Back to the black stuff

Log entry for the 10th of May 2015.

A bit late posting this week.

Monday, After Spondulics dragged his sorry arse to level 7 I headed spacewards in my quad and straight to Crystal Palace where Wolta and myself took on both the Kreltin and the Aurli, with quite poor results. There were a couple of times when I was alone against several Aurli and struggled to survive, during the second bout I did die but went back to pick them off with Wolta.

Saturday, Sub-warp to Rocktropia and then to the surface where I revisited the Werewolves and completed “The History of Vampire Helena #4”, I did not see any reward at the time although when I accepted the next stage, “The History of Vampire Helena #5” (10,000 kills) it did tell me what my reward would be but I’m not sure what it was, Agility maybe? I was not told the amount.

Back into Space to run a transport and later Space Skilling Saturday. I returned to Rocktropia where I spent some time slaying Zombies in the pre-Kong waves and then many of us took on multiple Kongs and various Things, lots of fun and not too big a loss.

Sunday, I spent some time slaying wolves to complete “Vampire Wars #2” and take on #3, I also killed a few Zombies around Evil Cathedral to move that mission forward a little.

This week the return was a decent 87% with a loss of just over 300PED.