Not much going on again

Log entry for May 13th 2018

May 7th – Monday: I take to my Quad and leave Calypso for Next Island, on arrival Cals pays for the Sleipnir and Space Thruster I picked up for him on Rocktropia, he also kindly gives me quite a lot of Next Island loot.

May 8th – Tuesday: I continue with the Red Papoo and get to 4658/10k, I am using a Combustive Attack Nanochip III and the Herman CAP_TT R with a ZX Sinkadus fitted, in a way I am not looking forward to completing this as it means I will start the 20k missions, 20k of Yellow Papoo does not sound exciting. Later its SSI with Jaco, a good crowd tonight and more people than a team can hold.

May 9th – Wednesday: I make a couple of purchases and Pamela manages to sell a BatSim Photonic R1 (L)

May 10th – Thursday: Some more purchases and I make some Jungle Shorts. More Red Papoo to 5690/10k.

May 11th – Friday: Time to head to Calypso so I am ready for Space Skilling Saturday.

May 12th – Saturday: Space Skilling Saturday occurs. After which I descend to the surface of the Mother World to place several auctions.

May 13th – Sunday: More Auctions are placed after some sales. I stuff Pamela. Then I head to Arkadia in my Quad, I have picked up a little something for Cals who has been working very hard. He is not online when I arrive.

I have forgotten to not this weeks disciple stats.


April 2018 No Papoo were harmed in the making of this blog!

1st – I complete the Grey Papoo 5k killpoint mission and move onto the Red Papoo 5k killpoint mission for which I already have 1502 points, I visit them twice during the day and using Fire and Arsonistic chips along with the Herman CAP-TT R fitted with the ZX Sinkadus find the going quite good, I am using this mob to skill this type of MindForce. The second visit goes horribly wrong and I die more times than I recall, it was too late at night and I had been playing for just too long but I finish on 4888 killpoints.

Between hunts I find myself on Warrior Peak where I encounter Bruce and have a go at him with Archon’s Sword, tough monkey but not as tough as that sword.

Cissi TigeRPaw-C Red-cat, tempts me into trying the Easter Mayhem event, it was late and I was confused, I ended up in the level 6 instance with no armour and the Herman CAP-TT R/ZX Sinkadus combination. I had no chance, I could have kitted up and purchased ammo but I elected not to.

2nd – It was easy to complete the Red Papoo 5k mission and took only a few minutes, clearly I left it in a dumb place last night and should just have finished it.

I find myself wondering what to do, I have grown tired of the Simians and feel like I need a break. Checking the mission logs I see there is a mission to kill 250 village boar and killpoint missions too, its always good to work two missions at the same time so I find where they are hiding and get cracking, I did already have 39 kills recorded but no points, by the end of the day I had visited them three times using 10+16+16 PED of ammo, 16 seems to be the magic number for the equipment, I have reached 181 kills and am 525 points into the 5k mission.

I started looking at crafting with what few Next Island and Ancient Greece BPs I have. I made some of Helen Venture’s Walking Sticks and Elysian Power Spheres. Looking for others I see I have the Athenian Headscarf BP but am in need of fine textile and Minotaur legs, I make some textiles from what fine wool I have plus some purchased and go to Ancient Greece to pick on the Minotaurs, or at least their lesser cousins the Achelous. While there I find the Avatar of Force and have a couple of goes at that, not too hard, I also sweated it a little which can be done AFK for the most part.

I was just leaving when I was asked by David Draxar Born and Ekimose Desnago Born if I would like to join a swunting group in Ancient Greece so I did and had quite a lot of fun, sweating Cyclops but mostly Achelous, with a group of six people. It was during this I first encountered the Avatar of Fear, I had to try it, certainly the toughest of the Avatars I have encountered, I was forced to equip the Ursa, I was of course using Archon’s sword, I still don’t like to use guns in Ancient Greece although of course I do when necessary.

