Outplayed by Pamela!

Log entry for the 20th of December 2015

I do nothing during the week but Pamela manages to sell 3 items, no surprise really she looks much better than me.

Saturday, I purchase a “Default Athenic Ring” from Nocturaline and test it in Fight Club. I survive but do quite badly, the ring however makes a difference during wave 4 when I am struggling to target just one Shinkiba due to them being so tightly packed around me. I restock Pamela and later run Space Skilling Saturday which went surprisingly well (I probably have Pamela to thank for that).

Sunday, I purchase a Dominax Original Boiga (L) and a BP to make Dominax Original Mamushi (L). It takes me a few attempts before I manage to make a Mamushi, it would have been cheaper to purchase one. I also take a 5 hour 100% Skill Pill and spend 1 hour in Merry Mayhem, there are no globals but I do get some good loots, I do however have enough ammo for a 2nd hour on my person and intend to continue with this tomorrow night by completing the second hour. Needless to say hours 3 to 5 will follow to burn the Loot Pill, I am optimistic of making lvl 60 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) before the new year. Clearly I am not taking my own advice of last week.

Results for the week (not including 1 hour in Merry Mayhem)  +60 PED, which was a return of 119%, not bad but I still think Pamela did better.


Igni (Ronda, tentatively) Vs Kreltin

Log entry for the 6th of December 2015

Monday, still on Arkadia and feeling unusually optimistic I visit the Gold Rush instances in the hope that they may still be open just for hunting but I am disappointed. Instead I provide a transport for my core crew.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I make a round trip to Arkadia.

Saturday, I’m on Crystal Palace so it has to be Kreltin, I have been eager to try the Igni against them. For a change they were pleased to see me. At one point I have to log and when I log back in sometime later I find myself in one of the trees and quite high up. I work my way down, eventually having to fall to the ground, fortunately the gravity is low. I kill 2 Kreltin in a row and both global, well that’s just good manners really. Later in the hunt I manage a 3rd global and I end in the black. I teleport to the surface of Calypso taking many PEDs worth of stackables and items with me. After storing the load I find and purchase the necessary and tier the Igni (Ronda, tentatively) to 3.0. I place items and stacks on auction and visit Pamela to update stock there before I try Fight Club, this also gives a positive result and a small global, it is becoming quite easy, it will not be long before I try it in less able armour. Space Skilling Saturday was a busy one, the loot was poor but I do gain a level in Captain.

Sunday, back on Arkadia I drop a 5 hour, 100% skill pill and have a crack at the Teladon. After 2 hours I’m down quite a lot, this in spite of 2 globals, one of which was decent, I manage to gain levels in Gunner and Grenadier. I end the week with about 2 hours and 50 minutes of skill pill still to use, down just 250 PED and with a return of 87%. Not bad.

Rocktropia (mostly)

Log entry for the 14th of December 2014.

Monday, most of today’s efforts centred around getting the Philosopher’s Sword to tier II, I did this by “Serving the Nation” Completely Using the Sword 5 times and on the last hunt it got to tier 1.9 and was ready to be upgraded, hopefully with 2 Skill Enhancers on it it will be of better use to Wolta when we next visit Ancient Greece. I also took part in a couple of Zombie Kongs, some of which was using the Philosopher’s Sword but it was nearly all Karma Killer and it managed to crawl it’s way to tier 5.3 in the process. It was a good day with 6 of 8 hunts resulting in a positive return.

Tuesday, I used the new auction system to bid on items on Calypso while I was on Rocktropia, I say new but this is how it originally was when there was only Calypso, Crystal Palace and what was then called Club Neverdie. Now as then the auction transport fees were on the high side especially as I was after more than 1 stack so I elected to collect these myself and set off in Pathfinder XXXI for Calypso.

On arrival I placed a collection of items onto auction, retrieved my Skill Enhancers and then set about purchasing what was required to bring the Philosopher’s Sword to tier II and the EMT Kit EK-2900 to tier V, this was all relatively painless as I had most of what was required in store and it was not long until both items were tiered. I added some Weapon Skill Enhancers to both of the available slots on the Philosopher’s Sword, and put it away for Wolta to try on her return.

