Sometimes I wonder

Log Entry for March the 9th 2014

I’m sure we have all been here at some point or another, the opportunity arises to purchase something that is somewhat more expensive than is usual. I’ve been there several times in the past, sometimes I’ve bitten the bullet other times I’ve let the opportunity pass, I think so far I only got it really wrong once and I’ve forgiven myself that one (almost), I was rather drunk at the time. Anyway, I’m at that place now, I’m swinging back and forth as to whether I should do this or not, at the moment it’s not but it still comes to mind fairly often so that may change.

This week has been fairly busy, I managed to get my average combat level up to 29, 30 here we come.

I would like to say “thank you” to Lady Trisha who healed for a minute or two whilst I killed a Feffox Provider, turned out to be a global. She had been hunting independently of Wolta and myself who were in a team and at one point I found myself alone against the beast while Wolta was reviving. Lady Trisha took it upon herself to offer assistance before TP’ing away.

Fight Club, fun as always, I was killed by the Kirakiba in wave 5 after all but one of the wave 5 mobs spawned directly on me. Wolta also tested herself against the waves and was slain in wave 4, wave 4 can be very difficult when surrounded it is often hard to hit your target and when being moved healing is much reduced, it is the round that requires the most concentration to get through.

Losses this week have been acceptable, I have had 9 hunts and lost approaching 200PED, many of the hunts have been small though. I have been re-visiting the drones at Jason Centre where I use the Karma Killer (still at tier 3.8) without amp or enhancers, this has proved to be quite effective as the drones keep their distance I can gain a greater skill bonus from the sights. I am thinking about creating a weekly percentage return figure to publish with each log entry, I need to make some amendments to my record keeping first though.

Space Skilling Saturday was a bit of a fiasco, quite entertaining though, I do find it quite entertaining when things go wrong, in this case it was largely my fault.

Still pondering the potential purchase.



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