Back on Next Island I managed to make just one Athenian Headscarf from about ten attempts, poor show but its a start. I am hoping some NI/AG BPs will be dropped, none so far of course.

3rd – I am asked to Warp to Calypso, I take the opportunity to pick up won auctions and to get some Fine Wool, needed to make the Athenian Headscarf.

4th – I make some Head scarfs but completely fail to record any data!

I go to Olympus in Ancient Greece to take on the Achelous armed with Bukin’s blade and the heal chip, I do quite well.

5th – Village Boar, completing Sebastian’s find an gaining the Elysian Tech chip reward. Then Asterion  and a Guardian of War. Followed by the manufacture of 22 Head scarfs, one of which goes onto Ancient Greece Auction, I doubt it will be noticed. I go to Thebes and take on 4 Guardians of War and the Avatar of War as well as the Avatar of Pain.

6th – Yellow Papoo Wave Spawn x 4 taking me to 3700/10k, I also start a hunt with Bukin’s blade on Lvl I and II Cyclops at Thebes.

7th – The Cyclops hunt of yesterday comes to an end and I try the Brown Papoo Wave Spawn four times. Both Budski and Cal are on-line so they are introduced although on different planets. At this time discipleship progress is 4.39% for Budski and 18.57% for Cal. Space Skilling Saturday occurs.

8th – Lots of Yellow Papoo. I spend some time with Budski whilst he does the Yellow Papoo wave spawn, I need only help at the end when I need to provide healing for him to survive King Papoo. I also provide a few hints on avoiding damage. I complete the 10K Yellow Papoo and later that day so does Budski.

I have a crack at mining with the Next Island TT equipment and using my own finder when the TT finder finds some praetonium, my finder never finds anything!

I move onto Brown Papoo and reach 3229 of 10K, some of these are in the wave spawn.

9th – I try some crafting first in Ancient Greece and then on Next Island, I am making explosive projectiles to see what Blueprints are found, I was hoping to get some location specific Blueprints but get only things related to Explosive Projectiles.

I go and swunt the Avatar of Force solo, I get over 550 bottles before I run out of time and kill the poor creature, I have been told I was about halfway through.

I am speaking with Cal and Jaco on Arkadia, they want to go to Calypso to do a few missions, specifically they want Bukin’s blade so we have arranged to do this on the evening of the 11th (Wednesday).

10th – Much excitement on Next Island, today’s update has brought some substantial geographical changes to Next Island, the arrival zone has moved and there is an interesting trail to follow that brings any New Arrivals to Crystal Centre. There are some new NPCs and at least two of the existing ones have been relocated, at the moment none of the new ones seem to work although it is possible this is because I am not a New Arrival. It also looks as though some work has been done to integrate the new scenery with the original Arrival Zone and the Grey Papoo Wave spawn has been removed. I did enjoy running around these new areas and participating in some of the excited #nextisland chat. I feel a little sorry for “Claire HereToHelp Martin” as her new position is a long way from the centre of things, perhaps we should make an effort to chat with her now and again so she does not feel too lonely.

I went to the Brown Papoo Wave spawn and did that four times, ending the final wave with Bukin’s blade. On killing the King the first time there was a global of 12 PED, my first on Next Island this trip.

Next I headed to Arkadia as I have a trip with Cals and Jaco planned for tomorrow night.

11thTransport to Crystal Palace takes place. Once on the surface and satisfied that Jaco knows his way around I head to Chug’s Hideout where I prepare various stacks I wish to transport to Next Island, I am intending to do some crafting there.

