One up and many downs

Log Entry for October the 15th 2013

My stay on Calypso was brief, I had a couple of Rextelum hunts, neither of which went well and On Friday evening meet Lizzy who handed over the Weapon Skill Enhancer Blueprints she had kindly purchased for me from auction. I collected from storage what components I had to make  Weapon Skill Enhancers and purchased a little extra on auction before Lizzy and I headed to Pathfinder XXXI docked at Calypso Space Station. Lizzy was carrying and so logged out and I took us to Crystal Palace for a quick Aurli hunt.

This hunt was the Up of the title and got me a nice HoF of 1688PED which put me at number 4 on the table, it was all oils with no item. After I went shopping and found a bargain, this meant I needed to return to Calypso to auction it! Then it was back into the big black and off to Arkadia.

I arrived the next day and have remained there since, Lizzy joined me on the surface to hand over what she was carrying before we went our separate ways. I have tried 6 hunts since and lost quite badly on each one, this visit Arkadia is not being kind to me, I have got myself half way through the Oratan 20K challenge which Wolta tells me she completed today and have almost done the Huon 400. I have also hunted Otorugi and at the weekend with Wolta, Beladoth, Teladon and Oratan.

I have made some Weapon Skill Enhancers as I ran out of level 1. I have also tier upgraded 3 more parts of the Viceroy, only the gloves, feet and shins are below tier 1 now.

I have seen a few skill increase periods, these have not significantly increased the amount of skill I am getting but every little helps and i do try to take advantage of them when they happen.

I’m hoping things will pick up soon.


Big improvement today

Log entry for October the 10th 2013

A patch was applied today that has greatly improved the playability of the latest VU, everything is now much smoother as a lot of lag has gone. Moving and aiming are better, loot is almost instant and best of all switching tools and weapons does not have the delay of the past few weeks.

I have raised a ticket with as my screen shoots are now just black. There is a resolution for this for the 32 bit client but I cannot apply it for the 64 bit client, the check box being greyed out. Not that screen shots really matter but they are a nice to have especially if I hit a big one.

Getting back into the swing

Log Entry for October the 8th 2013

With MA announcing that all was now well with the worlds I stepped up my hunting a little and have not done too badly managing a small profit form 6 hunts (don’t tell MA). However, all is not well, I have experienced several crashes and one disconnect since the announcement was made, one of the crashes was particularly inconvenient as I was part way through a Huon which had the audacity to kill me while I was off-line, when I reconnected I could not find it at least not that I know of. I have been told that Calypso is more stable and I intend to try that for a couple of days before returning to Arkadia.

The Karma Killer still has not got beyond tier 3.0, it looks as though progression has slowed down greatly now which is a shame as I am finding it to be a useful weapon with  Weapon Skill Enhancers added to the available slots.

Wolta and myself tried hunting some Kamaldon which was a little tough but we did quite well for a while, when loot dropped off we switched to Huon and did OK there too.

I have returned to Calypso for a few days, Lizzy has collected Weapon Skill Enhancer BPs 1 to 3 for me and I need to collect them and her when she next logs on (should be Friday night), she wants to explore Arkadia and I am going to try some crafting as Weapon Skill Enhancers seem rare on Arkadia I shall have to make my own. Nocturaline has returned to Calypso with me (off-line), we are both currently aboard the ship. Before leaving Arkadia I wandered around the shops looking for items to auction back on the home-world and found just one worth risking, I will see if I can turn a profit. Wolta has remained on Arkadia and we plan to continue our irregular weekly team hunt at the weekend.

I reached 159 hit points and hope to reach 161 by the end of the year, I have also set myself the target of level 60 Laser Pistoleer (hit) by year end, I think it is quite ambitious but better to aim high.

Taking it slowly

Log Entry for October the 1st 2013

The Upgrade of 1 week ago today should, once some glitches are sorted, provide a more stable experience. At the moment however that is not the case.

I am finding the 64 bit client very slow to get to the login screen and after a crash/disconnect significantly slower still, the later could be a feature to prevent an attempted re-log whilst still logged in but I do no not think so.

Initially I had a few graphics issues with some objects having no colour assigned to them at certain angles, I upgraded my graphics drivers to the latest version which reduced this slightly but not completely.

I tried hunting some Halix as this was inexpensive and losses due to connection issues etc. would not amount to much. One odd feature was that once locked onto a target and heading to it at some point the avatar would turn around, check what was behind and then turn back to attack, quite amusing.

I have experienced several connection losses, an error box appears, telling me the connection has been lost and the image becomes monochrome. There have also been a few crashes with no explanation given.

In game lag has increased, at one point writing a PM was painful as typed characters were not being echoed to the screen for some seconds.

These are all fairly normal after an upgrade and MA usually gets them sorted out with a few patches soon after implementation, this time it seems to be taking a little longer, I suspect this is due to the change to a 64bit client. Certainly the initial upgrade took longer than planned, I’m sure this was a very stressful time for the developers and I hope they get to go and party soon.

After a couple of days I also tried some Huon and some Teladon with mixed results, Things seemed quite stable during the Huon hunt but less so when hunting Teladon, with at least 2 disconnects of some kind.

I headed into space to check out the Pathfinder, some nice features have been implemented there, see the Log Entry. I am currently still aboard.

Whilst this reads like a list of moans it is not intended to be, it is merely a list of issues I have encountered. I understand that these things take time and that although testing is done it cannot realistically simulate the load on the servers or the many different platform set-ups that the clients run on out in the big wide world. I’m sure that once the initial issues are resolved a far more stable and responsive platform will be available to all.