Evade mania

Log Entry for April the 13th 2014

I began the week by completing the IFN Ostelok 5k kill point challenge, not much of a challenge but not an expensive one either. I also tried Kadra and Teladon during the week but Arkadia was unkind to me, sadly I’m getting used to it.

The Oratan Invasion began at the weekend. This was an event organised by planet Arkadia and thoughtfully included mass healing supplied by some of their representatives, just as well, without it I doubt there would have been so many participants.

There were several types of Oratan (shared loot) invading Courageous Firebase, the most interesting of which being the big Lancers which had an area effect attack, this gave a lot of evade skills and there were many who stood around just gaining these. Too boring for me though, I had to shoot. A lot of the time I was just using my NIP as I was being killed very frequently but when the area effect attack mobs showed I switched to the Karma Killer and a good job I did. One of the kills was a 36k PED with some change, I managed to get nearly 600 PED of that which made my week. There were a lot of people complaining about various aspects of the event but I thought it was great and not just because of the money. The only issue I had was the number of crashes to desktop it seems the software is still not stable when there are many avatars to be displayed. There were an awful lot of crashes and some of them occurred between me entering my password and my security code! No idea there. The most annoying ones caused me to be off line when a large HP mob I had been involved in killing was finally killed, I have no idea if I got the loot that was my share, I expect I did but I do not know.

I managed to gain about 60% of an Evade level, not bad considering I only gained a level last week. The Karma Killer reached tier 4.5 and the NIP got to 0.8 but I cannot remember where it was when I started. Talking of the NIP, I learnt that Wolta had never been to Next Island so we are going to make an excursion sometime. I also upgraded my Herman CAP-TT R to tier 1, bit of a dumb thing to do perhaps.

Only 4 skill gains this week, must admit until the invasion I had not played much, sometimes the real world just gets in the way. Vinge is doing well with her discipleship I suspect there were many more skill gains for her, reminds me of the old days.

Space Skilling Saturday 13 went well although most of us would have preferred to be gaining that Evade it’s really good that everyone showed up, nice to know people are committed and that we have had no interruption in this since we started, its a quarter of a year now.

I end the week next to broke but with more enthusiasm than I have had for a while. I need to sell some stuff and head to Calypso to set up the new home/office, I’ll be there for a few days at least.


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