12th – I purchase a few additional materials I will require for the crafting I intend to do and load myself up, before I depart I check in with Cals to make sure all is OK only to be informed that there is an issue with the mission he came here to do. Cals and Jaco were trying to get Bukin’s blade but it seems it is no longer available! Instead the mission now gives a gun, which they have got. Cals is concentrating on Shortblades so the rifle is of limited use. I visit my home (The Lair) and look through the blades on display only to find that I have a second Bukin’s blade (no idea how), I take this to Cals location and waddle slowly towards him weighed down by the mass of crafting materials I am carrying. I try to give him the second blade but it cannot be traded, dropped or auctioned although it looks as though it was once possible. I return to The Lair and find I still have an EnBlade A from the old days, this in an Unlimited item which is what Cals was looking for, it is not as good as Bukin’s blade but the best I can do. Considering it was my advice as a mentor that brought him here I thought I needed to make some reparation.

Cals is happy with the blade so I head into space for transport to Next Island

13th – Arriving on Next Island from the Space Station via the Teleporter I unload as soon as I can, I was tired of waddling everywhere.

I begin to craft, firstly I intend to make a couple of suits of male Musca armour, as there are a couple of people in need of some. I ran out of Oil so only made one suit, I will plunder the ships Oil reserves after Space Skilling Saturday so I can make the second. I make a Herman Ark-0 (L) and put that on Auction.

Then its time for more Brown Papoo, I am tired of the steaming mound of Brown Papoo I am currently shovelling, I manage to get to 5840/10k after three rounds at the Wave spawn. Then to Ancient Greece where I was hunting Cyclops I and II (there’s a pun or three in there).

14th – It’s time for Space Skilling Saturday. After which I make that second set of Musca armour. I also make a Breer P1a and a Breer P2a both of which are put on auction, these are decent pistols for starters and they are under priced so hopefully will sell and be of use. I also make some Lesser Elysium partly to find out what it is, in that aspect I fail.

To Ancient Greece to get some Moldavite from the Cyclops I and II then back to Next Island where I make some Hoplite Greaves, one set of which goes on auction.

15th – Shoveling Brown Papoo again though only one wave, I am experimenting with how to gain Selenite from this and have noticed it tends to drop more during the first event than subsequent ones. Another visit to Ancient Greece, roaming to find out where various creatures are located now, I try several types but few of each. I attend the BIG Swunt, it was quite good there being a little banter, always nice to hear a little banter about a BIG Swunt!

I make some Tropical Shades, so far I have not had a single Next Island or Ancient Greece Blueprint drop during crafting here, I have had some that are clearly from Calypso, I am beginning to think that there is an issue with Blueprint drops.

Brown Papoo to 7786/10k, slowly moving that manure pile, to be honest I think I preferred the BIG Swunt, at least that wasn’t hairy.

Disciple progress for this week. Budski has reached 13.65% and Cals 28.43%

16th – More Cyclops I and II and then a couple of sessions to complete the Brown Papoo 10k, the next pile is twice the size but can wait until the Grey and the Red 10k are complete.

I make a new acquaintance “stonewood” and we try a team hunt in Ancient Greece initially with the TT pistols but we want something more powerful and have issues finding matching weapons, still the hunt worked well and we both returned with more than we left with .

17th – I make a start on the Grey Papoo 10k, the Wave spawn for these has been relocated slightly, there is still a lot of Papoo in each spawn, fecund little blighters. I cannot complete the first wave using Bukin’s blade, it just isn’t fast enough. I decide if I am going to get the achievement and finish all five waves and kill the Grey Papoo King I will have to use more effective weapons so return with the Philosopher’s and Archon’s swords ready as well as the Mirath Longshot to drag in those at a distance. I was surprised to complete the first wave and even more surprised to complete all of them and gain the achievement solo. Cals did try to talk to me during this time, I explained as best I could that I did not have time at the present and once I had completed apologized for this. I did get to 4234/10k so that’s a good start for just one evening, I will not continue in this way.

I went to Ancient Greece to craft some Settler Shin Guards, still no local Blueprints, I suspect there is something wrong.

