Average Combat Level increase

Log entry for the 5th of April 2015.

Monday, I am running low on funds and am sorting loot out to sell, at the moment this is just to the TT but I have some set aside to sell to Hammer when a convenient moment should occur. I set to against the Werewolves and did not do very well but the Average Combat Level Increase mentioned in the title occurred either during this hunt or one late last week. Nice to see that go up it takes quite a lot of time as I am focusing on improving my higher skills.

Friday, I was wondering what to hunt, no I wasn’t, I was going to hunt Werewolves and did so twice, the first hunt yielded very poor results but the second managed to creep into profit with 1 global and some decent loots. This was my last Werewolf hunt of the week, the Vampire Chicks are not going to be pleased with my progress, hopefully they will punish me later. I reached 4231/5000 for “The History of Vampire Helena #4”, “every little helps” I say but with luck the Vampire Chicks will accept no excuses.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday occurred and returned a lack of loot but I did get 4 skill level gains. After I went to the Kong site where a Lvl 1119 The Thing had just spawned and I assisted the heroic Rocktropians in it’s demise before taking my share of the lack of loot.

It seems I have been lazy this week, lack of funds has been at least partly responsible for this, I intend to remedy this next week by returning to Calypso and trying to sort out my storage, selling what I can on auction and much of what I cannot to the TT. I am not yet sure of my departure date and expect to knock off a few more Werewolves before I leave, naturally I shall return, I just can’t get enough of those Vampire Chicks, if only some of them would come with me.

Returns for the week were neither good nor bad though I would like to see them improved, I lost about 350 PED with a return of 82.5%


Grinding Werewolves

Log entry for the 29th of March 2015.

Monday, the week begins with me hunting Werewolves, they are still giving me wood but I have now learnt where to sell much of it so as to get some mark up as opposed to just stuffing it into the Trade Terminal. I manage the smallest global, I have noticed most globals on these are now in the 50 – 60 PED region, I think it indicates that the area is fairly exhausted but I could well be wrong. I shall plug away here the rest of the week and see what occurs.

Tuesday, 2 hours hunting Werewolves and again the smallest global during the first hour (which was split around a VU).

Wednesday, another hour hunting Werewolves, this time I managed 2 globals one of which was over 100 PED, so maybe there is some life in this area as yet. It was the most profitable hunt of the week and the 2nd one that had a positive return.

Saturday, and yes you’ve guessed it, Werewolves, another small global and only a small loss, I did not record my progress for “The History of Vampire Helena #4” for this hint but I’m guessing it’s around the 3750/5000 mark so I’m slowly crawling toward my target.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday and a Cosmic Horror hunt with a 90% return. After which I went to Arkadia and back in my Quad so as to collect some auctions I had won a few weeks ago.

It’s been a good week as far as the coffers are concerned with only one hunt below the norm and a couple above it. I lost only 80 PED with a return if 97%, weeks like this are rare to say the least so I’m happy. Decent progress was made Serving the Nation, Wolta has joined that mission too so hopefully we can keep the Vampire Chicks happy. I’m guessing at about a 7% increase towards the next level of Laser Pistoleer (Hit), I may make level 60 this year.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

2 in a row, been a long while since I did that.

Log entry for the 22nd of March 2015.

Monday, my sojourn on Calypso is extended by a day and I spend some time completing a couple of daily hunting tasks, namely Traeskeron and Scaboreas, the 2nd of which was quite dull. I also placed a few items on auction, I really must have an auction week soon and try to free up some space in my Calypso storage, I should have done it this week but spent my time loafing and drinking, maybe it was the other way around.

Thursday, I tried my luck with the Proteron, though I gained a hit point bringing me to 175 it was a mistake, I lost over 200 PED to them with a remarkably low return of just over 22%, possibly my worst ever. In disgust I headed into the big black and set course for Rocktropia.

Friday, I “Serve the Nation” for an hour using both skill and loot pills. I did not do too badly but had no more time.

Saturday, I spend 2 separate hours in the pursuit of Werewolves at the end of which I am at 2844/5000 for “The history of Vampire Helena #4” mission and the Karma Killer has reached tier 5.8, it’s looking as though it will finish it’s current mission before I finish mine. Later it’s Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, an hour in the morning “Serving the Nation” this time with loot pill only. During this session I manage 2 small globals in a row, the last time I remember that happening was in the old days when there was still a statue atop one of the Twin Peaks and the Argonauts where in the rocky hills near to the shopping mall, good days. This was my only positive hunt of the week and then barely.

Later Wolta and Myself team against Motorhead Royalty and Motorhead Security, that was a good laugh especially when they re-spawn, surround and destroy us.

I managed to lose quite a lot this week, about 780 PED, the return was about 82%


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Serve the Nation

Log entry for the 8th of March 2015.

I have decided to stay on Rocktropia until I complete my current mission “The History of Vampire Helena #4”. The situation may change due the requirements of others however in the event of such an occurrence I shall endeavour to recommence my service at the earliest juncture.

Monday, Werewolves, they continue to give me wood, I should soon have enough to build my own log cabin, I spent the best part of an hour gaining more and in the process managing a global and another loot that was very close to a second. I increased my stock of different weapon enhancers, I think from a stall near the rotating guitar, these were accuracy enhancers III, once I have all 5 levels to fill the available slots on the Karma Killer I shall commerce some half-arsed testing.

Friday, I took some time from my service to assist the Rocktropians with their  unceasing battle against Zombie Kong, 3 times I assisted in his redemise, let’s face it, he has out reincarnated Jesus multiple times already and will continue to do so. During the 3 assists I was involved in a total of 15 waves of Zombies and dragged myself to 1886/5000 for the “Boot Camp 4 – Hell Week” mission. I did of course spend some time slaying werewolves, they won’t kill themselves you know.

Saturday, more werewolves and later Space Skilling Saturday after which I purchased some nanocubes and proceeded to manufacture some explosive shells ready for tomorrow. I was hoping to take on Zombie Kong again but others did not start the waves until it was too late for me.

Sunday, I packed the explosive shells I had manufactured yesterday and headed to Wet Wolf Creek, after collecting quite a lot of wolves (only some of which were wet) I set about using my Eraktor Es 10 (L) to kill them en mass, this was a lot of fun but the Eraktor was not really powerful enough and I took considerable damage to myself and then to my armour, I shall have to return with a more powerful weapon. Later it was werewolves, Kong and werewolves, I have reached 1920/5000, I’m not in any great hurry to finish as I am enjoying my time here and not doing too badly on the loot either, I should probably purchase some more skill pills, now that’s a good idea!

This week I lost a little over 200 PED and managed a return if nearly 90%, I consider that a good result. With both Wolta and Nocturaline in possession of Equus quad wings there is no longer the feeling that we need to be on the same planet most of the time so each of us is pursuing our own course without the constricts required by proximity, it is taking a little getting used to.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.