One year, no HoF!

Log Entry for 31st March 2013

I was checking through the stats on Entropialife earlier this week and discovered to my horror that it has been an entire year since I got a HoF. I had a chat with Una about it and he recommended I try hunting mobs with higher HP, so it seems I have a task for April, I have made a start and have been working my way through the first Rextelum challenge, so far just one global, I am using a P5a with an A104 though so each mob takes a while, with that gun and the Ursa with 5b plates I seem to be able to take a strong fairly easily so with a more powerful weapon should be able to do a little more.

Looking through my notes I can see I have had a busy week, I spent quite a lot of time chatting with people in preparation for the training cruise that occurred on PathfinderXXXI yesterday evening. I got a wide variety of responses to my invitation, some completely normal and understandable, some a little obscure and one that was just plain weird :-

  • “I’m visiting relations over Easter and they have no internet.”
  • “Great, I’m there.”, that’s the kind of enthusiasm I want.
  • “Sorry, busy that night.”
  • “Nice.”, no further response was received.
  • “Is it after <sometime> my time?” I relayed the MA time and received no further response.
  • “Are you a guy in RL?”, I said yes, because I am and then explained that most people in game are guys in real life.

I have had several stacks fail to sell on auction, few had much MU so were TT”d others were re-auctioned at a lower price. Trading has been going quite well, whilst I do not spend much time doing this, it does seem to make a little profit. I am still learning what sells and what does not and of course I am learning the hard way.

There have been many hunts, Feffs, Allo/Esto. Atrox, Rextelum,Shinkiba, Araneatrox and Itumatrox, that I recall as well as a team hunt with Una against the Araneatrox and a team hunt with Wolta against the Feffs. The Araneatrox hunt resulted in a drop of some shadow gloves which gave both Una and myself a nice bonus. The training cruise on the pathfinder last night also gave the opportunity to hunt , Cosmic Horrors, Dropships and Locusta. It seems I have managed quite a varied diet!

I even tried a little mining, something I do not do often but probably should and have come out slightly ahead I think.


Hunting against the cap!

Log Entry 24th March 2013.

I have spent most of this week hunting, Armax (completed the 500 iron challenge), Atrox but mostly Feffs. I have also had a go at the Purifiers at Ashi and Cape Corinth. There has been mixed results from all of them.

The Herman CAP 33 Arctic expired and has been replaced with a Herman CAP 32 Desert, a very similar weapon and one which has not got many more hunts in it.

That however is not really a problem, I am up against a cap and have been all week. I have put quite a lot of stacks on auction and have been TTing low MU stuff from storage just to keep going. The stuff on auction is not selling, prices have fallen a bit since I placed the items and the robot invasion has increased the quantity of crafting materials available and possibly reduced the amount of crafting being done, certainly there have been a lot of people at Corinth the last two nights. So many that I have had to reduce the graphics quality to reduce crashes (yes, that’s started to happen again). Yes I could deposit but with the amount of stuff in storage I have decided it is a good way to force me to have a bit of a clear out. Lets hope something sells soon.

I have left the planet just once for some pilot/repair skilling with Wolta, this went quite well, certainly it is a low cost way to gain some skills. I paid a visit to CP and picked up some items to trade back on the surface. My trading activities are not bearing much fruit but are cheaper than hunting!

I have noticed some new mobs something brood of someone! I have know idea what or where these are, I shall endeavour to find out.

Planet bound

Log Entry 18th of March 2013

That’s “Planet bound” as being bound to a planet not as in heading for one. I have spent the entire week on Calypso mostly hunting atrax and experiencing some rather poor returns, I have also tried feffs which were equally poor.¬† I have¬† had a go at some foul and scored a couple of the all new mini globals whilst completing an Iron Challenge, I think the mini global somewhat diminishes the global just as the 1PED ATH I spotted going through somewhat diminishes the ATH. Other mobs were Shinkiba and just one nexnecis which kindly globaled for me, I took it out while returning to the mission giver after completing the 1K atrax with nothing even close to a global..

