Exploring Arkadia

Log Entry for July 28th 2013

I am thoroughly enjoying my extended stay on Arkadia, it feels rather like a holiday and I am discovering some new subtlety each day, the beach is extensive (covering most of the south west) and Nocturaline and myself have been using this for some Paris-Dakar style racing, needless to say I have lost each time but on the last attempt it was very close.

I have been trying various IFN challenges and have so far discovered that Oro are more boring than Halix, I have continued last weeks Halix hunting and the CAP-TT R is now ready for a tier, I am not sure if I will do it though. I have also been hunting some larger prey and with some success, without much loss would be more accurate.

Otorugi were hunted both in a Soc. hunt with Neo and the following day with Wolta, the first was marginally profitable the second a minor loss. Beladoth have been quite kind and have taken very little of my lunch money. Teladon have been good with a particularly nice global one morning.

Wolta purchased an Arkadian Key 4 and invited Nocturaline and myself along, the 3 of us managed this easily and again the loss was quite small.

I’m really not used to losing so little! I am somewhat stunned by it and somehow I think the Arkadian experience may be extended for a few more weeks. So far neither Wolta nor Nocturaline are showing any inclination to return to Calypso and I am more than happy here. My turn for the key next week.

By way of achievements this week I reached level 45 pistoleer (hit), this has happened rather quickly and I am putting this down to the use of the Karma Killer giving me more experience than a maxed pistol.


The (not so) Great Escape.

Log Entry for July 21st 2013

The start of the week was much like the the end of the last, things were going downhill rapidly and even the drones had shallow pockets. I was beginning to think that maybe I should just avoid the bulk of the migration this year and head off world.

I had recently seen a few people around with a rather nice looking armour, I had no clue what it was but thought I would like a set if it’s any good. I think I scanned someone to discover it was the Viceroy Skullcandy edition and the stats. looked pretty good. I could find none on auction in spite of looking over several days. I searched the forums to find this very helpful link . It seems the armour was available from a string of missions on Arkadia and rather oddly once obtained could not be traded nor was it of any value to the TT. It did however have stats. very similar to (slightly better than) gremlin. I have often of late been tempted by the gremlin, a good all round armour and useful against Leviathan and Aurli. My mind was made up.  The mission involved the trading of stackables for armour parts so I took a copy of my inventory from the website and worked out what I had, what I did not have (not very much) and what I needed to transport from Calypso (quite a lot).

I knew I would not see Wolta again until Thursday evening so I e-mailed her the link. I spoke with Nocturaline and she was up for an extended stay on Arkadia. I have never been there for much longer than a weekend so a more lengthy visit with time to explore a bit more would be welcome for me. I had planned on going Tuesday evening but events prevented this so Nocturaline and I went on Wednesday instead (foolish as it turns out as Wolta would be on line the next day and we had to go back for her). Details of the trips are available in this ship’s log entry. First thing we did on the planet was have a race around the track, always fun and as is usual I lost :). I got most of the armour that night, I needed only a few veneer of various types and decided to be lazy and buy them at auction.

Thursday night and I completed my set and we returned to Calypso to pick Wolta up. Wolta soon managed to get her first part and we started to hunt for the necessary boards with which to make the veneers. We soon got the boards between us and Wolta got her complete set of Viceroy (with which she is very pleased), my loot issues continued, I was still losing but now I was not losing quite so much.

On the Saturday Nocturaline invited Wolta and myself to join her in an Arkadian Key mission, none of us had done this before and we had no clue as to what to expect. Nocturaline had bought an Arkadian key 1, after some wandering about we found the way in and spent some time running around the underground slaying the various mobs, it was ridiculously easy for the 3 of us, one of us could have done it easily and indeed the following day Nocturaline did do this solo. We all got some loot and guess what, we all lost, especially poor Nocturaline who kindly refused to take any PED to cover the costs of the key.

Afterwards Wolta and I tried a team hunt against the Riptor and the Scoria, the mobs won quite convincingly although we managed a small victory against the Nusul the following day.

During the week the latest recruit to “The Curse of Chug” one Mad Neo Force got himself a number 1 on the HoF listNeoHof, good work Neo and well deserved, lets hope there are many more.

