Some R&R

Log entry for the 10th of January 2016

After the flurry of activity surrounding Merry Mayhem I needed a break to prepare for my next task, a task I’m not sure I’m capable of but nonetheless will attempt. That however is not until next week, this week I rested from Monday through to Friday and only began my activities on:-

Saturday, I place a gun on auction and it sells quite quickly. Space Skilling Saturday occurs after which I stay on Crystal Palace.

Sunday, as I’m on Crystal Palace I decide to try my luck with the Kreltin, my luck was poor! I did reach 1783/5000 for the stage IV Kreltin iron challenge. After I rest some more, for some reason I feel reluctant to commence the next challenge but I’m not sure why, maybe it’s due to my probable failure?

Only 2 hunts this week, as always I include Space Skilling Saturday, the results are very poor: a loss of 277 PED which is a return of 53% like I said, very poor.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.



Log entry for 13th of September 2015

Monday, I begin my week on Calypso, I wander from location to location hunting various creatures as I go, a fairly pointless exercise. I head to Crystal Palace where Wolta and I twice hunt Kreltin in a team, results were poor but as always we had fun. My reason for visiting Crystal Palace is to make use of a 10 hour 100% skill pill, try to gain a level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) and kill as many Kreltin as possible to get me closer to the 5000 required to complete the current Iron Challenge. I begin this process today with my first solo session lasting one hour, followed by a quick visit to some terminals to resupply, repair and store before logging off. The loot looked poor and my subsequent calculations showed it to be very poor.

Tuesday, 2 more hours spent hunting Kreltin, each with a brief visit to the terminals afterwards. The first was again very poor whilst the second resulted in only a small loss and a couple of globals. Looking at my records I seem to be doing almost 100 Kreltin per hour (kph) and while skill gain is definitely greater than normal it is not as good as I had wished, it looks like I will fall short of the hoped for level gain.

Wednesday, 3 more hours completed today, each ending in the usual way, the first with a remarkably dreadful return, the second with a poor return and the third with a very poor return, something exceptional needs to happen soon if I’m to get close to breaking even on the week.

Thursday, another 3 hours and after the last hour an additional 17 minutes to finish off the pill. The first hour resulted in a small profit, the second in a small loss and the final 1 hour and 17 minutes in a second remarkably poor loss. Thankfully it’s over, that 9 and a bit hours cost me 1662 PED with a return of 64%, I’m rather pissed off about the amount of PED lost if I’m honest.

Friday, taking a rest but I do provide a warp transport.

Saturday, while I’m at Rocktropia I “Serve the Nation” for a short while but am still quite despondent from the Kreltin experience. Wolta and I return to Crystal Palace in readiness for Space Skilling Saturday.

That was the week, return was 62% and I lost a total of 2120 PED, I killed about 900 Kreltin and raised my Laser Pistoleer (Hit) to about 12% short of the next level, I’ve known better weeks.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

The Eomon taking the loot?

Log entry for 12th of July 2015

Monday, I’m still at Crystal Palace so I hunt the Kreltin. I’m a little over 1/10th of the way through the 5k mission, it will take some time and with loot like this more than some PED. A very poor 48% return, time to leave I think.

Friday, I’m too lazy to follow my own advice and once again I hunt Kreltin, a better result at 74% return but that’s still poor. Feeling somewhat annoyed at myself I set off for Rocktropia in an attempt to escape the Eomon loot vacuum.

Saturday, I did not have time to visit the surface during the day and was on-line just for Space Skilling Saturday, yet another poor return, damn those Eomon. After SSS I headed for and reached the Rocktropian surface.

Sunday, I decided to visit Secret Island, in truth it’s not much of a secret but a transplanted part of Next Island (the loader still has the Next Island banner on it) with the addition or substitution of a couple of Teleporters for Kong related activities. Unfortunately I was not able to join in any of these as there was no one else there. I did take on the Mountain Gorillas as well as several other creatures at different locations just to test the water, almost a 67% return, those Eomon manage to influence things even here and they don’t even have any rotten bananas!

An average return for the week of almost 66% with a loss of 420 PED.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Log entry for the 19th of April 2015.

Monday, I retrieved collected loot from Crystal Palace storage and Teleported to Chug’s Hideout where I added it to Calypso Storage and merged all stacks before beginning the painstaking process of Auctioning off and TT’ing as much as I could.

On this day and the following 6 I placed a total of 71 items/stacks onto auction 42 of which had sold by the time I got to Sunday night. The maximum of 30 auctions was a slight hindrance but made record keeping slightly easier.

As well as the auctions I began the pursuit of a modified FAP all I need to get this is a few FAPS and 75 Small Chadriak Mushrooms which are lootable from the Marcimex, 2 hours on Thursday and Friday and 1 hour on Sunday brought me to 2893/3000 for the Iron Challenge Marcimex Stage II, the conclusion that this was a very expensive pursuit (with the loss from each hunt getting worse) and the decision to abandon it as a focus once I had finished the Stage II mission. I had managed to gain just 1 mushroom (a rare item HoF) on the Thursday. Space Skilling Saturday occurred on Saturday evening as is usual and on Sunday I went in search of and found Weapon Enhancers for Skill, Accuracy and Damage tiers 1 through 5 (even got a 6 in skill, optimistic of me).

I managed to lose 845 PED this week with a total return of 73%. 817 PED of this was thrown to the Marcimex, as you can tell the loss for Space Skilling Saturday was minimal, it giving the best percentage return of the week.