Kicking back a bit

Log Entry for the 25th of August 2014.

Planning on taking it easy this week and catching up on a few other things, after last week that should be quite a contrast.

Monday, I was surprised to see Vinge on-line, we spent a little time catching up, hopefully she will be on-line on a more regular basis now that the summer is beginning to fade.

I paid a visit to the Riptor to bring my challenge stat. up to 1160/1200, very close on this one now. Only just managed to go into the red on this hunt so a pretty good to start to my laid back week.

On Calypso auction, a bid placed last week secured me a Lux Armour Plate Case, I will have to pay another visit to Calypso soon so as to collect it. I am hoping this is more than a box that can hold a few plates but am not optimistic.

Wednesday, again I visited the Riptor until such time as I had completed the 1200 challenge, then I jumped into the “Bad Moon Rising” and headed to the nearest Oratan Mine where I got a few more points in the Oratan 60k challenge, only at 5443 after today so still a way to go. I had taken a skill pill for this hunt and burnt a few minutes of it in the Riptor/Oratan transit, at the end of the hunt I had broken the back of Laser Pistoleer (Hit) level 54 and am now closer to level 55, still a long way to go to reach it though. I do hope to have the time to do this very soon. I cashed in the Riptor 1200 but am not sure what I got from it, my memory is getting quire bad.

Thursday, I put quite a few stacks on auction while trying to decide what to hunt, sometimes that’s a really difficult decision and this night was one of those times. By the time I had finished placing auctions I was still clueless! I went to Steadfast to see if the Oratan Miners were spawning again but they were not so I headed underground to have a go at them there. It was a bit more intense than on the surface, what with there being and abundance of Miners unfortunately the results were quite poor. Looks like the Oratan are taking their revenge.

Saturday, I was not sure what to do and in the end had a go at the Teladon, I managed a small global but the return was poor again.

I purchased the Silver Starter Pack as I had run out of skill pills and consider this totally worth the money although I have some items I need to dispose of but I cannot trade, drop or TT them, I suspect this will change and it will at least be possible to TT them.

Later it was time for Space Skilling Saturday which was a slightly unusual session due to the beer. I had sent Wolta a crate of local beer and had a crate here myself, so we managed to have a drink together. Back on Arkadia I watched the auction for for the new market stalls but got fed up and went to bed.

Sunday, I finished my Hadraada Stage 1 and then made some headway into the Madana (pronounced Mad Anna) Stage 1, again the return was not good but nice to gain a few extra skills. In addition the Karma Killer gained tier 5.2, I have been looking out for tier VI components, but these seem to be rather rare, I have checked on entropedia and found the few mobs that drop them so I shall have to focus on these for a while.

Later I headed to Rocktropia and then Calypso to deal with a few auctions.

Results for the week are at just over 78% so overall not too bad.

Happy Birthday Arkadia

Log Entry for June the 1st 2014

The week began on a Monday (as indeed it usually does for me). There were various mobs attacking at Quarry and Arkadia Officials were present, someone said something about a rift. After a while the mobs started to spawn some distance from Quarry, along the path, they came with what seemed like long gaps between the defeat of one and the emergence of another. One of the Officials (I do not remember which), was being attacked by something, he ran from it shouting for help, I could not help thinking “NOOB”, anyone who’s been here any length of time knows you stay still so that others can both heal you and attack the mob.

I got bored and wandered off to do some IFN Defence Bots, I’m not sure what type of damage(s) they do but it’s different to drones as my Musca armour deteriorated slightly.

On return to Quarry sometime later there was some kind of quiz taking place, again it seemed an unnecessarily long time, this time between questions. I got bored again and logged.

I have been experiencing some issues with chat of late, it seems to freeze and the only way to unfreeze it is a relog.

Tuesday followed Monday (no real surprises there). I took on the IFN Defence Bots again, this time the higher level ones. These stay at a range and attack with some kind of gun, it’s very loud and the reload time is quite long. The range means I get an increase in accuracy due to the sights on the Karma Killer and the long reload time means I can do these without armour as when they hit I have time to heal, sure I died a few times but my technique improved. I continued with these into Wednesday (it following Tuesday) at which point I had completed the first IFN Killpoint challenge for these critters.

Thursday and I changed mob, this time it was some low level Teladon with the A105 fitted to the Karma Killer, this hunt returned a small profit after a rather nice global (218PED), in addition I gained Lvl 32 Ranged Gauss (Dmg) and the Karma Killer reached tier 4.8, looks like it’s time to begin the long haul to tier 4.9, oh well.