Completed Iron missions are the 500 foul and the 1K atrax. The foul was rather funny, basically run around a lot collecting a hoard of the creatures then stop and wipe them all out.

Lizzy graduated after some delay and a support case. It seems you cannot graduate while on a space ship or a space station, support advised Lizzy to try a planet, as the objective was to complete the discipleship in space Lizzy went to FOMA and was able to graduate there. To complete the discipleship took nearly 25 RK-5 and 1362k of welding wire, in doing this she has reached level 19 VSE.

The Scrof has expired and been replaced by a Herman CAP-33 Arctic (L), this does rather more damage and allows me to fit a larger amp to it too, also it is significantly quieter which I like a lot. I have been using the Ursa a lot and have to say it is rather nice armour but has thrown up a record keeping issue. Tracking just 1 (L) item is OK add an extra 7 and it becomes somewhat time consuming. After some thought I decided to not actually track individual hunts any more and have moved to a slightly more realistic accounting system.

The new accounting system tracks expenses and returns, all values include the paid/sold MU and no TT values are recorded except when stuff is purchased/sold from or to the TT. This makes it possible to use exactly the same process for recording all my EU activities although each activity does have it’s own sheet. I am still trialling it and while it will give me a profit and loss for each activity (mostly loss) for specific periods it will not allow a hunt by hunt analysis as my previous system did however that had not proved to be useful anyway.

A busy week for Cee II

Log Entry 10th March 2013

A busy week is what it has been. I have tended not to travel much in the past but that has all changed with the Pathfinder. It is now so easy to get where I want to go that I find myself continually wanting to be elsewhere!

My week started out on Rocktropia where I was slaying werewolves and vampire chicks, it did not go too well as I recall, I think Rocktropia owes me a few PED now. Although I did buy a few items to trade at a later date.

After returning to Calypso I concentrated on completing my Allo/Esto 5k which I have now done, the skill increase was quite high and it was rewarding to finally complete this, it has been going on a long time. I did check out the robot incursion at Treasure Island and participated for a while until I started crashing out (odd that, no matter how good a machine I get I still crash out when there are a lot of avatars about, I send the same tired old report to MA and nothing happens) anyway I have seen many of these incursions in the past, it tends to mean something is going to happen, there is some mention about the egg again, I get the feeling we are all going to be treated to a rather nasty tasting omelette.

My D6 expired so I looked on auction for a weapon, I was surprised by just how much weapon MU seems to be increasing, after checking stats. etc. I decided to try a GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L). I have to say I quite like it although it’s range is quite poor. I will be making some comparisons during the coming week to get a handle on it.

This weekend and Wolta and I had a day trip to Arkadia, here we hunted nusul in team and solo, we both managed to global at different times, I got a decent full TT pistol that I could not use yet so that’s on auction. I managed to get an set of Ursa together, most of the parts were available on Arkadia but I spotted some rather cheaper feet on Calypso auction and asked Misty to buy them for me which she very kindly did. I have as yet to recover them but I have all the other parts and am looking forward to testing it out. Whilst on Arkadia I again checked the shops for items I could trade back on Calypso and found a few, these are also on auction.

Lizzy, my disciple and fellow Soc. mate has been doing very well with her discipleship, she is almost at 79% and has gained some good skills repairing the ship. She is keeping a record of how much welding wire and how many RK-5s she has used, it will make interesting reading at the end of the discipleship.


  • I meet with Misty and we traded the Ursa foot guards.
  • I have done a quick comparison of the P5a against the Scrof. They both use the same amount of ammo, the Scrof does slightly more damage and has one extra shot per minute but it’s range is about 5 meters less and it is not as durable.
  • I had to add the II to the end of the title, it seems I have had a busy week before! There’s a surprise.