Igni (Ronda, tentatively) Vs Kreltin

Log entry for the 6th of December 2015

Monday, still on Arkadia and feeling unusually optimistic I visit the Gold Rush instances in the hope that they may still be open just for hunting but I am disappointed. Instead I provide a transport for my core crew.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I make a round trip to Arkadia.

Saturday, I’m on Crystal Palace so it has to be Kreltin, I have been eager to try the Igni against them. For a change they were pleased to see me. At one point I have to log and when I log back in sometime later I find myself in one of the trees and quite high up. I work my way down, eventually having to fall to the ground, fortunately the gravity is low. I kill 2 Kreltin in a row and both global, well that’s just good manners really. Later in the hunt I manage a 3rd global and I end in the black. I teleport to the surface of Calypso taking many PEDs worth of stackables and items with me. After storing the load I find and purchase the necessary and tier the Igni (Ronda, tentatively) to 3.0. I place items and stacks on auction and visit Pamela to update stock there before I try Fight Club, this also gives a positive result and a small global, it is becoming quite easy, it will not be long before I try it in less able armour. Space Skilling Saturday was a busy one, the loot was poor but I do gain a level in Captain.

Sunday, back on Arkadia I drop a 5 hour, 100% skill pill and have a crack at the Teladon. After 2 hours I’m down quite a lot, this in spite of 2 globals, one of which was decent, I manage to gain levels in Gunner and Grenadier. I end the week with about 2 hours and 50 minutes of skill pill still to use, down just 250 PED and with a return of 87%. Not bad.


– more than 1K PED, opps!

Log Entry for the 21st of September 2014.

Monday, the week begins in Ancient Greece where I hunted Brontes Cyclops, a hunt in Ancient Greece consists of using my Archon’s sword until it requires full repair, if I’m part way through a mob I switch to my Philosopher’s to finish it off, sometimes I may take a few more. Today I completed 5 hunts, scored 2 globals and did quite well.

Tuesday, 4 hunts today this time on both Arges and Brontes Cyclops, I realised I had nearly finished the Brontes 333 mission and that to get to the Arges I would sometimes have to slay a few Brontes so I began concentrating on the Arges. The Archon’s sword reached tier 1.9, I checked but do not have what is necessary to upgrade it on Next Island so it will have to wait until we get back to civilisation. I managed 3 globals plus a few good loots and later I crafted some Simple I Conductors, only about 250 clicks but I managed a global there as well, I’ve always liked Ancient Greece and it seems that it likes me. In the evening Nocturaline and I experimented with Stereops Cyclops but found this difficult even with 2 of us against a level 24 we struggled and died a few times, as these are not close to a TP the 333 mission will be very slow work with our current skills and the level of technology available in Ancient Greece. It seems a band of Herb Box Healers will be required, we are intending on doing a few experiments to work out how many we need and then recruiting prior to returning to complete the mission.

Wednesday, over night I had won an auction for a pair of Hoplite Sandals so I went back to the future to collect these from Next Island Auction, it brings me to having 6/7 Hoplite parts, I still need the arms. Having collected and repaired the sandals I went straight back to Ancient Greece were I set about the Arges Cyclops and in the process I completed the Brontes 333 mission and then some as they just kept getting in the way. I turned in the mission but it seems all 3 Cyclops missions need to be completed to receive the reward. Arges I hope to complete this week and then it’s just the Stereops to finish, I will try to take a few while I’m here but I think the healing squad will be required. Loot was not so good today, I got more no loots and did not even get close to a global. After 3 hunts I finished the day at 214/333 Arges.

Thursday, another day killing Arges Cyclops, 3 hunts and I completed the 333 mission, a slightly better day than yesterday as the final hunt was profitable, maybe things were swinging back in my favour but I didn’t stay to find out. Before leaving I picked up some Ancient Greece TT items for Feyn. I moved to Next Island where I finished some missions, one of which required I visit Creon in Ancient Greece to take what was supposed to be beer but turned out to be poison. When Nocturaline came on-line she immediately returned to Next Island, it seemed we had both done as much as we could at this time so decided to move on to Rocktropia. On Rocktropia I began to hunt some Motorhead Royalty in an attempt to gain some Tier VI Components, I had to leave part way through as it was getting late.

