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Log entry for 28th of June 2015

Another slow week for me.

Monday, I revisited the Huon. these really have become quite stingy and gave a very poor return, I decided to leave Arkadia, at least that’s what it says in my notes, certainly I did nothing more until.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday took place in Arkadian Space so technically I’m still at Arkadia.

Sunday, Crystal Palace, I decide to take on the Krelitin, that mission (the 5k I think) won’t finish its self. The results were about average and if I recall correctly this was completed during a spit session. I TT’d to the surface of Calypso and began making Welding Wire only to run out of Sweat after not very long, I toured likely TPs looking for a seller but found none.

Considering I did so little I did manage to lose just over 300PED this week with a return of 71%.


Missing Space Skilling Saturday

Log entry for 21st of June 2015

Saturday, yes my week began on Saturday! I finally met with Sexy Spy Mona and purchased a batch of Welding Wire blueprints, it had taken some weeks for us to both be on the same planet, odd that it should be Arkadia. I went a hunting Huon and found myself amongst a herd of Alphas and bigger, it took a while to find somewhere to spawn the Sleipnir so that I could extricate myself. After which I went looking for the small ones and eventually managed a small profit so not a bad start to the week.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday but as the title attests I was unable to attend due to work, hopefully that will not be the start of a trend.

Sunday, at login I was close to some Huon which I despatched with the Archon’s Sword, the third and final one giving a decent global. I then moved to the Teladon, gaining a couple more globals and managing a bit of a loss.

For the week(end) I was 51PED in the black with a return of 107%. Not bad for a 2 day week.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Laser Pistoleer (hit) & a Team HoF

Log entry for 14th of June 2015

Tuesday, I pay a visit to the Werewolves, they were not very friendly but I’ve known worse. I did gain level 38 in Evader though so I was quite pleased, I also reached 512 of 10,000 Werewolves for the History of Vampire Helena #5 mission, clearly a long way to go on that.

Friday, the Werewolves were much happier to see me and more than made up for their rudeness on Monday, I did not make a note of any other stats.

Hof-14-06-2015Saturday, Wolta and Myself went dragon hunting, we tried Neverdie Dragons first and found the lvl 62s too difficult as we both died a lot, the lvl 56s were better but still resulted in frequent deaths for us both. We were on the verge of trying something else when one came up with a nice HoF for the team putting us at number 66 on the board. After this we switched to Morrison Dragons, these were much better, though we still died it was not so often as to be an issue. We managed a further 2 globals from these before we called it a day and wandered off with our pockets jingling.

I returned to the Werewolves, these were still being of good disposition and a few more PED was made. I also dragged myself up to level 58 Laser Pistoleer (hit), it takes me a long time to gain these even though it is my main activity, seems to be about 2 levels a year so at this rate I’ll reach level 100 in another 21 years. I may have to admit that this is an unrealistic goal.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday the result of which was disappointing as it reduced my weekly total significantly. Talking of which it seems I’m in the black to the tune of 126PED with a return of 110%, I could do with a few more weeks like that.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Shub Niggurath

Log entry for 7th of June 2015

Monday, I decided to try the shubs, there is a mission I have not started which involves finding something in each cave. I could not find these whatever they weres and after checking Monria forum it seems they are some of the shubs in the final cave. I was using the Modec VXT 900 (L) Wolta and myself looted last week with an A105 on it and found this to be quite successful especially after it reached tier 1 and I could get a little extra damage out of it.

I fought my way along the tunnel and into the cave where I headed onwards but to the right slightly. I did encounter one tough shub on the way, I forget the type, but beat it with considerable healing. I made my way into the rear of the cave which was empty. Skirting the cave wall in an clockwise direction I found another TP, useful for a return journey. There were several hard hitting shubs encountered as I continued to skirt the cave wall and I picked these off one by one until I encountered Shub Niggurath, a lvl 50 creature. I decided to chance my arm and picked it off, backing away I continued firing, it was not long before she was upon me and I was struggling, I had to swap continuously between weapon and FAP, fortunately no single hit was hard enough to slay me though some came close and in time I found I was slowly eating away at her hit points, encouraged by this I continued until I finally finished her off and looted, well not very much as it happens. Nonetheless I had solo’d a lvl 50 mob, I’m fairly sure this is the first time I have achieved this, clearly a bigger gun makes all the difference. 2 globals were scored during this foray and I managed a profit of over 100 PED, not counting the weapon decay although even with that it was still in the black.

I rested upon my laurels until:-

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday was early, the return from this was not too bad either.

That was my week, I emerged in the black to the tune of 82PED and a return of 113%, laurel resting pays off.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.