Drones, mostly

Log entry for the 1st of November 2015

Monday, I visit the Drones at Boreas for 2 small (100 PED) hunts, the first included a small global and was positive the second more negative than the first was positive. I did try attaching a Sinkadus to the Igni, this does work but not for long.
Wolta gets a Riptor HoF and also gets herself into the ATH list on Entropia Life for Riptor kills, that’s dedication or possibly persecution for you.
I was trying to clear out my storage a little and found a Neo Psion 20 Mindforce Implant lurking there, these do not seem to sell to well so I repaired it and used it to replace my Neo Psion 10 Mindforce Implant which I have used since I first tried Mindforce right back at the beginning. I checked my chips worked with it, now being the best time to find that out.

Friday, another small Drone hunt, this one was positive by the magnificent sum of 74 PEC, I’m just rolling in puppies. As I’m on the home world I decide to test myself and the Igni at Fight Club, victory here was significantly easier than previously and a decent global was achieved which made it very worth my while.

Saturday, another visit to the Drones and another small profit, this time reaching into PEDs, I visited them again later, this time for a loss although I was called away early. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday which was somewhat unusual.

Sunday, now back on Arkadia I decide to try the Teladon again, this went very wrong but never mind the skill gains were good.

Results for the week are -230 PED, 85% return.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Kicking back a bit

Log entry for the 25th of January 2015.

I spent the early part of the week resting and did not do too much in the latter part.

Thursday, I tried my luck with the Huon, in spite of 2 small globals this was a fairly dismal return but I did advance the IFN Challenge Huon Stage 3 to 593/1200 and gained a little toward the next level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit)

Friday, I purchased a Large Universal Ammo pack and made a small deposit, I am going to try to use only Universal Ammo as it gives a more accurate result when calculating the returns on a hunt. Not sure how this will work out but I’ll give it a try.
I visited the Huon again, this time with a small profit and the bonus of an Hit Point increase which brings me to 174 maximum as well as reaching 654/1200 in the stage 3 Huon challenge. After I paid a visit to the Oratan Miners, here I did rather well with a couple of globals one of which was of a decent amount, combining the profit from this and the earlier Huon hunt I have got back my losses plus a little extra from yesterday. I reached 13477/60000 in the Oratan kill point challenge, I’m not sure if I’ve already done this one once

Saturday, a team hunt with Wolta against the Riptor and a few Oweko, I spent a lot of time trying to balance the damage we were doing, the idea was to allow Wolta to gain the kills but not by too much, as we use different equipment in can take a little while to get this right and I did get the credit for a few kills. The result was a small loss but as always Sleepyhead hunts are good fun.
In the evening it was Space Skilling Saturday, fun as usual but the loot was very poor giving only a 52% return and once again I went into the red.

Sunday, I returned to the Arkadian surface and again engaged with the Oratan Miners, the return here was even worse than against the Cosmic Horrors yesterday, which was very disappointing. I did get to 16507/60000. Shortly after I completed this I was required to perform a warp transport so I ended my week on Crystal Palace.

Loss for this short week was 378PED with an 84% return.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Laser Pistoleer (Hit)

Log Entry for May the 25th 2014

Yet another slow week with a poor hunting return (66.2%), fortunately I did not hunt too much.

I began the week on Arkadia where I took on the Riptor and lost. I then moved to Calypso to try my luck with the faithful Drones, I think someone must have reprogrammed them, maybe they have started keeping their wealth in storage? I had 3 small hunts over 3 successive days during which they kicked the shit out of me (financially speaking). I did gain a level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) reaching level 53, this was and is my highest skill, I am hoping to improve it significantly but until I start getting some decent returns this is not really viable.

I returned to Arkadia where a combination of Oratan and Riptor continued the shitkicking the drones had started!

Not my finest week,

Oratan Invasion 3

Log Entry for May the 18th 2014

Mother Earth was rather demanding this week and I failed to do anything until Thursday when I took on the Riptor for an hour or so, the Riptor won but I did get a couple of level increases and a small global.

Friday – Sunday, I was on Arkadia and was once again in the thin green line. This invasion seemed weaker than previous attacks with far fewer really large Lancers with area effect damage, disappointing. I did get an HP increase to 167 and a level increase in Knife Fighter (Hit). I did not invest as much in ammo for this invasion and spent most of my time using my Arkadia TT laser pistol (I forget the name) and switched to the Karma Killer for the heavier mobs, I think my biggest loot came from the TT pistol, I invested only 600 PED in ammo, my return was a little over 61%, so not a good weekend for me financially. On the upside I did increase my evade more than I would have and have a feeling I was getting good skills in laser hit.