Taking being a Sleepyhead seriously.

Log entry for the 8th of February 2015.

It seems being a Sleepyhead is going to my head and I’m rather liking it. 4 day siestas are definitely the way to go.

Monday, I visit the Underground, the tube stations have rubbish names and there’s no proper tube map. I try some Oratan Miners and manage nearly 5 PED profit, I had a very small celebration drinking a shot of beer, pissed that up the wall!

Wolta and Myself try a key 6, these are always both intense and fun. We were both surprised to be getting loot from the mobs we encountered and to make things a little easier both dropped a loot pill. At the end we could find no chest and were both disappointed, we took the TP out of there and after totalling the results I found I had lost over 200 PED and had a return that was just over 30%. I have to say that sucked and I was regretting my earlier extravagance re that shot of beer.

Later I tried an Oratan camp and then some more Miners where I managed to lose another 130 PED, really not my day, I don’t like Mondays.

Siesta time, that beer really went to my head.

Saturday, I awoke feeling refreshed and full of hope, Black Monday was in the past and it was time for super lucky shiny golden Saturday. The Oratan Miners owed me some PED so I went to collect, they pleaded poverty and somehow I ended up losing another 120 PED. Gits!

Having had enough of being fleeced I invested a few PED in an Explosive Projectiles II Blueprint and a further 100 in Nanocubes before setting to work at a manufacturing terminal, I was still optimistic about super lucky shiny golden Saturday in spite of my earlier setback and was pleased to have lost only a little under 11 PED.

Later I headed into space for super lucky shiny golden Space Skilling Saturday, the Cosmic Horrors were bound to have something, how wrong I was, I watched as super lucky shiny golden Saturday transformed into awful unlucky smelly shit brown Saturday and by the time it was over I had lost a further 145 PED.

Sunday, all hope had been beaten out of me by something that was both brown and sticky. I was considering just staying in space and chatting with people but I was within just over 2% of gaining level 57 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) so I descended to the surface and made my way North East to take on the Otorugi with no amps fitted to the Karma Killer, I had 500 PED of universal ammo and decided to just keep shooting until it had run out. I managed 2 globals, 1 of which was into 3 digits, got to 57.0045 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit), woohoo and killed 96 Otorugi which brought me to the grand total of 96/1200 in the IFN Otorugi Stage 3 challenge. Of course I lost PED, well almost, actually I lost PEC, 78 of them but hey that’s almost profit.

During the week 4 additional Soc. members logged in and played quite a lot, Tiger, PBG, Lucky and Ulleh. I hope to visit Calypso next week so we can hunt together for a while, it would be like old times.

Nocturaline purchased an Equus but did not get the UL thruster and warp drive, she is hoping they will show up on Monday.

The week in summary, I lost over 600PED with a return of almost 82%, slept quite a lot and got to chat with some old friends, praise the Ols. Next week I may decide to sleep more.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Kicking back a bit

Log Entry for the 25th of August 2014.

Planning on taking it easy this week and catching up on a few other things, after last week that should be quite a contrast.

Monday, I was surprised to see Vinge on-line, we spent a little time catching up, hopefully she will be on-line on a more regular basis now that the summer is beginning to fade.

I paid a visit to the Riptor to bring my challenge stat. up to 1160/1200, very close on this one now. Only just managed to go into the red on this hunt so a pretty good to start to my laid back week.

On Calypso auction, a bid placed last week secured me a Lux Armour Plate Case, I will have to pay another visit to Calypso soon so as to collect it. I am hoping this is more than a box that can hold a few plates but am not optimistic.

Wednesday, again I visited the Riptor until such time as I had completed the 1200 challenge, then I jumped into the “Bad Moon Rising” and headed to the nearest Oratan Mine where I got a few more points in the Oratan 60k challenge, only at 5443 after today so still a way to go. I had taken a skill pill for this hunt and burnt a few minutes of it in the Riptor/Oratan transit, at the end of the hunt I had broken the back of Laser Pistoleer (Hit) level 54 and am now closer to level 55, still a long way to go to reach it though. I do hope to have the time to do this very soon. I cashed in the Riptor 1200 but am not sure what I got from it, my memory is getting quire bad.

Thursday, I put quite a few stacks on auction while trying to decide what to hunt, sometimes that’s a really difficult decision and this night was one of those times. By the time I had finished placing auctions I was still clueless! I went to Steadfast to see if the Oratan Miners were spawning again but they were not so I headed underground to have a go at them there. It was a bit more intense than on the surface, what with there being and abundance of Miners unfortunately the results were quite poor. Looks like the Oratan are taking their revenge.

Saturday, I was not sure what to do and in the end had a go at the Teladon, I managed a small global but the return was poor again.

I purchased the Silver Starter Pack as I had run out of skill pills and consider this totally worth the money although I have some items I need to dispose of but I cannot trade, drop or TT them, I suspect this will change and it will at least be possible to TT them.

