2 in a row, been a long while since I did that.

Log entry for the 22nd of March 2015.

Monday, my sojourn on Calypso is extended by a day and I spend some time completing a couple of daily hunting tasks, namely Traeskeron and Scaboreas, the 2nd of which was quite dull. I also placed a few items on auction, I really must have an auction week soon and try to free up some space in my Calypso storage, I should have done it this week but spent my time loafing and drinking, maybe it was the other way around.

Thursday, I tried my luck with the Proteron, though I gained a hit point bringing me to 175 it was a mistake, I lost over 200 PED to them with a remarkably low return of just over 22%, possibly my worst ever. In disgust I headed into the big black and set course for Rocktropia.

Friday, I “Serve the Nation” for an hour using both skill and loot pills. I did not do too badly but had no more time.

Saturday, I spend 2 separate hours in the pursuit of Werewolves at the end of which I am at 2844/5000 for “The history of Vampire Helena #4” mission and the Karma Killer has reached tier 5.8, it’s looking as though it will finish it’s current mission before I finish mine. Later it’s Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, an hour in the morning “Serving the Nation” this time with loot pill only. During this session I manage 2 small globals in a row, the last time I remember that happening was in the old days when there was still a statue atop one of the Twin Peaks and the Argonauts where in the rocky hills near to the shopping mall, good days. This was my only positive hunt of the week and then barely.

Later Wolta and Myself team against Motorhead Royalty and Motorhead Security, that was a good laugh especially when they re-spawn, surround and destroy us.

I managed to lose quite a lot this week, about 780 PED, the return was about 82%


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Primordial Longu, Shortblade, Traeskeron and a Hit Point.

Log entry 22 Oct 12.

I have been quite busy with the Primordial Longu 6k mission, I have managed a few globals but not many and I still have a long way to go. The competition is over now so I expect the numbers hunting them will go down, I wonder what that will do to the loot.

Yesterday I achieved a personal goal, I was for a long time a shortblades specialist, indeed it is still my highest two skills. I have wanted to loot a shortblade for a very long time and yesterday I succeeded, it’s nothing special, quite a new item as it shows no auction bids, I have put it in “The Lair”, I will have to get  a display panel for it.

Today I reached 151 HP, it seems not that long ago I got to 150 so I guess I am doing something right. I also completed the 300 Traeskeron mission, I had forgotten the reward was only tokens :).

I am having a crack at some of the BIG Industries competitions, I am expecting to do poorly but it’s worth a shot.