2013 the final quarter

Log Entry for December 31 2013

I have been very lax in posting here the last few months, to be honest my interest has waned  somewhat due entirely to the extremely poor returns since the VU of late September. I am aware that we pay to play but I object to being fleeced to play! I am expecting further posts to be intermittent as I do not want to just post here and bang on about poor loot returns. Then again maybe I will post every day and have a good moan.

No doubt much has happened that I do not remember, however I do remember a couple of recent events.

Firstly, on the 29th Wolta joined the society (currently called “The Curse of Chug”) her old society had recently been disbanded and after spending a week or two as a freelancer she kindly agreed to join, she went straight into The Pit (Fight Club) at Chug’s Hideout and was killed in wave 4 which makes her a Senior Hunter in the ranking system we are currently using. I know she intends to improve on this as soon as possible so expect an update in early January. All on-line society members joined in a welcome to the society hunt, there were just three of us, Wolta, Neo and myself, we did manage a small global between us.

Secondly and less importantly although it probably happened a few days earlier, I reached level 49 laser pistoleer (hit), I was aiming for 50 by the end of the year but as previously mentioned the loot returns  did not make this feasible. Hopefully things will improve enough soon to allow me pursue this.


A lack of focus

Log Entry for July 8th 2013

I had to think quite hard for the title of this entry and am not really happy with it, however it is quite accurate.

My PED card was feeling a bit thin so I TT’d some low MU stuff from storage to fatten it up a bit, I do try to auction stuff but sometimes it just isn’t worth the effort.

Neo, the soc’s latest recruit tried out in the pit and was killed during wave 4, Exiv also tried out and finished on wave 4 also, improving his rank by 1.

I have tried some Rextelum this week but the results were poor so have left them alone most of the time. I did have a good fun Opalo, Proteron hunt with Drop Zone, they are hard work, with a lot of concentration required but well worth the effort.

I found myself in Rocktropian Space and decided to take advantage of the situation to “Serve the Nation”. The werewolves were not kind to me and after 2 hunts with large losses I decided that the nation needs to subsidise me if it wants me to continue with this, at least in the current climate. I had more luck against Panthers with a small global (the only hunting one I saw that day). I tried the Pop Dragons but they turned out to be Poop Dragons, right down there with the werewolves. I had to TT the low MU stuff from my Rocktropian storage to keep going. I did buy a couple of items from stalls while there for re-sale on Calypso, they did sell and I made a few PED that that way but not much more than the combined entry taxes of Rocktropia and Calypso. I also put some stuff on Roctropia auction, I expect I will be collecting it when I am next there.

The Longtooth arrived as part of the annual migration, I need to keep notes of this, I swear it happens more than once a year! This year I was determined to finish the 250 challenge, I was already a little over half way through, previous years had been bad with the exception of the first one, when it first started Exarosaur Elites counted as Longtooth. My initial hunts were all rather disappointing but Neo and Exiv in team seemed to be doing rather well with some nice HoFs and many globals. Sunday night saw me with a 1k plus HoF, still not enough to cover the losses but it helped a great deal. The few items I looted did sell quite quickly. I did complete the 250 challenge this evening and managed 3 or 4 of the 1k challenge before having to go.

Also this evening (and yesterday evening), Wolta and I went hunting Exarosaur Elites near to Cape Corinth, a small global yesterday and a much bigger one today helped things along.

During the week I used up all the old Limited Armour and am now using the Ghost, I am fully unlimited! In addition the Karma Killer has reached tier 2.8, I wonder how expensive the upgrade to 3.0 will be? Talking of expense, it looks like it’s time to sell more loot so as to fatten the PED card a little.