The Soc. of one & Cptn. Bias!

Log Entry 30-12-12.

The Soc. of one. In the early hours of 26-12-12 Calico left Schrödinger’s Tiger to join the Soc. of one of her friends. I can’t really blame her, I’m currently the only active member, even if we were in the same time zone having just one other member is not the most thrilling of company. The Soc. she has gone to (I forget the name) has more members and se tells me there is almost always someone else on-line. I hope she does well and is happy there. However once again I am the only active Schrödinger’s Tiger, hopefully I can do something about that in the coming year, maybe I should have some New Year resolutions.

Cptn. Bias! I finally did it, late last night I purchased from the auction Pathfinder XXXI, I guess that makes me a captain (my only qualification is my baldness) or am I just the owner? I have spent a few hours today reading guides to try to make sense of the ship (The in game information is exceptionally poor) and purchasing the necessary extras to be able to use the ship (Energy Source (L), Sub Warp Drive I (L), Armament Device (L) and Warp Drive I (L)) and then installing same. There are three slots still not used and I cannot help but wonder what they are for. Having got all the devices in place I could then sit in the gunner seats and the pilot seat and manoeuvre the vessel at sub warp speeds just to make sure it works. I have not yet tried warp as at the time it became available there was no one on my FL who was. It seems the ship has had it’s structural Integrity enhanced which is obviously useful, especially with an amateur like myself in command.

Wolta did pay me a visit when I tested the summon command  and she was the only person on the guest list, hopefully tomorrow we can take a trip to another planet, currently the vessel is docked at Calypso Station. Quite excited!


Calico graduates

Log Entry 17-12-12

In the early hours of this morning Calico reached 100% whilst out hunting with a friend, we both new it was going to happen so I tagged along providing a little healing and I got to see the swirlies. I have to say Calico has been the easiest disciple I have ever had in both the old and new systems, she worked hard and was a lot of fun.

That pretty much ended my day of the 16th, it was a good day, I took part in 6 globals, Wolta and I had a crack at the team Merry Mayhem category 2 and managed a couple of nice globals. Calico and I then took part in the Sunday Baby Trox event, we both had to leave early due to a lack of ammo, we did the event so as to show Calico how these work and I managed a small global near the beginning of the event. Calico and I then tried the Team Merry Mayhem, we made a bit of a lash of it and Calico ended up in the team category 1 instance whilst I was in the team category 2 instance both with the same team name, it all worked fine and we managed a total of 3 globals. I have no idea how it will effect the scores, not that it matters as we will not get close to being in the prizes.

A good day. Big Gratz Calico, well done.

Some site changes

Just a couple of changes:-

I have removed the Globals page, it seemed a bit self aggrandising for my likes.

I have removed the twitter viewer, EU has not been sending tweets for some time now, which is a shame, it was a very nice feature. I do not know if there are any plans to bring it back. I am considering displaying the tweets of @ChirpyMutated instead if this is possible, as I find this service very useful.