Later it was time for Space Skilling Saturday which was a slightly unusual session due to the beer. I had sent Wolta a crate of local beer and had a crate here myself, so we managed to have a drink together. Back on Arkadia I watched the auction for for the new market stalls but got fed up and went to bed.

Sunday, I finished my Hadraada Stage 1 and then made some headway into the Madana (pronounced Mad Anna) Stage 1, again the return was not good but nice to gain a few extra skills. In addition the Karma Killer gained tier 5.2, I have been looking out for tier VI components, but these seem to be rather rare, I have checked on entropedia and found the few mobs that drop them so I shall have to focus on these for a while.

Later I headed to Rocktropia and then Calypso to deal with a few auctions.

Results for the week are at just over 78% so overall not too bad.

Next Island (Eventually)

Log Entry for June the 15th 2014

Monday and I continued with a hunt against various Oratan, this did not go well, the return was very poor. I did get Level 29 in both One Handed and Two Handed Clubber at the same time, these have always been at the same time, either I have never used a club or this happens for everyone.

Tuesday – Thursday, I concentrated on Oratan Miners, this gave a much better result but it was still poor, Skills gained were Level 32 Brawler (Dmg) & Level 22 Gunner (Dmg). On the Tuesday I had a nice long chat with Alaina Bonnie Scotia, nice to get to know her a little. There was a time when I made a point of trying to catch up with everyone on my FL but I have let this lapse, maybe I should make a bit of an effort.

Friday, Oratan Miners again, poor result again. No surprise there.

Saturday, A couple of hunts participating in the Oratan Slasher Thug Event for New Starter Packs The first one returning over 90% and the second over 110%, this was by far the best result of the week. I should probably have stayed for the rest of the weekend but had other plans already deferred from last week. During this the Karma Killer reached tier 4.9, excited to upgrade it but could not find the required commodities, looks like a trip to Calypso is required, however I was heading the other way. After Space Skilling Saturday  it was off to Next Island with Wolta and Nocturaline.

Sunday, I awoke on the ship and headed to the surface of Next Island, it has been quite a while since I have been there so was quite excited, it was just as I remembered it, still a lovely place but with too many monkeys. I had 3 hunts covering Storm Drakes, Snow Drakes, Boars, Portal Guardians, Island Sharks and Pirate Skeletons. Returns were between 55 and 70%, actually not bad by comparison and to my knowledge I got my first Next Island global ( I could be wrong), then I got my second, the first was against the sharks, the second the skeletons although for some reason that one did not register on entropialife.

Exiv has made a return this week we are intending to get the soc. together for a few team hunts.

That’s my week, sorry to go on about the loot returns so much it’s just that they have been so shit for so long that I’ve been considering hanging up my gun and concentrating on the transport business. The overall return for the week was 66.54% I hope Next Island is more generous but I’m not optimistic.


Got me a HoF

Log Entry for June the 8th 2014

Monday, I decided to take on various Oratan at or near to Steadfast Firebase. One of the camps there contains some heavy hitters, as it turned out too heavy for me but I tried with the A105 strapped to the Karma Killer. I used the TP chip a lot, managed to complete the first wave but wave 2 beat the crap from me and on returning to the camp via the TP chip I found it empty, the wave had timed out. I went on to investigate another camp (there seem to be 3 in the area) and then a mine. The return was quite poor in the end, I guess I had wasted quite a few rounds though.

Tuesday is Teladay or maybe Teladon day, hit a 53 PED global on the first mob which is always nice, unfortunately it trailed off rapidly from there and I ended up with a return only minimally an improvement on Monday.

Wednesday, I TT’d some stackables and placed quite a few more on auction before returning to Steadfast and revisiting the Oratan, I was busy at the mine when my head began to drop, the soothing sound of gunfire was putting me to sleep. I finished the round then logged at the mine ready to continue on…….

Thursday, I continued yesterday’s hunt and was rewarded almost right at the end with a 1488 PED HoF, number 7 on the board. I was fairly stunned, my last had been way back in October. I must admit I’ve missed it, there was a time when they were quite frequent, I hope this is the beginning of a roll.

Friday, again various Oratan in the vicinity of Steadfast but this time an exceptionally poor return, to be expected I suppose.

Saturday, this was a repeat of Friday in all respects accept that my Viceroy foot guards reached tier 1.9. I had to rush to get into space for Space Skilling Saturday, cut it fine but made it.

Sunday, you already guessed it, various Oratan at Steadfast, this time in team with Wolta, we did manage a shared loot global at one of the camps before I had to log. I continued solo on my return and managed another small global. The return was acceptable. I upgraded the Viceroy foot guards to tier 2.

Return for the week was 128% even with that HoF but it’s nice to be in the black one in a while. As you may have guessed I’m adding up the points on the Oratan 80K IFN killpoint Challenge, I’m about 1/4 of the way there.