I decided to try the Araneatrox and the Atrox but both were being very uncooperative so I cut the hunt short.

I also stuffed a looted DOA Slugstorm into Pamela.

Wednesday, After placing a few more auctions of items that had already sold I headed spacewards and paid a visit to my old friends the Aurli on Crystal Palace, they were not pleased to see me. I left thinking them quite rude and headed back to Rocktropia.

Thursday, I descended to the surface of Rocktropia where I once again visited the werewolves to test out the Philosopher’s sword, they were slightly more welcoming than the Aurli of yesterday, I still wonder why they carry so much makeup?

Friday, the Werewolves were becoming quite rude so I paid several visits to the Scavenger Wolves with my old EnBlade A. I started the 500 mission intending to finish it before leaving and after 2 visits had reached 116/500, they were far more eager to entertain me. Wolta did try the sword and it is an improvement but more practice is required.

Saturday, 3 more visits to the Scavenger Wolves was all I could manage today, this brought me to 301/500, not bad progress but a miss of my target by quite a long way. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, the Cosmic Horrors were decent hosts and this week I stayed awake.

Errors by the dozen.

Errors by the dozen.

Sunday, I was on Cyrene where I blundered into some Paneleon and entertained myself with error message after error message while slaying these and doing pretty much anything else too, it was very irritating. I did consider raising a support case but put it off. Cyrene had changed a lot since my last visit, a completely new map and I had lots of Teleporters to find (again) so I was kept quite busy.

All things considered this was a good week, there was very little by way of loss and a return of approximately 90%, there were considerably more hunts than is usual but due to them using a sword that’s no real surprise.

The final straw

Log Entry for the 7th of September 2014.

Monday, a visit to the Huon to continue where I left off last week, unfortunately the ones I looted were impoverished, even the wealthiest was a pauper, not a good start to the week, though I have probably had worse.

Checking the PED Flow Centre I found that Pamela had managed to sell 3 items last week, I worked out which ones (it does not tell me the description just the amount each sold for) and after transferring the PED to my card updated the web page to reflect Pamela’s current stock. Looks like another trip to Calypso to stuff Pamela is in the offing. Either putting her on a pedestal last week was a good idea or it was just chance. I suspect both.

Tuesday, Wolta gave me some good news, yesterday she reached level 49 Laser Pistoleer (Hit), just one more level for a skill unlock, though I forget which one.

I headed to the Huon again, I don’t know why, I would rather be finishing the Oratan mission, maybe I should check to see if the mines work yet. I did okay on the Huon with a decent global and a profit of a few PED. Whilst there I got a Max Health increase to 170.

Wednesday,  I remembered to check if the Oratan spawns at the mines were active yet, it turned out they were not so it’s looking like a boring week! Once again I visited the Huon, this time hunting at a slightly different location, the results were not too good. I did expire the Assault Rifle (FA), I do not think I have another with me so have switched to using the Barbarella, the range is not as high and it does more damage but it will do for now. I’m a little baffled as to why one of the planets has not produced the perfect tagging weapon, lots of range and almost no damage. Then again, maybe they have and I just don’t know about it.

Friday, again I visited the Huon, this was by far the worst return I have ever had, at just over 23%, I was disgusted and it was “The final straw”. If you follow this blog you will be aware that I have been very disappointed by the returns I have been getting on Arkadia for quite some time now with a few notable exceptions it has been appalling, however some people seem to be doing okay so I expect I have just temporarily worn out my welcome. So I emptied storage and took everything to the ship and then onto another destination. I do not intend to return to the surface of Arkadia for quite sometime, certainly not this year and I shall not be hunting in the Arkadia training ground either though Space Skilling Saturday will be held there at times.

Saturday, I visited Rocktropia to Server the Nation, I also took on some Motorhead Security, both results were below average but were still a significant improvement on yesterday. I was looking for Tier VI Components but found none although while I was there no one initiated a Zombie Kong and I suspect they come from that so I shall have to visit again. I did stay as long as I could but had to leave for Space Skilling Saturday which was scheduled for Arkadain Space.

Sunday, I headed to Calypso. Still feeling rubbish though so once there all I did was stuff Pamela before spending the rest of the day resting.