Part time hunter

Log entry for the 22nd of November 2015

Monday, I log in and just hang about for a while, too tired to commit to anything I chat with a few friends.

Saturday, a couple of Magurg Breeder 2 hunts both of which are negative, the first one did give me a small global whilst the second one was bordering on disastrous. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday after which I returned to Arkadia.

Sunday, I did a full 2 hour session against the Magurg Breeder 2 during which I managed another small global, I was using one of the 5 hour, 100% skill pills I had received with points gained in previous sessions. After the 2 hours I quickly, stored, repaired and resupplied ready for the next session before logging. Whilst this hunt was still negative it was a significantly better return than the second hunt of yesterday. Seeing all the green skill messages scroll up the screen as I hunt reminds me of being a noob! Good skill gains although I have made no note of Laser Pistoleer (hit) percentage, I do not intend to do so until the 5 hours of the pill have expired.

I have managed to lose 570 PED this week which was a return of 73%.

I have also posted this some days after the given date, I have simply not had the time to finish the blog entry.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.



Log entry for 13th of September 2015

Monday, I begin my week on Calypso, I wander from location to location hunting various creatures as I go, a fairly pointless exercise. I head to Crystal Palace where Wolta and I twice hunt Kreltin in a team, results were poor but as always we had fun. My reason for visiting Crystal Palace is to make use of a 10 hour 100% skill pill, try to gain a level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) and kill as many Kreltin as possible to get me closer to the 5000 required to complete the current Iron Challenge. I begin this process today with my first solo session lasting one hour, followed by a quick visit to some terminals to resupply, repair and store before logging off. The loot looked poor and my subsequent calculations showed it to be very poor.

Tuesday, 2 more hours spent hunting Kreltin, each with a brief visit to the terminals afterwards. The first was again very poor whilst the second resulted in only a small loss and a couple of globals. Looking at my records I seem to be doing almost 100 Kreltin per hour (kph) and while skill gain is definitely greater than normal it is not as good as I had wished, it looks like I will fall short of the hoped for level gain.

Wednesday, 3 more hours completed today, each ending in the usual way, the first with a remarkably dreadful return, the second with a poor return and the third with a very poor return, something exceptional needs to happen soon if I’m to get close to breaking even on the week.

Thursday, another 3 hours and after the last hour an additional 17 minutes to finish off the pill. The first hour resulted in a small profit, the second in a small loss and the final 1 hour and 17 minutes in a second remarkably poor loss. Thankfully it’s over, that 9 and a bit hours cost me 1662 PED with a return of 64%, I’m rather pissed off about the amount of PED lost if I’m honest.

Friday, taking a rest but I do provide a warp transport.

Saturday, while I’m at Rocktropia I “Serve the Nation” for a short while but am still quite despondent from the Kreltin experience. Wolta and I return to Crystal Palace in readiness for Space Skilling Saturday.

That was the week, return was 62% and I lost a total of 2120 PED, I killed about 900 Kreltin and raised my Laser Pistoleer (Hit) to about 12% short of the next level, I’ve known better weeks.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Soc. Event

Log entry for the 15th of March 2015.

Monday, I continue to Serve the Nation and after consuming a Skill Pill proceeded with the ongoing slaughter of Werewolves, as is normal they gave me wood. There is some exciting news, well exciting for me, the Karma Killer reached tier 5.7, it has been a long time coming but it’s crawling it’s way to its next tier upgrade. I managed to crawl my way to 2083/5000 Werewolves, not even half way, I feel I’m racing against the Karma Killer for completion of a mission.

Friday, it was quite late when I joined and was hoping a Zombie Kong would be in progress, it was and I joined at wave 6, there seemed to be 4 or 5 people doing this so I was optimistic that it would not take too long. After wave 8 was over and I was the only one still there I gave up for the night.

Saturday, no Kong at login so it was Werewolves, Werewolves, Werewolves after 3 hunts of different lengths I had reached 2316/5000. Not the most exciting or varied day but that’s why they describe it as a grind. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday and after that a Sub-warp journey to Crystal Palace in readiness for a Soc. Event tomorrow evening.

Sunday, Wolta and I teamed in Dome 2 against the Kreltin, I’m not sure if we won but as an individual I was not far short, we managed a couple of globals as “Chug’s Nomads”, it had been a while since we teamed as we are mostly on separate planets now so it was good to take this opportunity. I’m fairly sure Wolta was switching between using and amp and not in order to even up the numbers when it comes to the mission, I ended at 322/5000 for the Kreltin stage IV mission.

Later I descended to the surface of Calypso where I sorted my outstanding auction purchases and added a few more to give me 5 tiers of Accuracy Enhancers on the Karma Killer, I tried my luck at Fight Club, in order to test this configuration, it seemed reasonable. I did get killed on round 4 when I was pinned to the wall but returned to finish the job. I put quite a few items on auction, one of which sold the same day and several of which I expect not to sell.

Later still, Soc. Event time; Tiger had organised a PvP event for us to participate in. This consisted of 4 rounds using en-knuckles kindly supplied by Tiger. Each of us participants brought some items to be pooled as a prize for the final round. As everyone knows, when it comes to PvP I suck, so I was expecting to do badly.

Ding Ding, round 1; This was a 1 on 1 event winner stays on and involved the 2 pugilists being perched atop a blade of rock, if you fall off you lose, if you are killed you lose. The first fight was Ulleh vs PBG with PBG emerging as the victor, in the second Tiger took on PBG and won when she fell from the blade, in the third it was Tiger vs myself, whilst he dodged about punching me I stood there and just tried to hit back, it took a while but eventually he beat me, it was when I was at the revive I noticed I was still in walk mode, it may have made a difference but I doubt it.

Ding Ding, round 2; This was all 4 of us in a mass brawl in the water, I kept out of the way to start with and when the others were weakened moved in to be killed, which of course I was. I just don’t seem to be able to turn fast enough.

Ding Ding, round 3; Again a brawl but this time in the forest, recognising my weakness I climbed a tree to a point where there was little space behind me and waited to be attacked. I was attacked but I still could not turn fast enough and PBG managed to get behind me somehow. Another fail but I had lasted much longer, as a strategy this was my best bet.

Ding Ding, round 4; The final round, Tiger was not taking part however if he was hit he would hit someone else, this round was to be fought on a large area at the top of a mountain. So far the prizes had all been supplied by Tiger, in this round the prizes were the pool of items us participants had contributed. We were given a chance to take positions before the brawl began. I found a promontory where I could stand, to my right was a sheer drop behind me and to my left the ground sloped away quite steeply, I positioned myself as far back as possible and faced the plateau, Ulleh came at me first, due to the height difference of the ground I was looking straight at her breasts, distracting yes but I kept punching just the same, Ulleh did try to get behind me but fell down the slope and it slowed down her return enough for me to turn and face her again, it was not long before I killed her off, at which point PBG attacked. Again the breasts in the face, again the attempt to dodge behind me, I was really low on health far lower than PBG when she tried to get behind me and fell down the sheer cliff, the topography came to the rescue. I had won the final round, surprisingly by using my brains!

Afterwards we all went and fisted a few Longu before everyone but myself logged. I proceeded to make some welding wire, 548 clicks in total, a small loss was incurred but I made nearly 28PED of welding wire and drank a reasonable quantity of Jim Beam while I did so. After which I logged.

This weeks return was about 82% with a loss of nearly 440PED, not too bad.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.