Average Combat level increase

Log entry for 19th of July 2015

Monday, I’m on Rocktropia so I “Serve the Nation”. Must… Serve… the Nation….. The Nation serves me right back with a positive return against our adversary, the Werewolves. I allow some Vampire Chicks to slowly tear me to pieces, I stand against 6 or 7 of them and keep my worthless self alive by using my Herb Box (and rarely one of the EKs) until it runs dry.

Saturday, It’s a busy day for me and I cannot log on until Space Skilling Saturday. After I return to Rocktropia looking for Zombie Kong but find only 2 big Things and no Rocktropians, I try Secret Island for a King Kong there but nothing.

Sunday, Returning to Rocktropia I continue to Serve the Nation and the Nation continues to serve me right back, my Vampire Mistresses are most beneficent and grant me 2 globals. Whilst doing this I use the last of my 50% skill gain for an hour pills but do gain the Average Combat Level increase, I’m now at level 35, I humbly thank the Nation.


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