February 2018

Log entry for February 2018

On the 3rd after Space Skilling Saturday I took on the Kreltin for a mini hunt, nothing remarkable but there was a small profit. This was followed by the manufacturing of Welding Wire. More Welding Wire was manufactured on the 4th and 5th with some Rk-5s being made on the 5th as well.

Also on the 5th I tested myself against the Proteron Divine. I found if could get about one fifth of the way through it before being destroyed and by the time I got back it was so near to being completely healed there was little point in continuing. I did kill a few of the Cornundacaudas that also inhabit the area and managed a return of about 19%, I think that may be an all time low.

On the 10th another Kreltin mini hunt after Space Skilling Saturday this one providing a decent profit of 144%. This was followed by the manufacturing of RK-5s and RK-20s.

On the 11th TigeRPaw and I went to deal with the Proteron Divine, I was shooting and she healing, it took us a few attempts before we got this right and TigeRPaw very kindly lent me her “Ranked HK1750” and “Improved Omegaton A105” so that I could start shooting at a greater range than I could with my pistol, it did more damage per hit too but I’m not sure about per minute. The trick to doing this is not to kill the Cornundacaudas, they are faster than the Proteron and if you continually back away from the main target they will attack and get between you and the Proteron providing a buffer that keeps you out of its range. I managed a decent global and a return of 364%. I repaired TigeRPaw’s equipment before returning it and split the loot with her, I would not normally do that but then she would not normally lend her equipment. A great deal of trust was shown and it is much appreciated.

Latter on the 11th I went looking for an Outpost that no longer exists and had a go in the Crystal Cave, a small loss taken there. Later still TigeRPaw and I head into space, See Training TigeRPaw.

On the 15th I tried my luck in the Pit at Chug’s Hideout, using the Mission Galactica, Adjusted Restoration Chip, the chip made this much easier than it used to be. Next there was a solo warp to Arkadia where I found the Kamaldon Divine and let it hit to see how bad the damage was. After speaking with TigeRPaw I am provided with Way Points for all the Divine creatures. Then I spend a happy hour or so with my NIP hunting Halix.

The 16th. I test the Kamaldon Divine, solo. As this is just one TP 1 jump away from a revive I though it worth a shot, it did not work. I spend some time prowling the shops looking for what might help, I find 4 x Neurostim-C which give a decent health and regeneration boost. The after discussing with Wolta tactics we could use I purchase some Medical Tool Heal Enhancers levels III and IV, these allow me to fill all five slots in my EMT kit Ek-2900 and give it a heal capacity of 55 points 29 times a minute.

The EMT is given to Wolta who offers me here tier 7 Omegaton Igni L1100E to use instead of my tier 5 of the same weapon however she has no enhancers so I decline this most kind offer. We armour up and I equip an Aeglic and an Athenic ring, I find the Kamaldon Divine and provide a waypoint for Wolta, when we are both ready I take a Neurostim-C and begin. We managed to get it down to about a quarter of its full health before it gets me, I had just said “Easy :)” to Wolta when I am slain! I get back via TP ASAP and continue the attack, Wolta had also been slain by then but I was hoping she would arrive quickly, she did but not quick enough so we go again, this time she is waiting for me and we finish it off, a terrific loot of nearly 18PED in Shrapnel is the result, there is still a small profit!

Next Wolta and myself try the Oratan Miner camp nearby and then several others hoping they will re-spawn but they don’t. One of them was low enough level for me to do without armour quite easily. We also try a couple of Oratan camps, the first was far too hard and we both died several times just trying to take out one Oratan, the second was suitably easy after which I called it a day. It has been a little over two years since I have hunted with Wolta and it was good to do this again, just like old times. I need to be careful not to end up spending all my free time doing this again, judging by the rest of this log entry I fail.

The 17th to the 21st have small Oro hunts, I’ve been through the IFN Challenges and found the level 2 Oro is the one that should be easiest to finish. Some auction sales and the listing of some new items, I had bought some Arsonistic chips with me from Calypso, it is looking like I did not bring enough.