18th – I revisit the Grey Papoo Wave spawn, this time armed with the Herman CAP-TT R fitted with a ZX Sinkadus amp and 16 PED of ammo, to my surprise I almost finished the first wave, it expired with just three or four Papoo left, I tried again with the same result and at the end of the second attempt I had almost no ammo left. This means it is practical to do this with a disciple, I have two ZX Sinkadus so when one expires I can replace it, if the disciple manages to kill as many Papoo as there are in one wave we should be able to complete it which would of course get them the achievement.

On my way back to Crystal Centre I pass a group sweating at Crystal Peak, Danny calls to me as I pass and I turn round realizing this is the BIG Swunt, it is hard to resist a BIG Swunt so I join in, though not a member of the team I participate in the slaying part of this as well as the sweating.

19th – More grey Papoo to 5964/10k, the same set up as yesterday, I notice my repair bill is significantly less than it has been as the ZX Sinkadus used to take quite a lot of repair, on investigation I find something odd has happened to it! I will have to check the release notes from last week’s release to see if there is anything mentioned.

20th – More Grey Papoo to 6749/10k and Cyclops level I and II in Ancient Greece.

21st – A bit of a financial disaster today at least on planet, poor returns from misc. creatures in Ancient Greece while trying to see if Minotaur Shoulder Pauldrons are dropping, it would seem not. Also had a go at Bob which was clearly a mistake. Fortunately Space Skilling Saturday brought things back into balance, at least for the day. The Global means the ship will be moving on to Rocktropia but I plan to come back during the weeks we are away.  I did grab some oil from the ship and later made the second Musca set.

22nd – Disciple progress for this week Cals 33.12%, Budski 13.65%. I take advantage of the BIG free warp to and from Next Island to travel to Calypso via Arkadia, this was a very pleasant service, with Danny as the agent on Next Island and Ekko as the ships pilot, very smooth organization. Once on Calypso I place some auctions.

23rd – Several more auctions are placed and I make some Towels! I am waiting for Cals to come on-line as I have something for him but he does not, I am falling asleep a lot though so I may have missed him.

24th – I meet up with Cals and Jaco, and take each of them to Chug’s at different times, also they visit The Lair.

At Chug’s it seems that Fight Club is no longer running, there are weeds growing in the ring, indeed these seem to be sprouting up all over. I hope Fight club restarts, I use it to test myself and any new equipment I may have.

I make various components and eventually one Gungnir, not enough residue for more. I take it for a spin and rather enjoyed it though it seems to eat fuel. I have a bit of a run in with some Maffoids and Morsusilex and do quite well with sword and no armour.

25th – More Auctions are placed before I head back to Next Island this time in my Quad, the journey takes a little over an hour surface to surface which is not too bad. Once there I reorganize my stuff and as it was quite late I just go to watch the BIG Swunt for a few minutes. Whilst there Official Poseidon turns up, not really sure why. I mention some ideas to him and am told to post them in the forum so I will try to get around to that soon.

26th – More Auctions sell. I revisit the Grey Papoo to reach 7667/10k and the Village Boar with Po to 1489/5k. I have to leave that to assist Disciple Budski, he has gone to the ship so as to be aboard during the move to Rocktropia on Saturday the 28th but cannot get aboard, it seems I had inadvertently removed him from the guest list so I rectified that. We then took our Sleipnirs into space for some practice around the Space Station, I spotted a hostile lurking as soon as I emerged and watched him change from red to blue as he switched seats way to slowly. I flew towards him to let him know he had been seen and he moved further away. A Pirate at Next Island Space Station! Later I join go to SSI (the BIG Swunt).

27th – More Grey Papoo to 9382/10k, I try one session with a damage enhancer on the Herman CAP-TT R, this allows me to complete the first round using that weapon.

28th – I complete the Grey Papoo 10k and make a start on the 20k, this time no enhancer but using an Ares ring I almost complete the first round in the first attempt and do in the second, not enough acceleration to guarantee it by the looks of it.

I make and TT lots of Settler shin guards just to try to get a Hoplite BP and to my surprise among the seven BPs that drop there is one for Hoplite gloves.

