Getting an Aurli start

That’s just a terrible title and I apologise for it.

Log entry for the 30th of November 2014

Monday and an Aurli start to the week (the gag is so bad I thought I should use it twice), I have been plugging away at the Aurli stage III challenge (Kill 1000) and try to progress this whenever I am at Crystal Palace. I had 500PED of Universal Ammo with me, and set out to use as much as it would take to expire my A105, HoF20141124loot was poor and according to reports had been all day but unusually I had a good feeling about things and not too long into my hunt was rewarded with a very poor global. Still I felt good and kept going and just 5 minutes later a pretty decent HoF occurred taking me to number 3 on the board. Later still a second (slightly better than the fist) global was acquired. Shortly after my A105 was in need of repair, as things seemed to be going my way I dusted off my portable repair unit, fully repaired the A105 and continued to slaughter the Aurli, however my luck had run out and I did not get any more loots big enough to register as globals however one was in the 40 PED bracket. During this phase of the hunt I found myself in an area where the Aurli seemed to be spawn and at times I had 5 or even 6 of them attacking me, I survived this most of the time but did visit the revive twice.The second time the A105 expired I left the field of battle to asses my loot, and quite a good haul it was too, one full TT DOA Slugstorm (L), a shed load of shrapnel and a lot of ammo comprised most of value. The Ammo was sold, the shrapnel converted to Universal Ammo and the Slugstorm put in vehicle storage to be either auctioned or stuffed into Pamela when I visit Calypso and remember.

Nothing happened until Friday when I paid another visit to the Aurli, this also went quite well with only a small loss and it brought me to 819/1000 of the Aurli stage III mission.

I was feeling lazy so I TP’d to the surface of Calypso where I had a few things to do including naming my old snablesnot with a collar, I called him Spondulics. I visited Calico and Billy’s new apartment in TI City, which was nicely appointed. I also purchased a pair of Hoplite Armbands, finally completing the set.

After I was invited to one of Drop Zone’s famous Opalo Proteron hunts and I joined for the duration which turned out to be an hour making a very small profit and remembering how not to get killed, although I came close a couple of times. Casper, Drop Zone’s leader added me as a friend and we had quite a long discussion about several things including daily missions and hunting with some heavy hitters. After which I decided to do the Feffoid Cave mission to gain only my 3rd daily token although I’m sure I’ve done the cave more than that!

Saturday, I tried the Proteron solo and found I could do the young OK although there was quite a lot of healing involved I got 2 globals out of them the second one of which was very nice for a global and I managed a decent profit on the session. Latter it was Space Skilling Saturday, where I managed to lose just 2.6 PED hunting the Cosmic Horrors, a good day.

Sunday, I descended to the surface of Next Island and headed straight to Ancient Greece where I managed a few Steropes Cyclops to add to the mission, I need to kill 333 and have 5, this is going to be a long haul as they are tougher than me with my Archon’s sword and the Hoplite armour, I desperately need a healing squad. The present tactic is to pick out the weaker ones and then back towards he teleporter whilst attacking, I die at least once every time but this way I have less distance to travel to continue the attack after I revive and return to the scene and hopefully the Cyclops will not be too close to any others. A hard mission this one. I also did a few Brontes Cyclops just because they are easier. This hunt continued into next week but I’ll not make you wait for the result, the Cyclops beat me fair and square.


Big GRATZ to Wolta

Log Entry for the 23rd of November 2014.

Monday, I started my week on Crystal Palace where I tried my luck with the Aurli, it was a poor decision but I did get some progress towards the current iron mission although at this moment¬† I don’t recall which one.

Thursday, I was back on Toulan, slaying Jeef Zajer, Sunjoq & Duhol, I started the 100 mission for each of them though was not sure if I would complete any of them this visit.

Saturday, as Thursday but with a significantly improved result and to my surprise the completion of all 3 of the 100 missions. I spent some time between the storage and the trade terminal selling lots of Toulan weapons and armour, at least the stuff with little MU. While there CANTBE (an old friend from the days of “Entropia Universe Chronicle”) materialised right next to me and we spent some time catching up. Before I headed back to Crystal Palace and then Calypso Space to be ready for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I was not on line at the time but wish I had been as I would have been able to congratulate Wolta when she reached level 50 Laser Pistoleer (Hit). Big GRATZ to Wolta, it takes dedication to get that far.

Fight Club

Log Entry for the 16th of November 2014.

To be honest my notes for this week are something of a mess,¬† I don’t even know what day I returned to the Calypso surface, Monday, maybe Tuesday, I certainly was there by then because I paid a visit to Fight Club at Chug’s Hideout. I survived the trial without any problems, in fact it seemed easier than I recall and I did not lose to much for the trying.

Wednesday, Fight Club again, this time it seemed harder though I still survived, maybe I was just lucky on Tuesday, I was more fortunate financially today as I managed a small global and a smaller profit for my troubles. After I visited the Rextelum East of Saba Camp, I do no where near as well on these as I used to but it was fun and I did progress the current iron challenge.

Friday, Fight Club for the last time, the Shinkiba took their revenge, I did survive but it cost me, I guess I took all their loot Wednesday. I acquired some weapon skill enhancers I & II to try instead of damage enhancers, higher tier were not available so I shall just have to make do for the time being, maybe I should have a chat with Henry.

Saturday, I visited the Feffox and did particularly badly looking at the figures and making a guess as I have not plugged them onto the books yet, still money was not the purpose, I finished the current iron challenge, stage II and took the perception reward. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday fun but everyone was nodding off even though Sleepyheads got a global.

That was my week. Hopefully the end result was not dire, I will do the books later this week.

Auction Mania!

Log Entry for the 9th of November 2014.

Monday, I think I removed everything I had accumulated in storage at Crystal Palace and teleported directly to Chug’s Hideout where I unburdened myself. I visited my home at Treasure Island Castle and found that I could now spawn my snablesnot pet, so far Calypso and Crystal Palace are the only places this has worked. I had some pet food in storage so was able to feed him but had left his collar on Toulan so will need to retrieve this. I headed to auction where I created 19 auctions consisting of both stackables and items, I have more too do but needed a break.

Wednesday, after updating my records with regards to sold auctions I placed a few more items and stackables onto auction before trying the Halloween instance. I found a Mr. Pumpkin, this took a little time as there did not seem to be one at all the locations mentioned. I talked to Mr. Pumpkin, he was supposed to advise me as to which level of the instance I should try based on my skills and equipment but just gave me 5 choices of levels so I tried level 3 it being in the middle way, I think it turned out about right as some of the mobs took a little concentration for me to remain alive and sometimes I failed in this task. I did kill the big Pumpkin without any issue and got myself 50 Pumpkin points by the end of my hour in the instance, the very last mob I killed did provide a small global, I did try another after that but the session expired before I terminated it. I used all of my A105, a little of my A104 and my Archon’s Sword, the Karma Killer had damage enhancers 1 to 5 fitted, armour was Viceroy with 5B plates about 250 PED of ammo was used and overall a loss of over 100 PED was incurred.

Saturday, I tried Halloween Mayhem again, the result was poor but I did take a time out to look around, the haunted house looks pretty good, pity it is not populated but I guess each instance can only be allocated so much memory. 9 more auctions were created and I have had quite a lot of sales. Later it was time for Space Skilling Saturday during which I picked up another hit point bringing me to 172 in total, I also picked up several crafting skill gains.

Sadly that was it for me, I do not have quite as much time available as I used to, sometimes real life just becomes to busy.