Some poor returns

Log Entry for July 14th 2013

The theme of the week has definitely been one of throwing PED at mobs with very little return, several mobs gave me some very big negatives, so much so I decided to revisit the past and went to Jason Centre where I dusted off the Musca set, attached the 6a plates and removed the amp from the Karma Killer before heading out to tackle an old adversary. I was rewarded with a small global and a small profit. It had not changed much, some of the spawns were in slightly different locations and lack of familiarity caused me to become disorientated once in a while but it was good fun.

Foolishly I decided to visit Crystal Palace and have another go at the Aurli, this proved initially to be quite confusing as I could not work out where I was, I had forgotten CP had been revamped and I had to check out each dome before getting on with the slaying of the Aurli. the new domes are quite nice and have far better lighting than I remember in the old ones. With the migration screwing up the loot on the planet maybe here it would be OK? It was not, it was the weeks worst mistake from a financial perspective with two big losses over two days. I did however get to meet some interesting and helpful hunters, banding together to take out a big Aurli even though only one would get the loot, maybe we become more united when we have a common, alien enemy.

I returned to Calypso via the TP as I emptied CP storage and was bringing back stackables of greater value than I would care to lose.

I had a try with the Rextelum but lost here also although I did get to the 8k mark of the 30k challenge, I also gained a hit point, I now have 157 of those and they are all precious.

I returned to the Drones for a small profit and then tried the Feff cave for a high loss considering how little there is to do there.

Once again I visited the drones and this time managed a profit of just over 1PED, a solo and then a team (with Wolta) rextelum hunt both of which were losses.

I did visit Nocturaline’s apartment where she was putting armour on a dummy, it looked rather good but sadly I do not recall what type of armour it was, I can tell you it was mostly red. We also had a car race around the track at Chug’s, I lost, naturally.

That’s it really, as you can tell it’s negative in more ways than one. I do not like the migration, it does seem to channel the loot toward the migration mobs, maybe this year I should try another planet or 2 for the duration?

A lack of focus

Log Entry for July 8th 2013

I had to think quite hard for the title of this entry and am not really happy with it, however it is quite accurate.

My PED card was feeling a bit thin so I TT’d some low MU stuff from storage to fatten it up a bit, I do try to auction stuff but sometimes it just isn’t worth the effort.

Neo, the soc’s latest recruit tried out in the pit and was killed during wave 4, Exiv also tried out and finished on wave 4 also, improving his rank by 1.

I have tried some Rextelum this week but the results were poor so have left them alone most of the time. I did have a good fun Opalo, Proteron hunt with Drop Zone, they are hard work, with a lot of concentration required but well worth the effort.

I found myself in Rocktropian Space and decided to take advantage of the situation to “Serve the Nation”. The werewolves were not kind to me and after 2 hunts with large losses I decided that the nation needs to subsidise me if it wants me to continue with this, at least in the current climate. I had more luck against Panthers with a small global (the only hunting one I saw that day). I tried the Pop Dragons but they turned out to be Poop Dragons, right down there with the werewolves. I had to TT the low MU stuff from my Rocktropian storage to keep going. I did buy a couple of items from stalls while there for re-sale on Calypso, they did sell and I made a few PED that that way but not much more than the combined entry taxes of Rocktropia and Calypso. I also put some stuff on Roctropia auction, I expect I will be collecting it when I am next there.

The Longtooth arrived as part of the annual migration, I need to keep notes of this, I swear it happens more than once a year! This year I was determined to finish the 250 challenge, I was already a little over half way through, previous years had been bad with the exception of the first one, when it first started Exarosaur Elites counted as Longtooth. My initial hunts were all rather disappointing but Neo and Exiv in team seemed to be doing rather well with some nice HoFs and many globals. Sunday night saw me with a 1k plus HoF, still not enough to cover the losses but it helped a great deal. The few items I looted did sell quite quickly. I did complete the 250 challenge this evening and managed 3 or 4 of the 1k challenge before having to go.

Also this evening (and yesterday evening), Wolta and I went hunting Exarosaur Elites near to Cape Corinth, a small global yesterday and a much bigger one today helped things along.

During the week I used up all the old Limited Armour and am now using the Ghost, I am fully unlimited! In addition the Karma Killer has reached tier 2.8, I wonder how expensive the upgrade to 3.0 will be? Talking of expense, it looks like it’s time to sell more loot so as to fatten the PED card a little.