I assist a fairly new starter (Tamy) in Ancient Greece for a mission and on Next Island to try to complete a Mutant Boar mission.

The Ship is moved and Space Skilling Saturday takes place. After I descend to Rocktropia where I go and scout the location for the next Divine creature I need to kill for the Mission Galactica: Divine Intervention mission. It is the turn of the Divine Radiated 50 foot Vixen, however when I attack with Bukin’s blade and no armour (to find where I revive) I die so quickly that I am concerned I will not be able to do this stage. I don the Ursa and 5B plates and attack a second time with exactly the same result, on previous Divines I have withstood a few hits before being killed! Nocturaline and I do some checking of stats to find they are the same as the other Divine creatures so we find no explanation as to the power of this particular monstrosity.

29th – Quite early, Nocturaline, Wolta and I assemble at the TP near the East side of the Radiation zone and preparations are made. Nocturaline uses a Chip that will reduce the chance of death on all three of us, I take the Neurostim-C and put on the Aeglic ring along with my armour. We TP to the location and with me at point move to attack. The creature seems weaker today, none of the hits took me to a very low health though often past halfway, the constant healing provided by Nocturaline and Wolta kept me very healthy and the creature was dispatched with very little grief! We are all a bit dumbfounded as we T out. I had messed up a bit, instead of buying 100PED of ammo I had gotten only 10, noticing this I moved some Unlimited Ammo into the clip and used that without there being a pause, the only downside is I do not know how much I used.

I try some werewolves and zombies but not for long, I do find the werewolves are a bit tough for the Herman CAP-TT R and Bukin’s Blade and I have to move about to find zombies feeble enough. Rocktropia does not seem as busy as it used to be. I also have some graphics issues, when moving everything is a bit jerky, that did not used to happen, I do not think it is the graphics card as the macros I use to switch chat channels were not working correctly, it is as if I have a poor connection or a slow server.

Later Wolta points me the direction of a noob mission, I’m a noob and it is my duty to complete as many of these missions as possible. I have to terminate AI infected Vixens in a car park, I suppose everyone has to be somewhere. I stand waiting to see an infected Vixen but was called away, Cals and Jaco are heading to Next Island via the BIG Warp but have no way to get to the planet’s surface from the Space Station. I spawn the Quad and head back to Next Island, the journey time was estimated at about forty minutes so they will have to wait a while. When I am fifteen minutes away from the SS Cals informs me he has a server going down in 10 minutes message. Great, turns out I get there just one minute after the server does go down and I cannot access the SS, it does not take long before I can get in and Cals is already logged in. I take him first and leave him at the new arrivals area while I return for Jaco. Once all are down we take the trail to Crystal Centre stopping to do missions on the way.

Later still for some relief I begin the Red Papoo 10k mission by going through the Wave Spawn a couple of times. These seem easier than the ones in the wild.

Disciple progress for the week, Cals has completed 46.83%, Budski 13.65%.

30th -Red Papoo to 1868/10k some at the wave spawn and some in the wild, I was called away and failed miserably to record the ammo usage. Cals was busy with the Yellow Papoo wave spawn, I provide a little healing assistance to enable him to kill the King and obtain the achievement. Next I show him where the Yellow Papoo are in the cages, then the Brown Papoo wave spawn which he completes, again with a little assistance this time from Jaco and myself. Next its the Grey Papoo Wave spawn, I leave him slicing away, I know he will not complete the first round before the time-out. I go to SII, the BIG Swunt, I am late but join in and shortly after Cals and Jaco join.

Last day of the month and this blog entry is too big, I am going to have to return to weekly blogs and see if I can condense those as most of this is the same old Pap(oo)!

Ancient Greece and lifting my embargo.

Log entry for the 11th of January 2015.

Monday, I began the week on Next Island where I had a go at some Portal Guardians, I had only my Hoplite armour due to the weight restrictions imposed by my mode of transport, I thought it only fair to use weaponry of a similar ilk so I kept the Karma Killer in its holster and unsheathed the Archon’s sword. I found these quite easy with the ancient equipment.

