A hunch pays off.

Log entry for the 21st of August 2016

Saturday. After Space Skilling Saturday, which had gone swimmingly well. I decided to visit Rocktropia and have a crack at the Kongs. I had seen a couple of UFOs drop during Space Skilling but no big HoF and I had an odd feeling about the event.

I joined about 2120 MA and using a 50% skill pill and a loot pill I had accidentally necked mistaking it for the skill pill. I did quite well, there were several globals with decent loots and I thought I was somewhere close to breaking even then this happened:-

2016-08-20 22:01:49 [Globals] [] Team “(Shared Loot)” killed a creature (Zombie Kong) with a value of 18859 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.

My share was 2109 PED, need to follow my feelings more often I think. I continued and got a few more decent loots, all the time it was becoming harder as more people dropped out. The penultimate mob was a Werewolf God which took about 10 of us ages to kill and did not give us much for our trouble. I was there over an hour, fully using the skill pill but not all of the 500 PED Universal Ammo I had allocated for the event.

Gain for the week was a total of 3664 PED, estimated return 886%, only estimated due to me using Weapon Cells during SSS and gaining a lot of them in loot.


Happy Birthday to me. Well kind of!

Log entry for the 14th of August 2016

As you can tell I have not been doing anything other than Space Skilling Saturday for quite sometime now however this week, Thursday the 11th to be precise is the anniversary of my arrival on Calypso as a fresh faced colonist so I logged in for the traditional anniversary hunt.

Thursday, I was on Crystal Palace and there was no one to team with so I went solo against the Aurli, managed a couple of globals of 158 and 50 PED before I finished, oddly the A104 lasted the entire hunt, it normally only manages about 40 minutes but this time stretched to 60, maybe I was just slow. I lost only 25PED which is a as near to a birthday present as MA are going to give me.

After I tp’d to Calypso to help out Clyde, a friend who started the day after I did, he does not play much any more either.

Saturday, it was Space Skilling Saturday which went quite well. After I tried Aurli solo and naked, I managed 4 but it was touch and go at times with plenty of healing so I left it for another day. I would need a healer to make it practical I think.

Loss for the week was 55 PED and that gave me a return of 92%, if it was like that much of the time I would still be playing.


Weekend working

Log entry for the 7th of February 2016

That’s right I’m down to a two day week!

Saturday, I raid a Forest Temple and don’t lose too much, I come back with a global and reach position 4 on the rare item HoF table with an old style magnetic compass, it’s a stackable and I have no clue what it is for. Space Skilling Saturday goes well and I don’t lose too much. After I go through the zombie waves with a group already assembled and then take on Zombie Kong, actually managed a small profit from this but only due to some nice looks from the zombies. I did gain another hit point which brings me to 181.

Sunday, another Forest temple and again a small loss with 1 global and 1 rare item HoF, not sure what it was though.

In my 2 days I mange to lose 156 PED which was a return of 84%, not bad I think. I do have some real world issues which are keeping me from participating more, I’m hoping the break will help to renew my enthusiasm.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Temple raider

Log entry for the 24th of January 2016

Monday, with the skulls gained I raided both the Water Temple and the Forest Temple, I did quite well in the water and not so well in the forest. Both gave globals and the Forest granted me a rare item HoF when I got the forest idol. I do like doing these, there is something about them which is exciting. I think I have misunderstood the messages I get when entering, I read them as though once you had gained access by using a skull you could return to them any time but I think it just means you can return to the same session if you get killed and revived. I did raise a support case but have had no answer, I suspect they are still laughing. After I started on some Kongs to try to get the mountain skull, I had to log before I was finished.

Tuesday, I finished off yesterday’s Kong hunt, the results were a disappointing 50% return and not even a sniff of the skull. I shall have to keep trying. These are not an easy mob for me with my current set-up, maybe I should try a different armour as I spend too long healing.

Saturday, it’s Space Skilling Saturday followed by some the Things, unfortunately I did not return from SSS in time for the Zombie and King Kongs. TigeRPaW very kindly gave me a the King Kong map fragment, Jungle, this will bring my map fragment total to 3 of I believe 7. Big thanks to TigeRPaW, I owe her.

Sunday, I did the Mountain Gorilla event in the hope of gaining a Crystal Skull, I did not win this and came 6th, I did gain several forest skulls though, I will have to hit that temple a few times next week.

This week’s loss is 546 PED, a return of 71%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.