A close shave

Log entry for 17th of May 2015

Rather lax of me but my week did not begin until Friday and even then it was for less than half a hunt. I began the 10k Werewolf mission and had to stop.

Saturday, I continued the hunt of yesterday and am currently at 113 of 10k Werewolves, a slow start, I think this will be a slow mission.
Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, which has gave a poor return this week. On my way back to Rocktropia things got interesting, a hostile quad was lurking between the planet and the safe zone around the Space Station. I sat patiently waiting for quite some time, eventually he got bored and vanished from my screen, suspecting a trap I continued to wait until I spotted him beating up on some poor chap in Sliepnir. I took the opportunity and went for it, he gave chase and fired a few times to check his range. I was heading in a straight line but he was gaining on me, possibly furiously pressing the ‘m’ key. He clipped my starboard wing just as I paid the entry tax.
On the planet I went and joined a very small group of about 10 people who took on Zombie Kong, the waves had already been completed but new ones had started. Kong was stationary but suddenly reared into action and we began to fire. It took a long time and quite a lot of my ammo before Kong went down, the loot was poor. A 1000 + Thing turned up, we did not even try.

Very little activity this week but still managed to lose nearly 200 PED, with a return of 87%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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