Tuesday, back in time to Ancient Greece, it’s like coming home though I was not really ready to return, those Steropes Cyclops are still too tough for me. Instead Wolta and I teamed against the Brontes Cyclops, with me only attacking until about half way before healing Wolta while she finished them with her Philosopher’s Sword. We did quite well.

Friday, I took on the Brontes solo, this time doing remarkably badly for Ancient Greece, this cancelled out Tuesday’s return. Later I tried a couple of Steropes Cyclops solo, I was resurrected several times on each occasion but did walk away with a profit before leaving Ancient Greece with slightly more gold than I arrived with. I did leave the Hoplite armour there as I have not been using it elsewhere.

The rest of the day was spent travelling, firstly back to Crystal Palace with Wolta in her Equus then after taking our equipment from storage onto Arkadia.

Saturday, I was still in space and took my Quad out to take on some Cosmic Horrors with predictable results although I do feel I’m getting better at this. After it was time for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I lifted my self imposed embargo of Arkadia as it is the new year and the duration of my exile had come to term. I took the quad via a circuitous route to avoid the lurking pirate. Once on the surface I went shopping finding some Medical Tool heal enhancers V and some Weapon Skill Modification Enhancers V, both of which I purchased.

Later I looked through the outstanding IFN challenges and found the Otorugi stage 2 to be nearest to completion requiring me to stay 100 to complete the 400 required. I took “The Bad Moon Rising” to their location, popped a skill pill and set to, one hour later I had gained some skill, lost about 150 PED, had reached 367/400 and raised the Karma Killer by 2 points to 5.6! After taking a bit if a rest I returned to finish the 400,this time without a skill pill as I knew it would not take an hour, this time I lost only 15 PED and after turning in the mission reached 56.6839 Laser Pistoleer (Hit).

The week had reached its glorious end and to my surprise I had done quite well managing an 85% return and the loss of only 260 PED. I had also purchased some more Lux luggage and a pitcher to assist me in organising way to much carried equipment as well as Weapon Modification Enhancers that would enable me to fill all the 5 slots of the Karma Killer although much of this requires collection from Calypso.

From the desk of Chela Bias.

8 years since my arrival on Calypso

Log Entry for the 17th of August 2014.

Monday, judging from my notes this was a full day. It was the 8th anniversary of my arrival on Calypso. I normally end up with some kind of gift from the one outside of the screen but this year nothing, he says I have to wait a while.

The day began with a celebration hunt with Wolta we took on the Riptor who were clearly unaware of today’s significance and whilst bringing a global to the party were somewhat lacking in generosity.

I returned to the Oratan Miners with Feyn healing me, she had acquired a Gyro FAP smuggler of some type and was eager to try it out in spite of not quite having enough skill to be in the SIB range, she started off using a Herb Box and soon had enough skill, I tried different armour combinations in order to balance staying alive with keeping her busy, both of us had taken skill pills and did not want to waste them. The Oratan were generous with a few globals, odd considering how the humanoids of Entropia Universe hate us so much (I have worked out why that is). I paid Feyn’s decay plus a tip as I had done quite well scoring 4 globals in the hour and a positive return.

Gravis GLR-29 Rare item HoF

Happy Birthday to Cee

Later I returned to the Oratan and again did well, this time with 2 globals and a HoF, I was quite confused by the HoF, I got the fanfare, I got the HoF style swirlies but looking at global spam I noticed I had got 69 PEDs, whilst this is a lucky number I did not think they awarded a HoF for it (although that would be entertaining and a little weird). I checked the HoF board the lowest one was 500 and something so clearly I had got this wrong. I rechecked global spam and noticed a second entry, it seems I had found a rare item a Gravis GLR-29, I had not had one of these before, I guess it was a present from Arkadia, thanks chaps. The hunt returned another positive result, I could get used to this but something tells me I had better not.

