and was finally granted it.

Reviving happened too soon, I had a chance to gather my wits and returned to the stables where we were given the final scores, it seems I am unable to remember these in my demented state but the order was, 1st Tiger, 2nd PBG, 3rd Cee, 4th Ulleh. After this we went to the Lair where the Green Beret was handed over as was the prize pool.

We also pulled a surprise on Ulleh and put her through the frightening ritual of initiation, she has yet to choose her colours for the council. Congratulations to Ulleh on becoming a fully clawed Tiger.

In the evening I did spend some time on-line, I am selling stuff from my storage as it has gone into the red, I suspect this means it can’t run anywhere. I also need to get some cash so I can get another blade, yes last weeks Bett has almost gone already. So far things are selling rather well which is pleasing but there is no Bett on the auction.

Time to visit the psychiatrist, I am optimistic of a recovery but will be haunted for a very long time.

The continued adventures of Chela Bias begins here

Well here I am again. This blog first began on the Entropia Universe Chronicle web site, which sadly is no more. I miss the people I meet there and the fun we had, little can be done to get that back but I also miss writing the blog of my adventures and sharing my successes and failures, my hopes and my dreams.

So here I am again, third time lucky.