Killing werewolves gives me wood!

Log entry for the 1st of March 2015.

Monday, I continued my journey to Next Island.

Thursday, I travelled to Rocktropia and logged aboard ship.

Friday, I descended to the surface of Rocktropia. Really dragged that journey out.

Saturday, I chose to “Serve the Nation”, heading to the area south of London I set forth with 500 PED of ammo, I managed a couple of small globals and by the end had not lost too much but could hardly move due to the wood, yes I have to admit it killing werewolves gives me wood! No idea why they carry so much maybe it’s to help the 3 little pigs build their houses “not by the hair of my chinny chin chin”, I’m guessing there’s just one person in the world who will get that. I followed that with 2 more hunts each of just 100 PED in an attempt to work out how long it will take to complete “The History of Vampire Helena #4” mission, I ended the session at 1192/5000 and am killing about 56 werewolves with 100 PED. On my return to London I allowed a Vampire chick to kill me very slowly, that also gave me wood but for very different reasons.

Space Skilling Saturday occurred as is usual for a Saturday night.

After I returned to the Rocktropian surface I had a look to see if anyone was having a go at Zombie Kong. Cissi TigeRPaw-C Red-cat was just beginning wave 1 so I joined her and we worked our way through many waves of Zombies, during which I gained “Zombies for Breakfast”, in latter waves we were joined by an increasing number of hitters and the final waves did not take very long at all. Zombie Kong made an appearance and we all set to, I died a few times in the process of killing “him” off. I say “him” however I could not help but notice this looked more like a her, I’m really hoping this is the case, if not there is a giant Zombie cock, roaming Zombhatten, not an adversary I would like to meet and I would have to guess it is a frequent inhabiter of dark, damp alleys! The loot from “Queen” Kong was a rather good HoF and I was definitely quite a long way into the black at which point a Thing turned up (not Kong’s Thing, not unless he was bizarrely deformed) that was soon despatched and was followed by a 2nd also easily dealt with, finally a 3rd Thing appeared this one was level 1119 and took a lot of time for us to despatch it, during which time I was killed frequently, often as soon as I revived, when it was finally looted the result was rather poor and it managed to wipe out my previous profit however at the end I was only down by 64 PED so well worth the approximate 3 hours of entertainment and skill gains, I had used over 700 PED of ammo and had more fun in game than I have had for a long time, a big thank you too all who participated and especially to Cissi TigeRPaw-C Red-cat for being there from the very beginning and encouraging others to join.

Sunday, It was a bleary eyed Cee who returned to the daily grind of slaying werewolves, it was certainly a lack lustre day after the lateness of last night but at least I did manage to make an appearance and get a little more wood.

This weeks return was nearly 87%, I can live with figures like that. I have also noticed a distinct lack of Soc. on-line, after the recent weeks of several of the old crew being on-line this week it was back to  just Wolta and myself.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.