Friday and it was the turn of various types of Oratan to be slaughtered mindlessly and fail to pay their way, consequently on Saturday I revisited the Teladon who took back all they gave on Thursday and then some. I did gain Lvl 35 Ranged BLP (Dmg). Also on Saturday I noticed that Vinge had broken the back of her discipleship by passing the 50% mark so well done to her for sticking it out. Space Skilling Saturday went quite well with a few level gains. I also purchased and fully repaired an Arkadian Key 7.

Sunday and it was time to use that key, Wolta and I plunged into the depths at Aakas for about 90 minutes of intense gun play, needless to say we spent more than we HoF’d (never been the other way around) but as always a lot of fun and my hands ached afterwards, need to do something about the recoil on that Karma Killer. Later that day I over paid for a BP on auction, clearly I had drunk way too much to numb the pain in my hands creating a small pain in my wallet.

Returns for the week were 80.51%, a big improvement, that’s a value I can live with. The amount lost was very close to the spend on repair which if I remember correctly is how things are supposed to be.


Welcome Home

Log Entry for April the 20th 2014

Slightly different format this week, I have had more time available to me and have been able to write most of this at the time as opposed to a week in retrospect.

Monday: Last day on Arkadia.
That’s not to say that I won’t be back. Wolta and I went hunting some Oratan slashers, lancers and miners as well as some Riptor. Wolta did not have time to complete the hunt, sadly she missed out on the two globals that happened towards the end. For me it was a good start to the week.

Tuesday: Calypso welcomes me back.
I arrived fairly early in the morning and decided to go and great the drones at Jason Centre, I had on me 100 PED of ammo that I had carried in space and was content to use that for a quick hunt. For drones I use musca armour, it provides no protection and takes no decay but it does let me wear some 6a plates, the weapon was my unamplified and unenhanced Karma Killer.
The first loot was in the 20 PED area which is a nice start, most loots were good and a little later I scored one around the 30 PED mark. The hunt was topped off toward the end with a 300 PED global from a gen. 1, clearly the drones were pleased to see me and we’re not just packing heat!

Tuesday: The move (day 1).
I began the process of moving the contents of my apartment to the new base of operation at Treasure Island Castle, doing this in several trips so as to remain organised in some way. After getting about a third of the way through I got bored.

Wednesday: The Drones want to have my babies!
The second day on Calypso and I again went hunting drones at Jason Centre, they were slightly less generous today but a 279 PED global is still very welcome, a couple of other decent loots and I reached the conclusion they are seeking some DNA, the horrors that stem from that are just not to be contemplated.

Wednesday: The move (day 2).
I spent a few hours stocking the shopkeeper I have positioned on the porch. Having never done this before it was quite a learning curve, I’m guessing the interface has not been modified since before there where Limited items as it only allows entry of MU in PED not as a percentage. The shopkeeper is now fully stocked and I look forward to selling something, I’m aware the location is not ideal and that there will probably not be much by way of passing trade but I’m going to try anyway. I was surprised by just how many items I have accumulated, I have more than can fit in the shopkeeper.

Thursday: The Drones are losing interest.
Another drone hunt, another global, this time for the minimum of 50 PED, no complaints here, I knew their generosity would not last but it was nice while it did and it has not exactly vanished. A second hunt later in the day yielded no global but I still profited so I was happy. A third hunt was pushing my luck though. Hell, it would have been one ugly baby anyway.

Thursday: The move (day 3).
I moved my knife collection and the second half of my mentor items collection, it was quite fiddly to put together and I’m not exactly happy with it. I shall have to revisit it after I complete moving. The lighting inside seems inconsistent, today it was much darker than previously, either that or I’m losing the plot, I decided to add some lighting to the hall using metal torches, this has made it much easier for me to find my way out. I have also used Halloween torches to cast shadows upon the walls in the office area, this has added some movement to the room and looks a little spooky. I repositioned the shopkeeper based on the idea that sex sells, the only disadvantage is that is now necessary to jump in order to gain access to the building, a small inconvenience.
I decided I should have an off-line record of what is in the shopkeeper so I spent some time creating this, I am planning on using it on the pathfinderxxxi site in a trade page, I would need to update it regularly of course. I’m sure it will have other uses.

Thursday: A little crafting.
I had noticed how expensive Warp Drives had become, I already had enough materials to have an attempt at making just 1, I also had a BP with 2 goes left on it. Needless to say my first attempt failed, undaunted I purchased an additional 2 Generic Fuses and tried again. I have a new Warp Drive 1, full TT, good job I remembered to use residue.

