The Eomon taking the loot?

Log entry for 12th of July 2015

Monday, I’m still at Crystal Palace so I hunt the Kreltin. I’m a little over 1/10th of the way through the 5k mission, it will take some time and with loot like this more than some PED. A very poor 48% return, time to leave I think.

Friday, I’m too lazy to follow my own advice and once again I hunt Kreltin, a better result at 74% return but that’s still poor. Feeling somewhat annoyed at myself I set off for Rocktropia in an attempt to escape the Eomon loot vacuum.

Saturday, I did not have time to visit the surface during the day and was on-line just for Space Skilling Saturday, yet another poor return, damn those Eomon. After SSS I headed for and reached the Rocktropian surface.

Sunday, I decided to visit Secret Island, in truth it’s not much of a secret but a transplanted part of Next Island (the loader still has the Next Island banner on it) with the addition or substitution of a couple of Teleporters for Kong related activities. Unfortunately I was not able to join in any of these as there was no one else there. I did take on the Mountain Gorillas as well as several other creatures at different locations just to test the water, almost a 67% return, those Eomon manage to influence things even here and they don’t even have any rotten bananas!

An average return for the week of almost 66% with a loss of 420 PED.


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