Toulan beckons

Log Entry for the 19th of October 2014.

Monday, I began the week in space, I tried heading “SE” of Hermes and hit the edge of the known universe. I bounced off and headed N and slightly E to find the Locusta with whom I engaged in battle whilst solo in Pathfinder XXXI, needless to say I lost and ended the session repairing the ship at Next Island. Later I headed to Toulan, it’s been quite some while since I spent any time there so I decided to spend the week there.

Tuesday, I descended to the surface of Toulan in my Quad, totally unmolested, I did not even look to see if there was a threat. Once on planet I headed to my favourite spot somewhere south of the city where I took on 4 different mob types (Jeef Zajer, Duhol, Sunjoq and Quaffz), I did not do too bad and was enjoying the effects of a skill pill too.

Pamela managed to sell my old Luna Line Corona Pants, I still have quite a lot of clothes from the old days, part of me wants to keep them but the chances are I’ll not wear them again.

Friday and Pets are back, I found 4 in my inventory from the old days, 2 Daikiba an Exarosaur and a Snablesnot, I seem to remember having quite a large Daikiba but it was a long time ago. I found that I could not spawn the Snablesnot and of the other 3 I could only spawn 1 at a time. I fed the 3 I could and tried to work out the new system, I failed.
I returned to my favourite spot and against the same range of mobs from yesterday once again I did quite well, not profit but very little loss. I did get 3 HoFs from the Sunjoq, unfortunately they were all new item finds and of very little value so 3 times I thought I had got lucky and 3 times I experienced the disappointment.

Saturday, another hunt in the same location this time the loss was a little more but still better than I am used to, another new item HoF too. Later i made my way to Arkadia Space Station for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I return to Toulan and hunt again in the same location, another decent return leaves me with a return on the week of a little under 89%, remarkably good. I think I may be staying a while.