Average Combat Level increase

Log entry for the 5th of April 2015.

Monday, I am running low on funds and am sorting loot out to sell, at the moment this is just to the TT but I have some set aside to sell to Hammer when a convenient moment should occur. I set to against the Werewolves and did not do very well but the Average Combat Level Increase mentioned in the title occurred either during this hunt or one late last week. Nice to see that go up it takes quite a lot of time as I am focusing on improving my higher skills.

Friday, I was wondering what to hunt, no I wasn’t, I was going to hunt Werewolves and did so twice, the first hunt yielded very poor results but the second managed to creep into profit with 1 global and some decent loots. This was my last Werewolf hunt of the week, the Vampire Chicks are not going to be pleased with my progress, hopefully they will punish me later. I reached 4231/5000 for “The History of Vampire Helena #4”, “every little helps” I say but with luck the Vampire Chicks will accept no excuses.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday occurred and returned a lack of loot but I did get 4 skill level gains. After I went to the Kong site where a Lvl 1119 The Thing had just spawned and I assisted the heroic Rocktropians in it’s demise before taking my share of the lack of loot.

It seems I have been lazy this week, lack of funds has been at least partly responsible for this, I intend to remedy this next week by returning to Calypso and trying to sort out my storage, selling what I can on auction and much of what I cannot to the TT. I am not yet sure of my departure date and expect to knock off a few more Werewolves before I leave, naturally I shall return, I just can’t get enough of those Vampire Chicks, if only some of them would come with me.

Returns for the week were neither good nor bad though I would like to see them improved, I lost about 350 PED with a return of 82.5%


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