Average Combat level increase

Log entry for 19th of July 2015

Monday, I’m on Rocktropia so I “Serve the Nation”. Must… Serve… the Nation….. The Nation serves me right back with a positive return against our adversary, the Werewolves. I allow some Vampire Chicks to slowly tear me to pieces, I stand against 6 or 7 of them and keep my worthless self alive by using my Herb Box (and rarely one of the EKs) until it runs dry.

Saturday, It’s a busy day for me and I cannot log on until Space Skilling Saturday. After I return to Rocktropia looking for Zombie Kong but find only 2 big Things and no Rocktropians, I try Secret Island for a King Kong there but nothing.

Sunday, Returning to Rocktropia I continue to Serve the Nation and the Nation continues to serve me right back, my Vampire Mistresses are most beneficent and grant me 2 globals. Whilst doing this I use the last of my 50% skill gain for an hour pills but do gain the Average Combat Level increase, I’m now at level 35, I humbly thank the Nation.


To Rocktropia and beyond

Log Entry for 27th April 2013

I quite like that title, it has familiar and childish ring to it. Anyway, it seems I have been lax in my log keeping and am about a week behind this is not in its self an unusual occurrence but does tend to mean the entry will be vague and rambling, how will you spot the difference? I do have some minimal notes however and will patch it together from these.

The hunting seemed to get progressively worse after the introduction of the feffox. I vastly reduced my hunting activities and spent more time being social and checking the auction for some replacement Ursa parts as my set is near to its end, especially the feet, they are on their last legs!

On the 20th Wolta and I decided on some impromptu space hunting, this turned into a fairly large donation to the Skyflail retirement fund. With the Feffox taking all the attention on Calypso we decided to try elsewhere and headed for Rocktropia.

I concentrated my efforts on the werewolves, I am only too happy to be able to serve the vampire nation, they are all so cute, even when they are attacking me, sometimes I let them kill just to make them happy, I am hoping they can be become pets! Wolta had PC issues so much of my time there was solo. On one hunt I toured various TPs shooting a few of whatever, the loot seemed a bit poor in most places however a Pop Dragon was very obliging toward the end.

After this I continued to serve the nation and had an experience with a werewolf global that was disturbing on more than one level. The loot contained 5 items of make-up, I could not help but wonder why a werewolf would be carrying so much make-up unless it was partying after work, maybe it was just trying to develop its own style, doggy style! Either would be a scary sight. More disturbing though was why did it give it all to me? Am I supposed to pretty myself up for next time?

Once Wolta was back online we headed for Arkadia, here I spent my time finding items to trade back on the home world, I did try a Nusul hunt stretched over three days due to being ridiculously busy elsewhere, it was not particularly successful however I am intending to do better.

For details of the journeys and space activities please check the ship’s log.