I made a few purchases in some of the Arkadian shops as well as placing several auctions and having a few sales. I decided I needed to visit Calypso briefly so headed off in my Quad Wing, there was an item on auction there that I would like to trial and Pamela needed stuffing! I think that deserves an explanation, the shopkeeper at my residence on Calypso is called Pamela for 2 obvious reasons, having sold some items from her she was in need of re-stocking. Now I could have just said that I needed to re-stock my shopkeeper but that would have been dull. I will not explain this again in future posts.

The journey their was fairly uneventful, there was pirate at Arkadia who flew away so I took the opportunity to head toward Crystal Palace, En-route I spoke with Bonnie who pointed me at a clip of her destroying Normandie, now she stressed several times that this was not her fault so I can only assume that it was and that she is in denial. I do like the clip so am including it here:-

The music reminds me of GTA 4, I shall have to check as it’s been a while.

Approach to Calypso was uneventful though on arrival I could not find a TP, looks like they have been messing with Port Atlantis again. I placed my bid on the item I was after then found a TP and headed to Treasure Island Castle. After stuffing Pamela (5 times), I checked a few items in Calypso storage to see if they could be auctioned, the ones I was interested in were those that came with the Gold Starter Pack as I am very near to using all the skill pills and want more. Obviously if I purchase more I will have spare items to sell however it seems I cannot do this on auction so I will need to test if I can trade them.

I headed spaceward and arriving at the space station discovered that micjack was making a nuisance of himself along with one other of similar ilk. I just could not be bothered with it tonight, I know some of them will repair the damage but that’s just to make themselves feel better, the vehicle is still decayed. I left myself sitting in space while I did a few other things, checking in now and again to see if the coast was clear, it was not and twice my quad had been turned around so he was clearly trying to encourage some reaction. It was too late to continue so I logged.

My notes were right, Monday was a full day.

Tuesday, at login I waited to die and after revival spawned my Quad and left the Space Station. I had a quick look about and noticed no one so headed toward Crystal Palace, no one gave chase, I skirted Crystal Palace planet side and slightly z minus on an arc before heading for my selected Arkadia entry point. It was an uneventful journey although in Space Chat someone was somewhat miffed at micjack. There was an exchange of words at some point micjack said “you talk crap you can stay up here with me all night”, I was wondering if this was prison lingo?

I arrived at Arkadia, grabbed some ammo and headed to the Oratan Miners, arriving with about 58 minutes left before the servers were being shut down for patching. I took a skill pill anyway and began shooting, in less than an hour I had scored 6 globals, this has to be a record for me. There were warnings in global spam of so many minutes until the servers shut down, I just kept shooting squeezing every drop of skill out of the skill pill, with about 20 seconds to go I started on a fresh Miner in the hope that a little leeway might be given, that the chap performing the shut down was getting a cup of coffee but no luck, I was about halfway through when the connection dropped.

"I have no nose." "How do you smell?" "Awful."

Ma tête me fait mal

I reconnected in the evening and worked out the return it was another positive one. I tried the Oratan again but at Steadfast Firebase (my usual location) the Oratan Miners were not spawning, apparently this was the same in the PVP area. I did find a spawn that worked West of Implacable Firebase but it seemed my armour did not work, I think the graphic showed it as equipped but that it was not. This made the task a bit tricky so I gave up on it after just 2 rounds with a smallish loss. Donning the Viceroy armour no longer removes my hat, the back of my head and most of my nose become invisible as the helmet does not display at all.

I succumbed to the Skill Pills and bought me the bronze starter pack for $5, this had just 5 pills in it, I gotta have my fix. As the pills give a 50% bonus and last an hour it means I get 30 minutes of skill gain for 10PED which is a total bargain. I have not been able to TT or drop the other items but that could be due to a new bug.

