A change of scenery

Log entry for the 11th of April 2015.

Monday, I’m still on Rocktropia and still Serving the Nation, A couple of Werewolf hunts each providing a return in the 80%s which is reasonable. I assisted one Miles Main Matheson in his attempt to gain a position in repair on a ship, Space Skilling Saturday went on a little late for him so I provided some contact details. I have not seen him on-line since. Mad Neo Force (a Soc. member) has decided to chip out and is selling all his possessions, its always a shame when this happens though I do understand it, I have considered it myself more than once. Though his play was spasmodic I shall still be sorry to see him go.

Tuesday, more Werewolves, they must be sick of me by now, I managed a 118% return this time which was a nice turn of events. I’m beginning to struggle a bit with a lack of PED, I have so much junk stored on Calypso and I really need to sell some of it so the current plan is to do that instead of taking the lazy option of depositing, it does mean I need to go there for a while though.

Friday, Werewolves, the final fling and another positive run giving me a 127% return and brings me to about 4840/5000 for the “History of Vampire Helena #4” mission, almost finished but I have told the crew and advertised on the site that this weeks SSS is at Calypso so I have to go. Lizzy kindly logs in quite late to transport an off line me and most of my Rocktropian loot to Crystal Palace.

Saturday, At Crystal Palace I TT some low MU loots already stored there and chance my arm, well my trigger finger, against the Kreltin, the return is a tad lower than I would like but I do get to 370/5000 of the Iron Challenge: Kreltin Stage IV. I also break the 60% barrier on my journey to a new level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit). Later its Space Skilling Saturday.

That was my week a change of scenery and a loss of only 81 PED with a 97% return, I would like more weeks like that.


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