The Thing, K’Ching.

Log entry for 24th of May 2015

Saturday, yes Saturday, my week started and finished on Saturday. I was in plenty of time to get my lazy arse aboard Pathfinder XXXI and prepare for Space Skilling Saturday. Which yielded me a personal loss of about 100 PED, not a good start to the week.

After, I returned to Rocktropia I headed to the Kong event area just in time to join in the killing a high level The Thing which gave a decent HoF and then a disappointing Kong. A second high level The Thing was encountered and it took the group quite sometime to despatch it, the HoF fanfare went off and I realised I had scored over 1000 PED from a 21,574 PED shared loot, this particular one was Top of the HoFs. This was followed by about 180 PED of a 5104 PED shared loot from a Kong, which was number 3 on the Hit Parade.

We continued tidying up the various spawned creatures in the vicinity. Someone was making a nuisance of themselves by dragging some of the smaller The Things into the group whilst they were busy despatching a Kong, due to this I was killed several times for no good reason as were many others.

With all those creatures slain some began the Zombie waves again but it was too late for me by then so I logged my lazy arse.

I have discovered a coding error in my accounts system which means that all weekly results published where Weapon Cells were used have been wrong for quite sometime now. I have corrected this and this weeks weekly figures are +914.27 PED with a return of 358.90%.

I’m thinking I might stick with these short weeks.


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