I have become quite concerned with how much weight I am carrying, when all I was doing was Space Skilling it made little difference, now I am hunting and still carrying about 30 RKs, I rationalised what I am carrying but it is still too much so I have purchased a “Lux Special Armor Luggage”, this was from Calypso auction and is waiting to be collected. For some fun I also purchased a “Sand Runner MK1 (C,L)” I intend to keep a different ground vehicle on each planet so I do not need to carry one with me. I soon find it’s turning circle is that of a small moon and that it often takes damage for no apparent reason, it is good fun though.

I offer to split the loot from the Kamaldon with Wolta but she declines.

The 22nd and 23rd, With the Oro mission complete I re-evaluate the IFN mission situation and complete the 1st Feran mission and finish the ammo off with some Halix I bumped into.

The 24th is Space Skilling Saturday after which I finish the level 1 IFN Gallard mission in the dark. For all these low level missions its the original Arkadia TT pistol a Herman Cap-R and no armour.

The 25th, I decide to become an Arkadian Citizen and pay the price in sweat after which I wander along the path I walked before, several years ago, almost no one would talk to me. I’m not quite sure how it happened but I managed to join the IFN and went through the running about missions (so glad I already had the TPs), I did the puny Oratan and the Arkadian Hornets, I am a private with the desert uniform which for some reason has one stripe.

I completed stage 1 of the Carabok mission and started doing the seven day Oratan Payback mission, not sure what that’s about but no doubt I will find out, probably in seven days.

The 26th, I purchase four of the new Herman CAP-TT (L) and test one of them in subsequent hunts, I have plans for them involving a disciple.

Day 2/7 of the Oratan Payback Mission, is easily accomplished. Halix to upgrade to the Blue jumpsuit (I do not currently have enough shrapnel to progress but it wont take long). Jori IFN mission 1, largely for something to do. The final chip on auction sells for the base price.

27th, more Jori, I got to 63/75. After that it was the Oratan Payback Mission day 3/7.

At this time I had enough Shrapnel to upgrade my colonists jumpsuit, I went as far as Gray before I did not have the materials to hand. After I had done it I realised it was 320PED TT value of stackables to get that far and I realised I had been a bit daft in doing it, that said there is only one more colour to get so I will probably be dafter still.

28th, Jori to finish level 1 then to 37/400 for level 2, Dromia to finish level 1, Oratan Payback mission 4/7 and a 1 PED, yes just 1 PED hunt of Halix, I did not want them to feel left out!

I think i am spending too much time doing this, I will cut back in March.


The thin green line

Log Entry for April the 27th 2014

I spent the weekdays on Calypso where I spent my time hunting drones, a total of 6 hunts with a loss on all but one of them.
On the Tuesday I placed on auction a Leaf Beret (F,C) that had been in storage for a long time. The Beret is green with a light trim and was one of a pair, there used to be the (M,C) version as well. Back in the day, when the Soc. was the Guardian Tigers and was run by Tiger Master Lee, the Green Beret was awarded to the winner of the monthly Soc. event. The winner wore the Beret for the month and gave it up to the winner of the next event. For that month the wearer received praise from other Soc. members. A bit daft really but good fun. I have not see the (M,C) version for a long time, I think Tiger sold it but I could be wrong. Anyway, not having both of them it was time to move on from this so it’s on Auction, I’m not expecting it to reach a good price as it’s full TT.

Saturday morning and Nocturaline and myself headed to Arkadia in my Quad, Wolta was already there, she had taken the ship last weekend. There was an Oratan Invasion event in progress and we all wished to stand in the thin green line to defend the forts. The journey was uneventful, seeing only 1 pirate at Calypso Space Station who tried hiding in his back seat but when he realised he had been spotted legged it pretty sharpish. No others were seen probably due to our approach vector to Arkadia.

We met Wolta at Courageous (I think) and all 3 of us stood with others against the massed ranks of Oratan who could have easily swamped us if they had attacked en mass, they seem to have a culture of individual prowess something akin to the iron age Celtic peoples of mother Earth. Which is extremely fortunate for us the new Romans.

