A HoF for Wolta

Log Entry for March the 2nd 2014

The week got off to a good start with nice HoF by Wolta, number 88 on the list, a 395 PED loot from a Riptor mature. Good going Wolta I hope many more will follow.

As for myself I have hunted Beladoth, the (Shared Loot) Oratan Lancers, Kadra, Shinkiba, Araneatrox, Rextelum, Drones and Feffox.

I completed the Beladoth 400 IFN mission and have turned the mission in, apparently I got a 6.30 PED implant gain in shortblades.

I also tried a very small mining/treasure hunt run in the vicinity of the Oratan Lancers, it was not hugely successful but did give a better percentage return than hunting tends to.

I tested myself in Fight Club and was killed in wave 5 by a critical hit from the Kirakiba, I did go back and finish the wave but it’s still a fail.

I decided to enhance my sight, I use a Headshot 2 and have upgraded by adding a Bullseye 8. It seems they work best at range hence the drone hunts. I’m considering upgrading the site to give me better skill bonus.

Only a few skill gains this week Level 33 Powerfist Engineer, Level 44 BLP Pistoleer (Hit) and Level 44 Knifefighter (Dam).

It has been another poor week as far as loot returns are concerned, I have lost over 700PED, several of the hunts returned exceptionally poor amounts and my best return was a mere +10PED.

The Karma Killer is still at tier 3.8, I’ll get there one day.

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