Friday: I think the drones are faking it but I don’t mind.
A couple of hunts, a couple of globals. Nothing spectacular but I turned a profit both times so I’m happy. Definitely seem to be having a much overdue run of luck, I’m tempted to try some bigger mobs just to see if this is limited to drones. On the other hand because they stay as ranged targets I get the best advantage from my sights. Guess there is only one way to find out. I completed the Iron Challenge Drone Stage III and took the 7.75 PED handgun implant as a reward. Before taking the implant my Laser Pistoleer (Hit) Skill was at 52.3640% after it reached 52.4560%, a nice increase.

Friday : The move (day 4).
Basically this is done, my old apartment is empty, all the items have been moved and positioned in the new house. It was sad seeing the apartment empty, not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, it’s not like I’ve left it for the last time.
I bought a few extra items to improve the look of things at Lakeside, I’m particularly pleased with the use of shadows thrown by Halloween torches, some of them are quite spooky. I added some torches outside but unlike Arkadia, Calypso never gets very dark so the effect is limited, I will have a think about using them elsewhere.

Saturday: The drones are no longer trying.
A couple of hunts again, both of which provided returns in the 50-60% region, not a good start to my weekend, I wonder if it is because it’s the weekend or because I completed the Iron Challenge. Probably neither but I will persist with them for a while, I don’t want to give up on a good thing.

Saturday: Additional.
Weekends are normally busy, more people on-line, more interaction:-
Wolta scored herself a Rare Item HoF, anĀ  Omegaton A102 from and Atrax, this while completing her 5k Atrax Iron Challenge.
I added a pair of low TT Rutuba footguards to the Shopkeeper, makes her feet look a little smaller.
Space Skilling Saturday occurred in Calypso Space for the first time in a while.

Sunday: The drones are just stringing me along.
3 hunts today with returns between 64-73% so an improvement, maybe things will improve during the week. I will persevere.

Sunday: Additional.
Wolta has a strange tale to tell of her sub-warp journey to Arkadia in the Pathfinder. Thank you for writing of your experiences Wolta.
Vinge has almost reached 34% of her discipleship, nicely done Vinge.


And that was my week, only one skill gain, I guess low level drones do not provide a lot and no tier increase for the Karma Killer. A busy week though and one I came out of with a profit from hunting so I’m over the Monria.


Evade mania

Log Entry for April the 13th 2014

I began the week by completing the IFN Ostelok 5k kill point challenge, not much of a challenge but not an expensive one either. I also tried Kadra and Teladon during the week but Arkadia was unkind to me, sadly I’m getting used to it.

The Oratan Invasion began at the weekend. This was an event organised by planet Arkadia and thoughtfully included mass healing supplied by some of their representatives, just as well, without it I doubt there would have been so many participants.

There were several types of Oratan (shared loot) invading Courageous Firebase, the most interesting of which being the big Lancers which had an area effect attack, this gave a lot of evade skills and there were many who stood around just gaining these. Too boring for me though, I had to shoot. A lot of the time I was just using my NIP as I was being killed very frequently but when the area effect attack mobs showed I switched to the Karma Killer and a good job I did. One of the kills was a 36k PED with some change, I managed to get nearly 600 PED of that which made my week. There were a lot of people complaining about various aspects of the event but I thought it was great and not just because of the money. The only issue I had was the number of crashes to desktop it seems the software is still not stable when there are many avatars to be displayed. There were an awful lot of crashes and some of them occurred between me entering my password and my security code! No idea there. The most annoying ones caused me to be off line when a large HP mob I had been involved in killing was finally killed, I have no idea if I got the loot that was my share, I expect I did but I do not know.

I managed to gain about 60% of an Evade level, not bad considering I only gained a level last week. The Karma Killer reached tier 4.5 and the NIP got to 0.8 but I cannot remember where it was when I started. Talking of the NIP, I learnt that Wolta had never been to Next Island so we are going to make an excursion sometime. I also upgraded my Herman CAP-TT R to tier 1, bit of a dumb thing to do perhaps.

Only 4 skill gains this week, must admit until the invasion I had not played much, sometimes the real world just gets in the way. Vinge is doing well with her discipleship I suspect there were many more skill gains for her, reminds me of the old days.

Space Skilling Saturday 13 went well although most of us would have preferred to be gaining that Evade it’s really good that everyone showed up, nice to know people are committed and that we have had no interruption in this since we started, its a quarter of a year now.

I end the week next to broke but with more enthusiasm than I have had for a while. I need to sell some stuff and head to Calypso to set up the new home/office, I’ll be there for a few days at least.