Friday, Motorhead Royalty are a stretch for me, I added the 5B plates to my Ghost armour as this seemed to give the best protection, even so I had frequent trips to the revive and a TP back. The loot was poor as is becoming more normal however I did manage to gain 32 Tier VI Components in 3 hunts (including the one I started late last night). The Barbarella did not really have a safe range for picking these so I paid a quick visit to Hunt the Thing and picked up a few assault rifles, these were much safer as long as I did not strafe, in which case it was a bit of a disaster. I did pick up 4 skill gains and my combat average is now 32, not sure if it went up or not though.

Saturday, on Rocktropia I hunted more Mororhead Royalty and then some werewolves, I have to Serve the Nation while I’m here, haven’t you read the unwritten rules? Later during Space Skilling Saturday I hunted some Cosmic Horrors, surprisingly the loot from them was only slightly worse than the Royalty. Looking at my total loss from hunting on Rocktropia it was a bit scary! On the upside our new Soc. name finally kicked in “Chug’s Nomads”.

Sunday, I was at Monria and hunting Arbitrator the Vermin with both Wolta and Nocturaline, go team Sleepyheads. By Rocktropian standards it was a slight improvement but still quite poor. Later we had a warp client, while completing that job I got the opportunity to visit Crystal Palace and store some items I had been carrying for far to long.

Due largely to the Rocktropian experience I managed to lose significantly more than 1000 PED this week. Not a good week for me financially but Ancient Greece did yield a positive and it’s always nice just being there.

Sometimes I wonder

Log Entry for March the 9th 2014

I’m sure we have all been here at some point or another, the opportunity arises to purchase something that is somewhat more expensive than is usual. I’ve been there several times in the past, sometimes I’ve bitten the bullet other times I’ve let the opportunity pass, I think so far I only got it really wrong once and I’ve forgiven myself that one (almost), I was rather drunk at the time. Anyway, I’m at that place now, I’m swinging back and forth as to whether I should do this or not, at the moment it’s not but it still comes to mind fairly often so that may change.

This week has been fairly busy, I managed to get my average combat level up to 29, 30 here we come.

I would like to say “thank you” to Lady Trisha who healed for a minute or two whilst I killed a Feffox Provider, turned out to be a global. She had been hunting independently of Wolta and myself who were in a team and at one point I found myself alone against the beast while Wolta was reviving. Lady Trisha took it upon herself to offer assistance before TP’ing away.

Fight Club, fun as always, I was killed by the Kirakiba in wave 5 after all but one of the wave 5 mobs spawned directly on me. Wolta also tested herself against the waves and was slain in wave 4, wave 4 can be very difficult when surrounded it is often hard to hit your target and when being moved healing is much reduced, it is the round that requires the most concentration to get through.

Losses this week have been acceptable, I have had 9 hunts and lost approaching 200PED, many of the hunts have been small though. I have been re-visiting the drones at Jason Centre where I use the Karma Killer (still at tier 3.8) without amp or enhancers, this has proved to be quite effective as the drones keep their distance I can gain a greater skill bonus from the sights. I am thinking about creating a weekly percentage return figure to publish with each log entry, I need to make some amendments to my record keeping first though.

Space Skilling Saturday was a bit of a fiasco, quite entertaining though, I do find it quite entertaining when things go wrong, in this case it was largely my fault.

Still pondering the potential purchase.


A HoF for Wolta

Log Entry for March the 2nd 2014

The week got off to a good start with nice HoF by Wolta, number 88 on the list, a 395 PED loot from a Riptor mature. Good going Wolta I hope many more will follow.

As for myself I have hunted Beladoth, the (Shared Loot) Oratan Lancers, Kadra, Shinkiba, Araneatrox, Rextelum, Drones and Feffox.

I completed the Beladoth 400 IFN mission and have turned the mission in, apparently I got a 6.30 PED implant gain in shortblades.

I also tried a very small mining/treasure hunt run in the vicinity of the Oratan Lancers, it was not hugely successful but did give a better percentage return than hunting tends to.

I tested myself in Fight Club and was killed in wave 5 by a critical hit from the Kirakiba, I did go back and finish the wave but it’s still a fail.

I decided to enhance my sight, I use a Headshot 2 and have upgraded by adding a Bullseye 8. It seems they work best at range hence the drone hunts. I’m considering upgrading the site to give me better skill bonus.

Only a few skill gains this week Level 33 Powerfist Engineer, Level 44 BLP Pistoleer (Hit) and Level 44 Knifefighter (Dam).

It has been another poor week as far as loot returns are concerned, I have lost over 700PED, several of the hunts returned exceptionally poor amounts and my best return was a mere +10PED.

The Karma Killer is still at tier 3.8, I’ll get there one day.