Not much going on again

Log entry for May 13th 2018

May 7th – Monday: I take to my Quad and leave Calypso for Next Island, on arrival Cals pays for the Sleipnir and Space Thruster I picked up for him on Rocktropia, he also kindly gives me quite a lot of Next Island loot.

May 8th – Tuesday: I continue with the Red Papoo and get to 4658/10k, I am using a Combustive Attack Nanochip III and the Herman CAP_TT R with a ZX Sinkadus fitted, in a way I am not looking forward to completing this as it means I will start the 20k missions, 20k of Yellow Papoo does not sound exciting. Later its SSI with Jaco, a good crowd tonight and more people than a team can hold.

May 9th – Wednesday: I make a couple of purchases and Pamela manages to sell a BatSim Photonic R1 (L)

May 10th – Thursday: Some more purchases and I make some Jungle Shorts. More Red Papoo to 5690/10k.

May 11th – Friday: Time to head to Calypso so I am ready for Space Skilling Saturday.

May 12th – Saturday: Space Skilling Saturday occurs. After which I descend to the surface of the Mother World to place several auctions.

May 13th – Sunday: More Auctions are placed after some sales. I stuff Pamela. Then I head to Arkadia in my Quad, I have picked up a little something for Cals who has been working very hard. He is not online when I arrive.

I have forgotten to not this weeks disciple stats.


A slow week

Log Entry for the 5th of October 2014.

I did not make a start until Tuesday and then it was a small solo Cosmic Horror  hunt in the Pathfinder. A second one followed on Friday but that was in team with Wolta, the highlight of which was being attacked by a quad showing a red triangle, I did not make a note of the name but I hit him 3 times before he fled, with better team coordination we would have taken him down.

Saturday, Another Solo Cosmic Horror hunt aboard Pathfinder XXXI which ended prematurely as I was unable to leave the seat in time to prevent the ship from being blown. That was followed by an Aurli hunt in Dome 1 of Crystal Palace which yielded the only positive return of the week.

I headed to the surface where I purchased the necessary to tier both the Archon’s Sword and the Herb Box as well as placing a few items on auction and stocking Pamela. Later it was back into Space for Space Skilling Saturday this went very well with a considerable amount of hunting and gave me my first Space global in team, it’s been a long time coming, A 300 PED hunt losing less than 3 PED.

That was my slow week.