Bonnie tells me there are a couple of bugs in space, it seems the repair movement is wrong and that the mobs no longer give chase, the first is no big deal but the second will make Space Skilling difficult, lets hope that gets resolved soon.

One other thing I noticed today, my average combat skill has risen to level 31, this probably happened sometime last week and I just did not notice but it’s nice to see it crawling along once in awhile.

Wednesday, I raised a support case about the armour and Oratan issues, just so it is logged.

I was impatient, I was only about 2k kill points from completing the Oratan Stage 5 (80k) mission so I dusted the ghost webs off of my ghost armour, fished the ghost spiders out of the ghost recesses, lubed the ghost joints with some ghost oil and donned the armour before heading off to Steadfast to see if the Miners wanted to come out and play, sensibly they did not. I headed over the hill, I’ve been over the hill for quite sometime now, well on the way down the other side to be honest but that did not deter me from trying my luck at the closest Oratan Camp. I did not partake of a skill pill, with the big delays between waves it would be a waste. The Slashers did want to play and so did the Lancer, the killpoints were going up but by the end of the camp I was about 900 short. I headed North to a second camp and these Slashers wanted to play too. When I killed the last Slasher I received notification that I had completed the Oratan Stage 5 mission. Obviously I finished off the Lancer before returning for my reward which was almost 7PED of Dodge, this gave me nearly 2 levels, not bad. I did take the Stage 6 mission which requires a further 60k of killpoints, so easier than the stage 5.  Completion of the stage 5 means the only investment of time I have left in Arkadia is the 1200 Riptor challenge at which I’m at about 750.

Thursday, as my Viceroy armour still did not work, there having been no further updates, I decided to work toward the completion of the 1200 Riptor challenge using my Pixie armour, this was slow going with more healing than I care for. It also resulted in a loss, I’m guessing it’s back to business as usual as far as that is concerned.

Friday, on login I was surprised to see Wolta on-line, we caught up on the week and I asked her about her Viceroy armour, she told me it was working fine. I tried mine again this time removing my hat first and it looked normal so I grabbed some ammo and headed out to take on some slightly larger Riptor, the armour worked fine and the hunt was much easier and speedier, I even considered taking a skill pill but was unsure of how long I could stay on line for. The results were a big improvement on yesterday but then it would be hard to do much worse.

Saturday, the Smugglers decided not to show in underground but the Oratan thought it was time to attack Repulse Firebase again, I spent quite a few hours here, there was a distinct lack of big Lancers which was a shame as they give good evade skills. I did not lose too much here considering the hours of entertainment involved. I did have a few crashes but no where near as many as in the past and I was running at max graphics mode so this was a big improvement. It seems the IFN are always calling for citizens to assist them but then completely fail to turn up themselves and leave the citizens to do their job. I find myself wondering why the Oratan want Repulse Firebase so badly. In the evening it was Space Skilling Saturday which provided a welcome change of pace, nice to slow down and relax after the mania of the Oratan.

Sunday, I returned to Repulse Firebase and once again stood in the thin green line, I did not do too bad and gained a few skills. I had a few more crashes today but they were not to much of a detraction. Once the Oratan had given up I went to the nearest Oratan camp and took on the slashers and the lancer there, which resulted in two globals after which I headed to the furthest Oratan camp, I do not do so well here. I missed the middle distance camp as I am not tough enough and spend most of my time healing. Because of all the Oratan deaths I had been responsible for today I have effectively made a start on the 60k Oratan IFN challenge.

Later I tried the Riptor and made the first profit since Tuesday, managed a couple of small globals and at the end I was at 1051/1200 for the Riptor IFN Challenge, so that challenge should come to an end soon. I had taken a skill pill for this hunt as I knew it would contain very few pauses so I would get the greatest advantage from the pill.

The overall result for the week was a return of just over 96% with which I am more than happy, looks like I will be giving Arkadia another chance. Looking at the length of this log entry I have had a busy week, it’s been a lot of fun.