Toulan II

Log Entry for the 26th of October 2014.

I was on Toulan for most of the week, I hunted Bahri, Jeef Qaher, Thawr & Duhol.  Spending most of my time hunting Thwar and completed the 100 mission for the first time. I managed a few globals and a couple of loots that were close.

On Saturday, I headed to Arkadia for Space Skilling Saturday, during which I hunted Cosmic Horror.

I have only basic notes for the week so it looks like I was just getting on with the hunting.


Toulan beckons

Log Entry for the 19th of October 2014.

Monday, I began the week in space, I tried heading “SE” of Hermes and hit the edge of the known universe. I bounced off and headed N and slightly E to find the Locusta with whom I engaged in battle whilst solo in Pathfinder XXXI, needless to say I lost and ended the session repairing the ship at Next Island. Later I headed to Toulan, it’s been quite some while since I spent any time there so I decided to spend the week there.

Tuesday, I descended to the surface of Toulan in my Quad, totally unmolested, I did not even look to see if there was a threat. Once on planet I headed to my favourite spot somewhere south of the city where I took on 4 different mob types (Jeef Zajer, Duhol, Sunjoq and Quaffz), I did not do too bad and was enjoying the effects of a skill pill too.

Pamela managed to sell my old Luna Line Corona Pants, I still have quite a lot of clothes from the old days, part of me wants to keep them but the chances are I’ll not wear them again.

Friday and Pets are back, I found 4 in my inventory from the old days, 2 Daikiba an Exarosaur and a Snablesnot, I seem to remember having quite a large Daikiba but it was a long time ago. I found that I could not spawn the Snablesnot and of the other 3 I could only spawn 1 at a time. I fed the 3 I could and tried to work out the new system, I failed.
I returned to my favourite spot and against the same range of mobs from yesterday once again I did quite well, not profit but very little loss. I did get 3 HoFs from the Sunjoq, unfortunately they were all new item finds and of very little value so 3 times I thought I had got lucky and 3 times I experienced the disappointment.

Saturday, another hunt in the same location this time the loss was a little more but still better than I am used to, another new item HoF too. Later i made my way to Arkadia Space Station for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I return to Toulan and hunt again in the same location, another decent return leaves me with a return on the week of a little under 89%, remarkably good. I think I may be staying a while.

A Slower Week

Log Entry for the 12th of October 2014.

Monday, Wolta and I teamed and went to the Calypso Training Grounds in the Pathfinder where we took on the Horrors, this was good fun, doing this mainly for the hunting is certainly more fun than mainly for Skilling but it it burns the PED faster. We both spent time as pilot, gunner and repairer, neither of us did well but we did enjoy ourselves.

Wednesday, Solo against the Horrors in the Pathfinder, I do not remember too much about it nor have any notes other than it looks like about a 90 return though I have not put the numbers into the ledger yet.

Friday, I spent some time on Crystal Palace hunting the Aurli again, it looks like a poor return and once again not memories or notes so it must have been routine.

Saturday, I visited the surface of Calypso, mainly to stock up on supplies from the auction, I got almost all I remembered I needed. A warp transport was completed and Space Skilling Saturday was quite entertaining.

Sunday, headed out to Hermes Space Station just because I do not remember being there before. Quite a dull journey.

A slow week

Log Entry for the 5th of October 2014.

I did not make a start until Tuesday and then it was a small solo Cosmic Horror  hunt in the Pathfinder. A second one followed on Friday but that was in team with Wolta, the highlight of which was being attacked by a quad showing a red triangle, I did not make a note of the name but I hit him 3 times before he fled, with better team coordination we would have taken him down.

Saturday, Another Solo Cosmic Horror hunt aboard Pathfinder XXXI which ended prematurely as I was unable to leave the seat in time to prevent the ship from being blown. That was followed by an Aurli hunt in Dome 1 of Crystal Palace which yielded the only positive return of the week.

I headed to the surface where I purchased the necessary to tier both the Archon’s Sword and the Herb Box as well as placing a few items on auction and stocking Pamela. Later it was back into Space for Space Skilling Saturday this went very well with a considerable amount of hunting and gave me my first Space global in team, it’s been a long time coming, A 300 PED hunt losing less than 3 PED.

That was my slow week.