I had prepared myself with 500 PED of ammo, my plan was to use my NIP against the smaller Oratan and the Karma Killer against the larger, those with area effect attacks. Using this method the 500 PED would last quite a long time, I would be able to tier the NIP and would hopefully get a decent sized reward when I was using the Karma Killer though an ATH had occurred the previous night I was still optimistic when it came to the spoils of war. My 500 PED came to an end and my return was about 80-85% but I had gained quite a few skills especially in evade so was quite happy with this.

The attack was far from over, a further 500PED of ammo was acquired and I returned to the line, this time I got lucky on a big HoF my share of which was about 1450 PED and after I had used only about 100 PED of my ammo it was time for Space Skilling Saturday so I stored and headed space-wards.

Sunday I was back on the surface and headed to Repulse (The Oratan had moved to attack there at some point yesterday), again 500 PED of ammo was acquired and using the same tactics I stayed in the line for much of the day, this time I came up with a considerable loss but did not mind, I had got an extra level of evade (lvl 34) in the 2 weekends I had been doing this, though both Wolta and Nocturaline seemed to get considerably more than that, I had also tiered the NIP. During the Sunday the lag was so bad there were times when I could not even fire my guns, this was particularly the case when a large Lancer was the target of many defenders and was somewhat frustrating.

I counted the number of times I died during the weekend, not including Space Skilling I managed and impressive 57 deaths (noob) though I may have forgotten to count a few.

Over the course of the week I gained 3 skill levels, the Karma Killer reached tier 4.6 and my return was about 140%, all things considered a good week in the Entropia Universe.


Evade mania

Log Entry for April the 13th 2014

I began the week by completing the IFN Ostelok 5k kill point challenge, not much of a challenge but not an expensive one either. I also tried Kadra and Teladon during the week but Arkadia was unkind to me, sadly I’m getting used to it.

The Oratan Invasion began at the weekend. This was an event organised by planet Arkadia and thoughtfully included mass healing supplied by some of their representatives, just as well, without it I doubt there would have been so many participants.

There were several types of Oratan (shared loot) invading Courageous Firebase, the most interesting of which being the big Lancers which had an area effect attack, this gave a lot of evade skills and there were many who stood around just gaining these. Too boring for me though, I had to shoot. A lot of the time I was just using my NIP as I was being killed very frequently but when the area effect attack mobs showed I switched to the Karma Killer and a good job I did. One of the kills was a 36k PED with some change, I managed to get nearly 600 PED of that which made my week. There were a lot of people complaining about various aspects of the event but I thought it was great and not just because of the money. The only issue I had was the number of crashes to desktop it seems the software is still not stable when there are many avatars to be displayed. There were an awful lot of crashes and some of them occurred between me entering my password and my security code! No idea there. The most annoying ones caused me to be off line when a large HP mob I had been involved in killing was finally killed, I have no idea if I got the loot that was my share, I expect I did but I do not know.

I managed to gain about 60% of an Evade level, not bad considering I only gained a level last week. The Karma Killer reached tier 4.5 and the NIP got to 0.8 but I cannot remember where it was when I started. Talking of the NIP, I learnt that Wolta had never been to Next Island so we are going to make an excursion sometime. I also upgraded my Herman CAP-TT R to tier 1, bit of a dumb thing to do perhaps.

Only 4 skill gains this week, must admit until the invasion I had not played much, sometimes the real world just gets in the way. Vinge is doing well with her discipleship I suspect there were many more skill gains for her, reminds me of the old days.

Space Skilling Saturday 13 went well although most of us would have preferred to be gaining that Evade it’s really good that everyone showed up, nice to know people are committed and that we have had no interruption in this since we started, its a quarter of a year now.

I end the week next to broke but with more enthusiasm than I have had for a while. I need to sell some stuff and head to Calypso to set up the new home/office, I’ll be there for a few days at least.