Trying something stupid

Log Entry for May 29th 2013

Something stupid, well I’m not the smartest cookie up the flagpole in the first place so this should be fairly daft.

I decided to try the old way, the unlimited way, the non SIB way! I went and bought myself a Karma Killer. I’m planning on sticking with the unlimited Ghost and will use up the relics of my Jaguar and first Ursa set, disposing of parts as they expire. My second Ursa set will remain in storage for a while, while I tread the path of the ancient.

Last night I tried my new/old approach against the rextellum, I found the weapon to have a significant increase in fire rate, I seemed to be killing them in slightly fewer shots, I did notice an increase in misses and in skills and at the end the size of loss was not unusually high. Look out for me in my Christmas tree armour, I wonder if I could put a star on the top!


Putting my feet up

Log Entry for May 27th 2013

As the title suggests I have been taking it easy this week. I have hunted but not as much as usual, I have stood around quite a lot. I did put some of my accumulated loot on auction, most of this has sold, I still have a couple of outstanding stacks which I expect will not sell.

My best day was probably today with 3 rextelum globals from one hunt in the morning resulting in a small profit. This was rapidly turned into a deficit in the evening when I had a go at the Harbinger, Tiger had a couple of HoFs on these, good ones too. So I thought it worth a try but they were dry. I did use up the Scrof on them and also the Jaguar shin guards (the helmet went earlier in the week). I did get a HP gain and am now up to 156, slow going but every point can make a difference.

The Soc. had been largely absent this weekend but I was very pleased to find 3 other of the Cursed on line this evening and spent a while chatting with them all.

I need to look for another pistol but it’s too late to be dealing with that right now so I will take a look tomorrow, I am thinking of trying something different so I do need to think.

The Weapons Museum

Log Entry for May 20th 2013

It has been a mostly quiet week for me on the surface, in space it has been a different story but see the ships log (Pathfinder XXXI) for that.

I was having a chat with Slay when he mentioned the Weapons Museum, I was unaware of this and he very kindly took me to see it. It is located at Atlas Haven 71132,82543, An interesting place, different types of weapon are arranged in SIB order which is very useful. I would definitely recommend a visit.

Last night PBG, Cee and myself tried a Soc. hunt we started on scipular, loot was really very poor. After PBG had to leave Cee and I went to Fort Ithaca so she could pick up the atrox iron mission before we continued hunting, this time atrox, again loot was terrible.

I did manage to complete my 6k rextelum challenge and have started on the 30k. My P5a expired and I replaced it with a Scrof as it was on auction with a low MU.

Budski screws it up

Log Entry for May 13th 2013

Budski went into the pit and just messed up big time, he did not kill anything but just turned in circles. Apparently he had no mouse and could not get himself into 3rd person. So he remains a Rookie. Better luck next month Dude.

Other things have happened, I managed to complete my 6k Rextelum and have made a start on the next one, I think it’s 30k. For me the loot has mostly been quite bad although I did get a couple of globals on the Rextelum one of which contained a 20PED ESI, over all I have lost quite a lot although I’m please to say that Wolta got a nice HoF against the Rextelum. Hunting on Arkadia did not go well for either of us.

I did some noob missions around Nus Lull, I had to find a body at one point and only did so because Ghostman told me where it was, big thanks to him for that.

I’m feeling unsure of what to do at the moment, with loot being rather poor I find myself just standing around, chatting with people, nice to do but not really the object of my existence. Time for a think (again).