Skillfest and losing small

Log entry for the 29th of November 2015

Monday, it has to be Magurg Breeder 2s again, I still have about 3 hours left of the 5 hour, 100% gain Skill Pill I consumed yesterday and need to make the most of it, which I did with what passes nowadays as a very successful hunt. I walked, well, ran slowly, away with a 177 PED profit and a return of 121%. A very good start to the week.

Tuesday, coming out of my semi-retirement, lured by dreams of skill I spend a little over an hour on Gold Rush Island, this time I lost but the skill gains were good and I polish off the Skill Pill at level 59.4663 Laser Pistoleer (hit), pleased with the result I am determined to fit another 5 hours in this week as I have more Pills.

Thursday, I take another 5 hour, 100% skill gain pill and spend approximately 2 hours on Gold Rush Island, another positive return and 3 globals to go with it. After a break I return for a further hour, get another 3 globals, one of which was of the higher kind and manage another large PED gain.

Friday, I need to finish off this Skill Pill before Space Skilling Saturday so as not to waste it and I know I will not get time tomorrow so another 2 hour Magurg hunt ensues, another loss but with the pill gone I’m at 59.5730 Laser Pistoleer (hit), I’m hoping to reach 60 before the new year and it is looking possible now. Also during this hunt the Igni reaches tier 2.9 so I will soon need to look for the materials required to upgrade it to tier 3. I still need a name for the Igni, I had been thinking “Ronda” but she took a pounding recently.

Saturday, all I do is Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I know the Gold Rush Island instances will close at mid-day tomorrow and after some consideration decide I can find 5 hours out of this day to use another skill pill. I do this in 3 sessions, losing big on the first one and small on the second two (not sure about the implied phrase “losing small” but I like it). I manage to gain levels in 4 different combat skills including 56 for Ranged Laser (dmg), Laser Pistoleer (hit) climbs to 59.6936 and I gain my 180th Hit Point so I am more than pleased with my days work. This session was quite painful, the real world work I had done yesterday had left my hands and arms quite sore and using the trackball was distinctly uncomfortable but I carried on regardless. I resupply Weapon Accuracy Enhancers I & II but they are from Calypso auction and are now located in Calypso storage so a visit is required.

A very busy week for me by comparison with recent and surprisingly I did quite well losing just 289 PED which was a return of 95.5%. Losing small, that’s what I like.


Magurg Breeders, I’m going part time.

Log entry for the 15th of November 2015

Monday, I’m still on Arkadia so time for more Magurg Breeder 2, the results were as poor as for the usual mobs I hunt, maybe the shine has worn off. I resupply Weapon Accuracy Enhancers I and II.

Saturday, 2 more visits to the Breeders, returns were again poor with the first one being by far the worst. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, another 2 Breeder hunts, I keep trying for the skill pills and just as well I did, the first hunt went spectacularly well with a return of 166% and 4 decent globals, the second was only a minor loss but also included a global. It was a nice way to end the week.

I should probably explain that although each session permits a stay of 2 hours I only stay for a little over an hour.

I have to admit it, the real world does not permit me to play as much as I did, I work father from home now and am tired much of the time. I’m missing my time in EU.

Return for the week was – 169 PED with a return of 93%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.